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CIO: Michael B. Notarius

Business Manager:  Barbara A. Boquard

Administrative Support:
Linda J. Delaney

Sheila K. Pragel

Project Management Office / Service Management Office:
Ralph Chille, Project Manager

Christa Glassman, Project Manager

Phil Vecchione, Project Manager

Deepa Brown, Service Manager

Application Services:  
Betty J. Spencer, Supervising Programmer/Analyst
Christopher L. Bordeleau
Leon Collins
Cairen Lajia
Valerie A. Lehman
Israel J. Washington

Application Services provides

  • Support for the Academic Software Initiative which includes ESRI, Maple, Mathematica, Microsoft Office, Minitab and SolidWorks by distributing media / licenses and delivering support.
  • Wiki-based Confluence document management services to member campuses and SUNY-wide programs as well as Helpdesk and Project Management @task services.
  • Angel online course management services to the SUNY Learning Network as well as hosting individual campus online courses.
  • Opinio survey services to licensed campuses.
  • Coding support for SUNY-wide IT projects
  • Research and evaluation of possible academic software for SUNY-wide contracts
  • Support of specialized software packages.

Contact Services@itec.suny.edu for Application Services help.

Administrative Services:   
Daniel W. Brint, Supervising Programmer/Analyst

Deepa Brown
Edward L. Burton
Jiu Feng
Paul J. Hebert
Joseph M. Lofft
Todd W. Randall
Gaymarie Rodriguez
Erik W. Snyder
Sayi J. P. Yendrapalli

Administrative Services:
Provides assistance for Oracle, Hyperion, Group 1 and COBOL.

Systems and Telecommunications:
Michael J. Radomski, Supervising Programmer/Analyst

Chima Dennis Aharanwa 
Jon M. Alessandrello
Paul J. Bardak
Luke L. Clutter
Jeffrey D. Caughel
Joseph R. Hoot
David A. Massaro
Peter J. Nichter
Bryan J. Penberthy
Wayne L. Reling
Raymond E. Zymowski

Systems and Teclecommunications:
Provides assistance for operating systems (HP TRU 64, IBM AIX, IBM Lotus, SUN UNIX, Linux, Microsoft), installations and networks. 

If you are in doubt as to which ITEC group you should request assistance
from, refer your request to Services@itec.suny.edu.



ITEC bullet Buffalo State College bullet Twin Rise 200 bullet 1300 Elmwood Avenue bullet Buffalo, NY 14222 bullet (716) 878-4832

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E-mail ITEC: services@itec.suny.edu