C S S C    N E W S L E T T E R                                                                                                                                                                                        Vol 1  No 3                                            April 6, 1993        WE'RE BACK!  You can't hold a good newsletter down for very long.  TABLE OF CONTENTS  1.0  Site inventory surveys...it's better/faster/easier than ever.  2.0  Maintenance on Oracle's SQR  3.0  Calls received/anwered by SCACAD, SCADM and SCSYS for March 1993  4.0  Updated CSSC Advisory Committee list  5.0  Touching the White House  1.0  Site inventory surveys...it's better/faster/easier than ever.       In the past, we've had to rely on Digital and the problems       involved with scheduling a visit by a Field Service       representative to produce the Site Inventory Program (SIP)       reports.       Field Service had to load a program from tape, run it, and then       delete it before leaving.  A copy would be left with the System       Manager but often the Field Service representative didn't       forward a copy onto us at the Support Center.       This was hardly a "clean, quick, painless" process.  Well       that's all changed.       New software is available to you in GETSOFTWARE which will       virtually automate the entire process of the site surveys.        1) Request the software, "SUNYDASC", as you would any other           package in GETSOFTWARE.        2) Create a directory in which to run the software.                SYS$COMMON:[SYSMGR.YNUS] is recommended...        3) Break-out the saveset.        4) Run the Site Inventory Report as directed in the README file.           This will require exactly ONE manual intervention to           determine that the Support Center machine in Buffalo is           up - and can be reached on the network.           The software will automatically send a copy of the report to           Buffalo, for inclusion in our bi-annual report to Digital.        5) Run SUNYDELETE as indicated in the README file, to remove the           software.  Removal of the software is REQUIRED by our agreement           with Digital.  In fact, getting permission to use this software           (without Field Service on site) took special permission from           Digital.  The software is normally "internal use only."       If your site is BELOW VMS 5.4-2, please contact SCSYS@SNYBSCVA       before running the SUNYDASC software.       Our deadline for receiving the reports is May 1, 1993.       If you have any questions regarding the procedure, please       first download the SUNYDASC software, read the README.TXT       file, and if any questions/problems remain, feel free to       contact us at SCSYS@SNYBSCVA.  2.0  Maintenance on Oracle's SQR       As of today, we still have not been able to make arrangements       for maintenance on SQR under Oracle.  The SICAS Program and Ron       Brown have been keeping on top of the situation.  Concerned       about the risk of further development in SQR while there is no       maintenance agreement for the language, Rosanne Murphy of the       SICAS Center has asked the SICAS Computer Center's Advisory       Board to explore maintenance agreements (either SUNY-wide or       individual) for SQR.  Charlie Young, as chair of the CCAB, will       coordinate the CCAB's effort to obtain SQR maintenance for the       SICAS Program in conjunction with CSSC.  If you have any       comments on this matter, please get them to Charlie       (young@snycobva) or Ron Brown (brownrn).  3.0  Calls received/answered by SCACAD, SCADM and SCSYS for March 1993                                   Vendor supplied answers                    SCACAD    21          DSN - 2                    SCADM    128          Oracle - 2                    SCSYS    101          Digital - 4  4.0  Updated CSSC Advisory Committee list       If you see any corrections that still need to be made, please       contact Betty Spencer at scacad@snybscva.        Alfred;  Bob Granger; GrangeRB@snyalfva        Brooklyn HSC; Robert Losonsky; losonsky@snybkadm        Buffalo State College; Dave Cummings; Cummindl@snybscva        Canton; Bob Hayden; HaydenRR@snycanva        Central; Bob Lunden; SRGL@snycenvm        Cobleskill; Dan Sidebottom; SideboDR@snycobva        Corning CC; Bill Manuel; scccvc::Manuel        Cortland; Martin Coolidge; Martin@snycorva        Delhi; Dick Nabinger; NabingRW@snydelva        Empire State College; Curt King; CKing@snyescva       *Farmingdale; Bob Wilbert; WilberRJ@snyfarva        SUNY FIT; Marty Erdsneker; SFITVA::ERDSNEMS        Geneseo; Bill Davis; Davis@geneseo        Library Support; Carey Hatch; Hatchcb@snycenva       *Morrisville; Bob Hemmings; HemminRE@snymorva        Old Westbury; Ron Johnston; Johnston@snyoldva        Oneonta; Eric Wilson; WilsonEH@snyoneva       *Oswego; Paul Voninski; Voninski@oswego.oswego.edu        Plattsburgh; Tom Deso; desotm@snyplava        Potsdam; Bruce Buchanan; BuchanBE@snypotva        Stony Brook; Charles Bowman; CBowman@sbccmail       *Syracuse HSC; Ruedi Lienhart; Lienhard@snysyrv1        University at Buffalo   (yet to be named)        Limited Oracle membership only:  Genesee CC                                        Mohawk Valley CC       *CSSC Executive Board Members  5.0  Touching the White House       The Clinton "administration has set up special databases and       bulletin boards on a number of popular on-line services       available to any computer user."       CompuServe:  "You can send the White House an e-mail message at         the address "75300,3115".  You can also tap into a large         library of official White House documents, updated daily, by         using the command "Go Whitehouse".  These documents, which can         be downloaded into your own computer, range from weighty         speeches and daily press briefings..."       America Online service:  "Send an e-mail message at the address         "Clintonpz".  You can tap into a similar library of White House         documents, and a similar bulletin board, by using the command         "Whitehouse"."       MCI Mail:  "..you can send the White House an e-mail message at         the address "White House".  You can also reach a repository of         White House documents with the command "View White House"."       Internet:  "..you can send the White House e-mail messages via         the commercial services even if you aren't a member of them."         The two addresses are "75300.3115@CompuServe.com" and         "Clintonpz@AOL.com".         You can also subscribe to email deliveries of White House         documents.  "This experimental service can be requested with a         message to the Internet address "Clinton-Info@Campaign92.Org"         (you must use the word "Help" as the subject of your message).         This service should be used sparingly; it isn't designed for         high-volume traffic."         At the University of North Carolina a database of recent         presidential documents can be accessed by telneting to         "sunsite.unc.edu" and logging in with "politics".       (Excerpts taken from article, "Personal Technology," by        Walter S. Mossberg, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, March 18, 1993)   *******************************************************************  Thanks for your comments on the newsletter...  "VERY useful and MUCH needed, IMHO.  The DSNlink connection will be very  welcome, as well the CWIS entry into the system.  Will make them much  more accessible to the casual user."  "CWIS looked great.  It will be convenient when people ask "what software  do we have?"."  "We like 'em.  Keep 'em coming."  "I think the CSSC News Letter is a great idea!  The first two issues were  about the right length and had good content.  To keep the work load  reasonable on you I would suggest publishing it twice a month September  thru June and once a month in July and August. What do other readers  think?"    Response:  Good idea.  Thanks.  "CSSCnews is OUTSTANDING!   It's so good I don't know why somebody didn't  think of it before.  Keep up the good work!"    Response:  It has been something we've been wanting to do for a long    time but with the amount of work the CSSC has been doing we never had    the time.  However, with the hiring of a secretary, Linda Delaney,    some of the work load problems were alleviated which allowed us to    concentrate on the newsletter.                                                                                        EDITOR:   Betty Spencer                                                                                                      scacad@snybscva

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