C S S C    N E W S L E T T E R                                                                                                                                                                                     Vol 1  No 14                                            December 21, 1993    TABLE OF CONTENTS  1.0  3rd party software listing for Alpha machines / CSLG AXP listing  2.0  Bill of Rights and Responsibilities for Electronic Learners  3.0  New Documentation Service for the Visually Impaired  4.0  An additional 10% off price offer for TARGET->HOTLINE  1.0  3rd party software listing for Alpha machines / CSLG AXP listing       Located on SBSCVA's VAX Notes under the CSSC-NEWS conference, topic       2.1, is a new listing, prepared by Digital, of the Alpha AXP       applications that have been announced by 854 Independent Software       Vendor companies.  All totalled, 4,691 aplications and software       products are listed.       A WordPerfect document has been prepared of the most recent CSLG       (10/20/93) listing.  This special list presents OpenVMS VAX and       OSF/1 software and directly, on the same line, shows whether this       software is now available on the AXP machines.  This document is       available in GETSOFTWARE under saveset CSLGAXP.  2.0  Bill of Rights and Responsibilities for Electronic Learners       Available in SBSCVA's DOC utility (type $ DOC) is a policy that       began as part of EDUCOM's Educational Uses of Information Technology       and is now affiliated with the American Association of Higher       Education named the "Bill of Rights and Responsibilities for       Electronic Learners."       This document, BOR_ELECTRONIC_LEARNERS.1293, can be found under the       NETWORK directory.  3.0  New Documentation Service for the Visually Impaired       The Common SUNY Support Center at Buffalo State College is ordering       a new documentation service for the visually impaired.  This is       strictly being viewed on a trial run basis at present.  We aren't       sure how we are going to display this service for all members but       will be letting you know more as time goes on.  Information on this       service follows...       MAYNARD, MA -- December 14, 1993 -- Strengthening its commitment to       physically-challenged customers, Digital Equipment Corporation today       announced new Vision Impaired On-Line Documentation, a service       specially designed to provide blind and visually-impaired customers       access to electronic information about Digital products.       Vision Impaired On-Line Documentation -- in ISO 9660 ASCII format       distributed on CD-ROM -- offers customers the flexibility to access       product information in the most convenient manner for their specific       needs. Documentation can be downloaded and read in a number of ways:                   o with screen reader applications combined with                     a synthetic voice board like DECtalk                   o in hardcopy using a Braille printer                   o using a refreshable Braille display                   o using various screen text-enlargement utilities       In its first release, Vision Impaired On-Line Documentation will       include information on the following products:        o All-In-1         o DEC BASIC        o DEC C            o DEC FORTRAN        o DEC Pascal       o DEC VTX        o DECset           o DECtalk PC        o OpenVMS          o RISC C        o ULTRIX           o VAX C        o VAX COBOL        o VAX DATATRIEVE        o VAX Document     o WPS-PLUS       "The visually impaired are entering the labor force in greater       numbers than ever before," says Michael Paciello, Digital's Vision       Impaired Information Services Program Manager.  "Increasingly, we       see that information technology is becoming part of their day-to-day       work routine.  Digital's Vision Impaired On-Line Documentation       provides users an easy way to receive information they need about       our products.  We also offer users the flexibility to access the       information in the format they prefer -- using synthetic voice,       Braille displays, Braille translation software or screen-text       enlargement."       Paciello also notes that the service is a cost-effective solution       for companies who wish to comply with the Americans with       Disabilities Act (ADA), which places greater responsibility on       employers to invest in assistive technologies.       Vision Impaired On-Line Documentation, available now in the U.S.,       may be ordered by calling DECdirect (1-800-344-4825).  An annual       subscription consisting of three updates retails for $528.  An       initial documentation kit sells for $225. (more)       Digital's commitment to assistive technology through its Vision       Impaired Services Program Office includes other services and       products such as:        o Technology consultation for the visually/print impaired        o Assistive technology consultation, including state and          federal legislation interpretation and adaptive          hardware and software integration        o Adaptive technology analysis        o Speech synthesis products (DECtalk)       Digital Equipment Corporation is the world's leader in open       client/server solutions from personal computing to integrated       worldwide information systems.  Digital's Alpha AXP platforms,       storage, networking, software and services, together with       industry-focused solutions from business partners, help       organizations compete and win in today's global marketplace.  4.0  An additional 10% off price offer for TARGET->HOTLINE       As announced at the Wizard Seminar on December 16, 1993, Target       Systems is offering SUNY members the following offer which applies       only to orders received by December 31, 1993...       Target Systems will either include an extra user slot in each four       (4) user license, or grant 10% off any license purchased.  In other       words, through the above date, a five (5) user license can be       purchased for the price of a four (4) user license, or either a       user-based or CPU-based license will be priced at 10% off.       For further price information, see CSSC Newsletter Vol 1 No 13.  If       you do not have this issue, please contact SCACAD to have it sent to       you.                                                                                         Editor:  Betty Spencer                                                                                                     SCACAD@SNYBSCVA

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