C S S C    N E W S L E T T E R                                                                                                                                                                                       Vol 1  No 13                                               December 9, 1993    TABLE OF CONTENTS  1.0  SUNY Card  2.0  TARGET->HOTLINE pricing  3.0  Status on Third Party AXP software as of 11/5/93  4.0  FAVORITE INTERNET RESOURCES  5.0  Article of Interest                                                   6.0  Calls received/answered by SCACAD, SCADM, SCSYS for October, Nov 1993  1.0  SUNY Card       During August, the SUBOA Universal Card Committee (for a listing of       the Project Team and SUNY Card Committee, see below) met at SUNY       Geneseo.  They reviewed campus surveys and after this review came up       with the following recommendation:       SINGLE CARD WITH SUNY STANDARDIZED CORE       It is the recommendation of the committee that all SUNY campuses       evolve to having a single card on campus.  Furthermore, all campuses       should start evolving toward using a standardized SUNY core       material.  The SUNY core card contains the SUNY logo as a       background.       All campuses still maintain the flexibility to design their own       cards with the look and utilizations desired.  The single card with       SUNY standard card background utilization will provide user       convenience, ready recognition between campuses and purchasing cost       savings as well as improved card security.  Ideally all campuses       will be using the standardized SUNY core for their cards by 1995-96.    Project Team:    Mr. Thomas Bell, Executive Director, Campus Auxiliary Services,      SUNY College at Geneseo    Mr. Lonnie Clar, Associate University Counsel, State University of New York    Mr. James Lupo, Associate University Controller, State University       of New York    SUNY Card Committee:    Mr. Richard Barnhart, Director of Public Safety, SUNY College at New Paltz    Mr. Ronald N. Brown, Jr., Associate Director of Computing Services,      SUNY College at Buffalo    Ms. Sandra Casey, Assistant University Counsel, State University of New York    Mr. John DeFina, Suffolk County Community College    Ms. Cathy S. Dove, Director, Financial Management Services,       Cornell University    Mr. W. Raney Ellis, Director of Computing Services,      SUNY College at Plattsburgh    Ms. Joanne M. Fazioll, University Administrator for Business Services,      State University of New York       Mr. Peter S. Friedman, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean       of the College, Finger Lakes Community College    Mr. Charles F. Goolden, Vice President for Administration,      SUNY College of Technology at Canton    Ms. Christine E. Haile, Associate Vice Chancellor for Technology      Services, State University of New York     Mr. John Karrer, Director of Student Finance and Records,      SUNY at Buffalo    Mr. Sanford Levine, University Counsel, State University of New York    Dr. Mitchel D. Livingston, Vice President for Student Affairs,      SUNY at Albany    Mr. Michael J. Perry, Executive Director, College Association,        SUNY College of Technology at Canton       A new listserv discussion group, SUNYCARD@UBVM, has been created to       discuss this Universal SUNY Card.  Everyone is encouraged to join.  2.0  TARGET->HOTLINE pricing (see Newsletter No 5, for info on software)       (Text is taken from letter from Tony Siciliano, Target Systems)       The base price for a single user license, including support and       maintenance, is $1,206.50.  At the level where the individual SUNY       campus can use their own discretion over funding, a four (4) user       license would cost $4,826.00.  Again, the aforementioned dollars       include support and maintenance, which is renewable on an annual       basis at $157.40 per single user license, or $629.60 for a four (4)       user license.  Please keep in mind that "users" in this instance       refers to concurrent users.       TARGET->HOTLINE is also available on an unlimited concurrent user       basis, and would then be priced per VAX type.  If a SUNY campus       initiated their usage of the software with a four (4) user license       and then decided to upgrade to a CPU based license, the       aforementioned price would be credited towards the upgraded license,       and maintenance would be pro-rated.  There are four (4) CPU-based       price categories and these are mentioned below.  In all cases the       SUNY price is 30% from list price.       Category I: List price $8,395,        All MicroVAXes, all 4000-based workstations, 4100, 4200, 11/7xx, 82xx,       83xx       Category II: List price $11,995       4300, 4400, 4500, 4600, 4700, 4900, 6210-6240, 6310-6340, 6410-6440,        6510-6520, 85xx-87xx, 8800-8820       Category III: List price $16,995       6350-6360, 6450, 6530-6540, 6610-6630, 9930-8840, 7610, 7620       Category IV: List price $23,995       6550-6560, 6640-6660, 7630, 9xxx, 10xxx       Target Systems will be enacting an across-the-board price increase       of 15%, starting January 1, 1994.  Therefore, if it is possible to       conclude these transactions prior to that date, the aforementioned       pricing will be honored.       To further explain Target Systems' upgrade policy, I will present an       example.  Keep in mind that there will be a 15% across the board       price increase, starting 1/1/94.       A SUNY campus buys a four (4) user license for $5,000.  This       includes the SUNY discount.  That campus then decides to upgrade to       an unlimited user license on a 6520.  (It is irrelevant as to       whether or not the original four user license resides on the same       6520).  Based on the aforementioned price categories, plus 15%, the       upgrade dollars would be calculated as follows:       TARGET->HOTLINE for VAX 6520, including SUNY discount   $9,655.98       (Purchased after 1/1/94)       Original price of four (4) user license*                $5,000.00       UPGRADE FEE                                             $4,655.98       Again, maintenance is calculated on a pro-rated basis.        *The 15% price increase would not be added into any purchase made       prior to 1/1/94, for this type of upgrade calculation.  In this       example, the four (4) user license was purchased prior to 1/1/94.       Training would best take place through the SUNY Training Center.        As we have discussed, it would be best for Target Systems       to assign two of its trainers to these sesions, as there will be       differences in the needs of the various campus representatives.       All purchase orders should be addressed as follows:                      Target Systems Corporation                      33 Boston Post Road West                      Marlboro, MA  01752                      Attn: Tony Siciliano       Using a FAX works best, at (508) 481-9187.  Terms are net 30.  3.0  Status on Third Party AXP software as of 11/5/93                                                                                             OpenVMS AXP          OSF/1 AXP             DCLFast                available               no             Argent, Inc.           end of Nov '93                       GoldMail               Currently in field      no, testing             Data Processing Design                  available in 4-6 weeks             HITMAN                 available now           no             Saiga Systems                         MiniTAB                available now       under consideration                                    standard version only             Oracle                     available:        Distributed Database Option  V7.0.15                               MultiLingual Option          V1.0.12                               Parallel Server Option       V7.0.15                               Pro*Ada                      V1.5.8                               Pro*C                        V1.5.8                               Pro*COBOL                    V1.5.8                               Pro*FORTRAN                  V1.5.8                               Pro*PL/1                     V1.5.8                               Pro*Pascal                   V1.5.8                               Procedural Database Option   V7.0.15                               SQL*Forms with SQL*Menu      V3.0.16.12                               SQL*Net                      V1.2.16                               SQL*Net APPC                 V1.1.0.9                               SQL*Net Async                V.2.13.3                               SQL*Net DECNet               V1.2.19.3                               SQL*Plus                     V1.                               SQL*ReportWriter             V1.                               Trusted Oracle7              V7.0.15                               BETA                               SQL*Net                      V2.0.13.3             PMDF                     available now       no plans now             Innosoft Int'l                        Remote Tape Facility     available end of    perhaps middle of next             System Mgmt Software     January             year                                                   Report Gen for Oracle    available now       no             Report Gen for RMS             IQ Software             RMSEDT                   no, waiting to see demand             Beck Comp. Systems                    SAS                      all SAS software    currently in                                              available              development             SPSS                     no, currently in                                      development - maybe                                      middle of '94             SQR / Easy SQR           available now       in Beta on OSF/1             MITI                                  TCPWare                  available now       no             Process Software                      WordPerfect              Not until middle of '94       A listing of CSLG AXP (OpenVMS and OSF/1) software will shortly be       available in GETSOFTWARE.  Keep looking for it.  4.0  FAVORITE INTERNET RESOURCES (Taken from FACT-L who took it from EDTECH)       ************************************************************        Books:       1) The Whole Internet: User's guide and Catalog           by Ed Krol   1992     O'Reilly & Associates                                 103 Morris Street, Suite A                                   Sebastopol, CA. 95472       2) Netpower: Resource guide to online computer services             Using Online Information for Business, Education, & Research           by Eric Persson   1993   Fox Chapel Publishing                                    Book Order Department                                     Box 7948                                     Lancaster, PA. 17604       3) The Internet Companion: A beginner's guide to global networking          by Tracy LaQuey  1993   Addison-Wesley Publishing   $10.95       4) An Incomplete Guide to the Internet and other telecommunications          opportunities especially for teachers and students K-12           compiled by NCSA Education Group                       Chuck Farmer 217-244-6122                       Lisa Bievenue 217-244-1993.       5) Internet Passport: Northwestnet's guide to our world online           by Jonathan Kochmer and NorthwestNet, Bellevue, Washington          206-562-3000.  $19.95 plus 3.00 s/h (USA)       6) Internet Connections: a Librarian's guide to Dail-Up Access and Use            by Mary E. Engle, Marilyn Lutz, William Jones, Jr., and          Genevieve Engel  1993           American Library Association  (LITA Publications, Chicago, Illinois)       ********************************************************************       Journals:        The Computing Teacher  (every month Judi Harris writes              a column called "Mining the Internet"--it's great!)        Internet World  (Meckler) $24.95 per year sub. for K-12 institutions         11 Ferry Lane West           Westport, CT. 06880         203-226-6967         email: meckler@jvnc.net       ********************************************************************       Organizations:        ISTE  (International Society for Technology in Education)          1787 Agate St.          Eugene, Or 97403        503-346-4414       ********************************************************************                              by Jan Wee, Library Media Director                                 West Salem Middle SchooL, West Salem, WI                                  wsalem@uwlax.edu  5.0  Article of Interest       "The Internet:  Bringing Global Resources to the Classroom"       By Odvard Egil Dyrli       "Technology & Learning", October 1993, pgs. 50-58       If you cannot locate this article, the article can be FAXed to you       if you will send in a request to SCACAD.  6.0  Calls received/answered by SCACAD, SCADM, SCSYS for October, Nov 1993                     October 1993       Vendor Support       SCACAD             20                5 - DSN       SCADM              63               14 - Oracle       SCSYS             175                7 - DSN                     November 1993       Vendor Support       SCACAD              8                2 - DSN       SCADM              41               14 - Oracle       SCSYS             203                6 - DSN                                                                                         Editor:  Betty Spencer                                                                                                     SCACAD@SNYBSCVA