C S S C    N E W S L E T T E R                                                                                                                                                                                    Vol 1  No 8                                               July 28, 1993   TABLE OF CONTENTS  1.0  New CSLG/ESL program and PAKs  2.0  Articles of Interest  3.0  Last call for Site Inventory Reports...four missing.  4.0  Availability of DCLFast...DCL debugging, Tuning and Testing product  5.0  Time to clean up user accounts on SBSCVA  6.0  Calls received/answered by SCACAD, SCADM and SCSYS for June 1993  1.0  New CSLG/ESL program and PAKs       We are still in the process of renewing the CSLG and ESL for the       Common SUNY Support Center.  We don't have a timeframe when we will       be getting the new PAKs but our current ones are licensed until       December 1, 1993.  So it should be a quiet transformation and       nothing to worry about.  2.0  Articles of Interest       From time to time we all come across "technical" articles that are       of interest to us and that, when we think about it, would be of       interest to other CSSC members.  Following are summaries from       three articles that Ron Brown would like to share with you.  The       first two articles come from DIGITAL NEWS & REVIEW, the June 21,       1993 issue and the last article is from the VAXCLUSTER SYSTEMS       QUORUM, May 1993 documentation manual.  If you are interested in any       of the articles, please try to seek them out on your own.  Your       Digital Rep would be the person to get the VAXCLUSTER SYSTEMS QUORUM       manual from.  But if you cannot locate these articles, let us know       and we will see that you obtain a copy.       This is also a good point to stop and say that if *any of you* know       of an article that would be of interest to the other CSSC members       please let us know and we will mention it in the newsletter.       "This elephant can dance!", DIGITAL NEWS & REVIEW, June 21, 1993,       pgs. 37-39.         Article deals with Digital's SCSI-compliant HSC65/95 matches         SDI-based cluster storage performance while using drives with an         industry-standard interface.       "Wireless Lans Span the Spectrum", DIGITAL NEWS & REVIEW, June 21,       1993, pgs. 40-43.         Cable-free networks seem like an ideal way to communicate, but         users have to grapple with a variety of trade-offs before         deciding on a wireless technology.  Four wireless technologies         are discussed:  spread spectrum, single-frequency, infrared, and         microwave and pros and cons for all four methods.       "Choosing High-Performance Storage Solutions", VAXCLUSTER SYSTEMS       QUORUM, May 1993, Part Number: EA-P2388-32, pgs. 3-22,         "In recent years, the ability of CPUs to process information has         far outstripped the ability of I/O subsystems to supply         processors with data....the result of this disproportionate         growth is an increasing percentage of CPU time spent waiting for         I/O operations to complete.  When I/O operations cannot keep up         with processors, CPU cycles are wasted and application         performance suffers.         Solid state disks (SSD), and other Digital high-performance         storage technologies, bridge the growing gap between processing         speed and magnetic disk access speed.         The high-performance storage technologies that are addressed in         this document are:                              o Host-based disk caching                              o Controller-based caching                              o Solid state disk                              o RAM disk                              o RAID disk striping"  3.0  Last call for Site Inventory Reports...four missing!       Thank you to everyone who sent in their Site Inventory report.       We would appreciate it when we say "deadline by such and such a date"       that you would try to make it in by then.  Many of these reports       trickeled in way after the May 1st deadline.       The missing four reports needed are from:       ...       ...       ...       ...       The next time you don't send back a report by a deadline we will       list your names!       Here is the current status of those who sent in the report or don't       need to:        Albany        Alfred        Broome Community College (Jnet only and doesn't have to report)        HSC Brooklyn        SBSCVC (Bob Hemmings - working for the Support Center, in Morrisville)        Buffalo State College        Canton        Cayuga Community College        Corning Community College        Central        Cobleskill        Cortland        Cornell (Jnet only and doesn't have to report)        Delhi        Erie Community College        Empire State College        Farmingdale        Fashion Institute        Fingerlakes Community College        Genesee Community College (They have their own CSLG and report directly)        Geneseo        Jefferson Community College        LSC (Library Services)        Maritime        Morrisville        Mohawk Valley (They do not receive DEC products and don't have                to report - per Ron)        Old Westbury        Oneonta (and SICAS)        SUNY Optometry        Oswego        Plattsburgh        Potsdam        SUNY Purchase        Schenectady Community College        Stony Brook (only those sites on DECnet... Some are on NASA's                high-energy physics net.)        HSC Syracuse        SUNY Training Center        Univ. Buffalo (Oracle Only - not required to report)        Utica/Rome (Jnet, Oracle, Banner only.  Not required to report)  4.0  Availability of DCLFAST...DCL debugging, Tuning and Testing product       DCLFAST...            o modeled on the VMS debugger            o removes the need to use SET VERIFY - Fix errors on-the-fly,              then continue            o Makes people who change, amend, modify, edit or create              DCL twice as efficient            o Tuning facility makes existing DCL run much faster.       DCLFAST by Argent Software is being made available to CSSC members       for $850 per site.  Maintenance is 10% of the aggregate cost.  If       you would like to get information about purchasing this software,       please write your inquiry to Sheila Pragel at Buffalo State College       (pragelsk@snybufva).       Brian Cuttler at the State University of New York at Albany has used       and tested DCLFAST and will take questions on its applications       (sysbrc@albnyvms).  5.0  Time to clean up user accounts on SBSCVA       This note goes out to all those in charge of User Manager accounts.       We need to clean up our disk space so we would appreciate it if you       would review user accounts on SBSCVA and remove those that are no       longer needed.  This needs to be done before the fall semester starts.       Thank you.  6.0  Calls received/answered by SCACAD, SCADM and SCSYS for June 1993                                   Vendor support                    SCACAD     28           4                    SCSYS      276          5                    SCADM      49           5                                                                                   Editor:  Betty Spencer                                                                                              SCACAD@SNYBSCVA

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