C S S C    N E W S L E T T E R                                                                                                                                                                                    Vol 1  No 2                                                 March 17, 1993    TABLE OF CONTENTS  1.0  Disaster recovery  2.0  Installation of newest DECUS CD's  3.0  Status on Pathworks for MAC, Client software, Version 1.1a  4.0  Online, Internet-accessible Digital Product Information  5.0  Is a system count for Pathworks for DOS needed under CSLG?  6.0  CDROM OnLine Documentation March 1993  7.0  Election of CSSC Executive Board  1.0  Disaster recovery       With the World Trade Center tragedy freshly in our minds,       disaster procedures for our computer centers should not be far       behind.  An article in the March 8, 1993 issue of "Information       Weekly" entitled "Towers Without Power," reports the WTC's       tenants "faced the enormous and largely unprecedented task of       restoring their distributed computer systems before they could       resume anything remotely resembling business as usual...Most       [companies] were simply unprepared."  The following is a list       of data processing centers' biggest disasters:                                                        # of Data Centers                   Event                Location         downed        8/14/87   Rain storm           Chicago              5       10/01/87   Earthquake           Whittier, CA         3        5/08/88   Network outage       Hinsdale, IL         3        8/15/89   Hurricane Hugo       Charleston, SC       5       10/17/89   Earthquake           San Francisco       18        8/13/90   Power outage         New York            28        1/27/90   Utility vault fire   New York             2        8/19/91   Hurricane Bob        Northeast            3        4/10/92   Terrorist bomb       London               7        4/13/92   Flood                Chicago             33        5/01/92   Riot                 Los Angeles          2        8/24/92   Hurricane Andrew     Southeast           39       12/11/92   Nor'easter           New York             7        2/26/93   Bombing              New York            21       Include SUNY's own potential for disasters, i.e., where       PCB exposure did not directly affect the computer center at a       SUNY campus itself but it could have!...and we see how important       it is for us to come up with a strong disaster recovery plan.       To formulate our own plan, the CSSC has been designated as the       "hot site" for member campuses.  In case of a disaster which       makes it impossible or unreasonable to operate a VAX at a       participating campus, the most critical applications can be       operated at Buffalo.  Tests have been done to demonstrate       required network capability and operational recovery time from       point of failure at a disaster site.  A test VMS account has       been set up on node SBSCVA to allow users to log on and run       their applications from Syracuse.  All users logon to the same       VAX account and are routed to their application via a menu.       This testing is continuing, while the procedures and scripts       that have been developed are being documented.  Look for future       reports on disaster recovery in upcoming CSSC newsletters.       FOOD FOR THOUGHT...we can put together a plan for the       mainframes but what about the data on the PCs?  2.0  Installation of newest DECUS CD's       Three new DECUS CD's were recently installed:  Collections 9,       10, and 11 (Spring 1991, Fall 1991 and Spring 1992       respectively) on node SBSCVA.  README.FIRST document in the DOC       utility under the DECUS directory explains how to access the       CD's.  If you are a full member of the CSSC and wish to have an       authorized DECUS account, contact SCACAD@snybufva.  3.0  Status on Pathworks for MAC, Client software, Version 1.1a       There are known problems between Pathworks for Mac 1.1 and       System 7.1 specifically regarding Mail for Macintosh, MacX and       MacTCP.  In order to support the release of System 7.1,       Pathworks for Mac, Client software, Version 1.1a is required.       The Support Center will be getting this update on Digital's       March CD release.  Use CWIS to look at SOFTWAREA for Version       1.1a's availability.  4.0  Online, Internet-accessible Digital Product Information       Digital is pleased to announce the availability of online,       Internet-accessible product information.  The available       information spans a diverse range -- from information sheets,       to technical overviews, performance summaries, brochures,       software product descriptions (SPD's), whitepapers,       presentations and even the System and Options Catalog.  The       DEC_FTP.mmyy document explaining this information is located in       the DOC utility, under the VAX/VMS directory.  Don't forget to       sign onto the Support Center machine as CWIS from which you can       easily access DOC.  5.0  Is a system count for Pathworks for DOS needed under CSLG?       Digital has added an addendum to the DECTEI-L "Announcing       Changes to U.S. CSLG and ESL Programs" message (see VAX Notes,       X-DECTEI-L, note 36.1) which discusses the most frequently       asked question:       > If my school is using Pathworks for DOS on a PC, do       > we need to include that system in our CSLG system count?       Don't forget you can access VAX Notes by signing on as CWIS.  6.0  CDROM OnLine Documentation March 1993       This document can be accessed on VAX Notes, X-DECTEI-L       conference, note 37.64 by signing on using CWIS and picking the       VAX Notes option.  7.0  Election of CSSC Executive Board       Information will be forthcoming soon from Paul Voninski       (Oswego) to members of the CSSC Advisory Board explaining the       upcoming CSSC Executive Board election.  ********************************************************************       We didn't receive very many comments on the first CSSC       newsletter.  How was it?  Are there any suggestions you can       make?  What would you like to see in future editions?  Do you       know of any listserv list that might like to be informed about       our newsletter?                                                                                   Editor:   Betty Spencer                                                                                                 SCACAD@SNYBSCVA

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