C S S C    N E W S L E T T E R                                                                                                                                                                                Vol 1 No 6                                                  May 21, 1993   TABLE OF CONTENTS  1.0  1993 SUNY Technology Conference  2.0  Digital VAX 6000 Upgrades / Alpha Ready program  3.0  CSSC Executive Board election results  4.0  CSLG - Restatement of current policy  1.0  1993 SUNY Technology Conference       June 6-9, 1993 - Sheraton Inn, Syracuse, New York       Look for our Common SUNY Support Center/Training Center booth       at the Conference.  It will be manned by staff of the Training       Center and Betty Spencer of the Common SUNY Support Center.       CSSC Advisory Board members don't forget about the CSSC       Advisory Board meeting on Tuesday, June 8th, from 3:35 - 5 p.m.       We will, among other things, discuss the status on the Upgrade       survey.  2.0  Digital VAX 6000 Upgrades / Alpha Ready program       Digital's various "Alpha Ready" programs have allowed our       customers to purchase current technology, and upgrade to       Alpha/AXP later, for a predetermined fixed cost.  This fixed       cost is set at the time of the original purchase, and is valid       until July 2, 1994.  Please note that the customer is not       required to buy an Alpha/AXP system, it is simply an option       available to them.       The "Alpha Ready" offer for the VAX 6000 In-cabinet Upgrade       Program allows a customer to purchase selected VAX 6000 upgrade       options today, and receive a firm, fixed price to upgrade to a       DEC 7000 Model 610 AXP in the future.       The specific model numbers eligible for this Alpha-Ready       program  are:       Model No.  Description               62xx TO 66xx PATHS:               66AUA-AA   210-610               66AUN-AA   210-610 128MB               66AVB-AA   220-610 128MB               66AUH-AA   230-610 128MB               66AUJ-AA   240-610 128MB               63xx-66xx PATHS:               66AUA-AC   310-610               66AUN-AC   310-610 128MB               66AVB-AC   320-610 128MB               66AUH-AC   330-610 128MB               66AUJ-AC   340-610 128MB               66AUK-AC   350-610 128MB               66AUL-AC   360-610 128MB               64xx-66xx PATHS:               66AUA-AF   410-610               66AUN-AF   410-610 128MB               66AVB-AF   420-610 128MB               66AUH-AF   430-610 128MB               66BUJ-AF   440-620 128MB               66BUK-AF   450-620 128MB               66BUL-AF   460-620 128MB               65xx-66xx PATHS:               66AUA-AK   510-610               66BUA-AK   520-620               66CUA-AK   530-630               66DUA-AK   540-640               66EUA-AK   550-650               66FUA-AK   560-660       When ordering one of the upgrade packages, be sure that the       Alpha Ready part number (7HAWA-HN) appears on the quote.  The       cost is $141,418 and is non-discountable.       Customers are required to order and take delivery of the       applicable VAX upgrade by July 3, 1993 to lock in the Alpha       upgrade price.  Customers must take delivery of the Alpha AXP       upgrade no later than July 2, 1994.       Alpha-ready upgrades include hardware and operating system       software installation, one-year Digital standard warranty,       trade-in credit for the returned VAX 6000 system,       deinstallation, packing and transportation back to Digital.       Customers can keep their VAX 6000 system for up to six months       after the Alpha AXP system is delivered to allow a smooth       transition.  3.0  CSSC Executive Board election results       The CSSC Executive Board election results have been compiled       and the results are as follows:                                               Terms       Bill Davis        Geneseo           7/1/93 - 6/30/96       Ruedi Lienhart    Syracuse HSC      7/1/93 - 6/30/96       Eric Wilson       Oneonta           7/1/93 - 6/30/95       Paul Voninski     Oswego            7/1/93 - 6/30/94  4.0  CSLG - Restatement of current policy       Located on the CSSC's SNYBSCVA machine's VAX Notes in the       X-DECTEI-L conference is Ellen Minter's Restatement of Current       policy of CSLG Software Support Services.  We think it will be       of interest to all of you.       I've mentioned other important notices in our VAX Notes       conferences before.  For those of you who are not too familiar       with VAX Notes, I will restate some directions.  Access VAX       Notes by typing $ Notes.   To access this particular       conference, you need to add it to your VAX Notes Notebook by       typing          Notes> add entry x-dectei-l            on the snybscva machine or          Notes> add entry sbscva::x-dectei-l    VAX Notes on your machine       Once added, open the conference          Notes> open x-dectei-l       and go directly to this message by typing "45.6".                                                                                            Editor:  Betty Spencer                                                                                               SCACAD@SNYBSCVA                                                                                               SBSCVA::SCACAD

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