C S S C    N E W S L E T T E R                                                                                                                                                                                      Vol 2  No 5                                              April 6, 1994   TABLE OF CONTENTS  1.0  Agenda for April 13, 1994 CSSC Executive Board meeting  2.0  SIP Report status  3.0  Executive Software offer: I/O Express, Diskeeper, Filemaster.  4.0  Support Center positions  5.0  ORACLE7/ALPHA Update  6.0  Hot Tip:  Memory on the Alpha  7.0  Digital's policy on retired software  8.0  Calls received/answered by SCACAD, SCADM and SCSYS for March 1994  1.0  Agenda for April 13, 1994 CSSC Executive Board meeting       Tentative agenda for the CSSC Executive Board Meeting in Syracuse       on Wednesday, 4/13/94.  Please forward any additions to me ASAP.       Room 318 in the Computer Warehouse Building is reserved from 10 am to       3:30 pm for our meeting.                           ...Paul Voninski (voninski@oswego.oswego.edu)       1.  We will be joined by the TC Executive Board           a.  TC where are we in the discussion?           b.  Where do we go from here? 1994/95?  1995/96? and forward           c.  visit new TC location?       2.  Budget           a.  where are we in terms of the 1993/94 budget?               1. CSSC staff searches -- update           b.  where are we in terms of the 1994/95 budget?               1. equipment and other major purchases?       3.  Moving to Alpha.           a.  can it save some campus big $s?           b.  CSSC Issues related to moving to Alpha               1. Are there issues about software which will not run on                  Alpha that campuses need?           c.  change with SICAS view on moving to Alpha and               impact on the CSSC?           d.  LAIP and Alpha               1. Hot backup issues?       4.  Bob's committee report on support issues       5.  Annual report.  Changes in this years?           a.  member's input on structure of annual report       6.  SUNYCARD?  Any impact on the CSSC, TC, SICAS.       7. Contract Issues          a.  DEC          b.  Claris          c.  Other contracts?       8.  Getting input from campuses           a.  how to increase participation?       9.  Chuck is working on a paper abut the Director of the CSSC           being funded by Central.  We should review this at the meeting.      10.  NYSERnet option for campuses to connect into the internet           from the POPs. Should we revisit this issue?      11.  Spring COA           a.  time and issues for Advisory Board Meeting           1.  member issues for the Spring meeting?           b.  time for Executive Board Meeting (Bob W. will chair the               meeting because I will be in China)           c.  Do we (CSSC) want to have a booth with the TC?               Was it good last year?      12.  Others  2.0  SIP Report status       Hello Folks,        Well, it's been another success story... NOT !        Back in February we asked for each site to run SIP reports on        ALL of their VAX-VMS machines.  The responses we received are        below - in the order they came in.        To say the least, the response is under-whelming.        WE NEED THESE REPORTS !        PLEASE - it only takes a few minutes per machine.  Request the        SUNYDASC software out of GETSOFTWARE,  and run it on each VAX-VMS        machine you have!        Note below where numbers appear where the machine name is expected...        Please define an SCSNODENAME in SYSGEN BEFORE running these reports.        Otherwise we may make an error in determining who gets credit for        responding.       We would greatly appreciate your help.       Jerry W. Silverschatz       SCSYS Account Manager - SUNY Support CenterSBSCVC::SYSTEMSSYRW1::SYSTEMGENVA::SYSTEMUNO::SYSTEMSGENVA::SYSTEMSFITVA::SYSTEM                26636::SYSTEM      Fashion                26634::VERSCHHJ    FashionSCENVA::SYSTEM                21605::SYSTEM      Central                22104::SYSTEM      CentralSOSWVB::PISASOSWVB::PISA                53848::SYSTEM      Morrisville                53848::SYSTEM      Morrisville                19460::SYSTEM      PotsdamSPOTVB::SYSTEMSSYRV1::SYSTEM                52826::SYSTEM      SSYRW1 (Train ?)                52247::SYSTEM      Syracuse (?)SBKYVB::SYSTEMSBKYVA::SYSTEMSDELVB::SYSTEMSDELVA::SYSTEMJCCW22::SYSTEM                27654::SYSTEM      JCCV01SFARVA::SYSTEM                27654::SYSTEM      JCC                27656::SYSTEM      JCC                27657::SYSTEM      JCC                27658::SYSTEM      JCC                27659::SYSTEM      JCC                27662::SYSTEM      JCC                27735::SYSTEM      JCC                27741::SYSTEM      JCC                27730::SYSTEM      JCC                27733::SYSTEM      JCCSMTP%"AMODEOJB%SNYFARVASCAYVA::SYSTEMCAYLIB::SYSTEMSJEFVA::SYSTEMSECCVA::SYSTEMALBANY::SYSTEM                43053::SYSTEM      ALBANY (?)                43068::SYSTEM      ALBANY (?)SLSCVA::HATCHCBSPURVA::SYSTEMSONEVA::SYSTEMSSCCVA::SYSTEM  3.0  Executive Software offer: I/O Express, Diskeeper, Filemaster.       Executive Software has given the Common SUNY Support Center the       following offer good until July 31, 1994.  The list prices cover       many different VAX models and so is rather extensive to list here.       Email SCACAD with request and the list prices and further software       descriptions can be FAXed to you.  Brief software descriptions are       below.       1.  There will be a 120 day trial agreement, active now and ending           July 31, 1994, with special large 40% discounts on software           licenses.       2.  If purchases total $40,000 by July 31, 1994, the agreement and the           40% discounts will continue indefinitely.       3.  If purchases are less than $40,000 by July 31, 1994, the discount           will drop from 40% to 25% for future license purchases.       4.  Support will be at normal rates (15% of the list price of the           software) due within 90 days of license purchase.       License Discounts for products are as follows:       1.  Diskeeper licenses will be 40% off the list license price.       2.  I/O Express licenses will be 40% off the list license price.       3.  Fragmentation controller will be 75% off list price for           Diskeeper if Diskeeper is purchased for or already running           on the machine Fragmentation Controller is being purchased for.       4.  Filemaster licenses will be 40% off the list license price.           (Filemaster prices are the same as Diskeeper list prices.)       5.  Future products can be added as agreed later, and would be           as above unless other contractual stipulations prevent it.       All purchase orders should be addressed as follows:                           Executive Software                           701 North Brand Blvd, 6th Floor                           Glendale, CA 91203-1242                           Attn:  Barry Watson       FAX is 818/545-8808.  Telephone is 818/547-2050.       I/O EXPRESS       I/O Express is an unparalleled software product that solves the       problem of poor system performance resulting from heavy rates of       input and output operations.  It safely and effectively eliminates a       disk I/O bottleneck.  Stores actively accessed data blocks in       available memory on the host system so that subsequent requests for       the same blocks may be satisfied from memory instead of from disk.       The generic term for this activity is data caching.  Data is       retrieved from a cache considerably faster than from a disk.  I/O       Express dynamically allocates and deallocates system memory for the       data caching operation.  This means I/O Express constantly evaluates       the amount of memory available on the host system.  When lots of       memory is available, I/O Express allows itself to hold a large       number of disk data blocks in memory.  When the amount of free       memory decreases, I/O Express returns memory to the VMS operating       system.  So, as the memory requirements of other processes on the       system fluctuate, the resources employed by I/O Express are adapted       to accommodate the needs of the system.       DISKEEPER       DISKKEEPER Performance Edition represents a leap forward in       defragmentation technology, providing unprecedented advances in VAX       system performance.  The marriage of DISKEEPER and Fragmentation       Controller completely handles the slowing effect of fragmentation -       giving that slow VAX a sleek, fast performance vehicle.       FILEMASTER       Allows you to see all your file and directory information in a       single integrated display.       Allows bypassing of directory structure to soft and select files       hundreds of different ways.       Operates across disk devices and network nodes.       Provides instant browsing of file contents and one-step deletion of       files.       Allows user recovery of deleted files without operator assistance,       using soft-delete feature.       Allows you to build custom menus to provide users with access to all       the applications and commands they need.  4.0  Support Center positions       The two Support Center positions have finally been announced through       the SUNY Office of Employee Relations and Personnel.  Here is the       information on the two positions:       1.  Department:  Computing Services, Administrative Information Systems           Budget Title:  Lead Programmer/Analyst           Professional Rank and Salary Range:  SL-3  $26,520 - $40,000           Item Number: 23520           Date to be filled:  June 15, 1994       BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES:  Provide consultation service to all       campuses belonging to the SUNY Support Group in matters relating to       the use of administrative software.  Respond to all appropriate       requests for assistance from any of the member campuses.       Investigate and evaluate software which promises to be useful to the       SUNY Support community.  Monitor data on software and equipment       installed at each member campus, and assist in the on-going       development of the software distribution process.       QUALIFICATIONS:  Four-year degree in Computing Information Systems,       Computer Science or related field.  Two-three years experience in       technical support, or systems or applications programming in a VMS       environment.  Desirable qualifications:  UNIX experience--systems       programming or applications development; experience with Oracle--DBA       or applications development; client/server experience with PC or       MAC.  Strong communication skill.       2.  Department:  Computing Services, Systems and Communications           Budget Title:  Lead Programmer/Analyst           Professional Rank and Salary Range:  SL-3  $26,520 - $40,000           Item Number: 23519           Date to be filled:  June 15, 1994       BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES:  Handle questions and help troubleshoot       problems from other SUNY campuses that are members of the Common       SUNY Support Center.  Be familiar with how to install, monitor and       maintain data communications networks on campus, including Chipcom       equipment, modems, terminal servers and printer servers.  Develop       analysis systems using industry available software for network       utilization and quicker problem resolution.  Become involved in       SUNY-wide networking, in conjunction with SUNY Center for the       Support of campus needs, Common SUNY Support Center (CSSC) and LAIP       functions.  Install and maintain software on system as required.       Teach seminars and workshops when time permits.       QUALIFICATIONS:  Four-year degree in Computing Information Systems,       Computer Science, or related field.  Five years experience in data       communications and systems programming.  Desirable qualifications       include:  Digital and Chipcom architecture experience; experience in       data communications and systems on a college campus; experience with       network protocols such as DECnet, LAT, LADLAST, TCP/IP; experience       with VMS, ULTRIX, DEC POLY CENTER and SUN Net Manager operating       systems.  UNISYS architecture experience.       Submit a resume along with       a letter of application to:  Michael Sher                                    Acting Director, Computing Services                                    Buffalo State College                                    1300 Elmwood Avenue                                    Buffalo, NY 14222       Closing date for receipt of applications:  4/30/94  5.0  ORACLE7/ALPHA Update:       With the arrival of the Alpha VMS machine the first ORACLE7       production application is planned, HRMS.  On the standard VMS       platform, an ORACLE7 instance for the SCT BANNER product has been       implemented.  A version of the BANNER product running on Alpha under       ORACLE7 will be developed soon.  7.0  Hot Tip:  Memory on the Alpha       Attention AXP (Alpha) platform users :        If you have an Alpha machine (or are planning on one), don't        "freak-out" when you look at the output from a SHOW MEMORY        command...        We recently had a "educational experience" regarding these        machines and their memory usage.  This experience we would like        to share with you.        The Support Center's questions to Digital are indicated below        by the ">" at the beginning of the line.  Digital's response is        the main text of the letter below.        Yes, folks, the ads say to treat this as just another VMS machine...        but there ARE differences.  So step right up and be the first on your        block to discover the joy of Alpha System Management.        Remember :  $ SET MIND/OPEN/MODE=AXP        - SCSYS        -------------------------------------------------------------------        >  The system manager has noticed when he does a show memory on        >  the Alpha 3000-400 that it only shows 16,384 TOTAL pages of        >  memory, when there is 128mb on this machine.       This is correct.  Remember that you are talking about AXP VMS and it       is 64 bit Op.SYS., not 32 anymore.  So, on AXP a PAGE is 8192 bytes       as opposed to VAX where a PAGE = 512.  Autogen gave you the       information that you were looking for:       >  Autogen says there are       >     memsize_pages = 16384       >     memsize_pagelets = 262144       Here AUTOGEN indicates that 262144 is the size of memory in       pagelets, which is equivalent to a VAX page (512).       128 (megabytes) * (1024*1024) (1 meg) / 8192 (pagesize) =  16384       128             *  1024*1024          /  512 (pagelet)  = 262144       The customer should have also  noticed that SHOW MEMORY should have       had the first few lines look like:       $ sho mem              System Memory Resources on 21-MAR-1994 13:10:42.63Physical Memory Usage (pages):     Total        Free      In Use    Modified  Main Memory (128.00Mb)           16384        xxxx        xxxx        xxxx                  ^                  |___ Here it indicates that it sees all 128 Meg.  8.0  Digital's policy on retired software       We thought we would re-post Digital's policy on retired products       included in the CSLG.  This excerpt comes from the CSLG product       listing, dated January 10, 1994, and can be found in SBSCVA's DEC       Notes X-DECTEI-L conference, Note 78.13.                            "RETIRED" PRODUCTS       Effective with the October 1993 update, we will not be removing       products from the CSLG portfolios due to product retirement. We will       keep the license PAKs for products that are retired by Digital in       the CSLG program.       Please be advised that retired products will remain in the CSLG       program under the following conditions:       *  No new warranty, conformance warranty, service, telephone support,          updates, or update licenses will be available for these products.       *  Retired products will not be supported under the ESL program.       The following "retired" products are currently part of the CSLG       portfolios:       VAX Lisp VMS       VAX Lisp Ultrix       DECset Ultrix  8.0  Calls received/answered by SCACAD, SCADM and SCSYS for March 1994                                        Vendor                                    supplied answers                   SCACAD    24         10 DSN                   SCADM     64         18 Oracle                   SCSYS     75          5                                                                                  Editor:  Betty Spencer                                                                                              SCACAD@SNYBSCVA

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