C S S C    N E W S L E T T E R                                                                                                                                                                                         Vol 2  No 10                                                 August 24, 1994   TABLE OF CONTENTS  1.0  John Philippo's memorial  2.0  Shared SYS$SCRATCH directory area   3.0  Class in Alpha Performance?  4.0  Oracle Version 7.1.3 for VAX and Alpha AXP OpenVMS has been delayed  5.0  Welcome Mike Notarius, CSSC Administrative Support Specialist  6.0  Internet email workshop ... Roadmap  7.0  Campus Watch  8.0  Calls received/answered by SCACAD, SCADM and SCSYS for July 1994  1.0  John Philippo's memorial       We wanted to re-publish Tom Neiss's announcement of the memorial       service for our good friend and colleague, John Philippo.       In memory of our esteemed colleague and friend, John William       Philippo, the SUNY community and John's friends and family will       gather to celebrate his life and work on Wednesday, September 7,       1994, at 2:00 pm in the Old Federal Building Large Courtroom at the       State University Plaza, Albany, New York.  Please join us for this       time of remembrance and gratitude.  2.0  Shared SYS$SCRATCH directory area         Background:  We set up a shared SYS$SCRATCH area under VMS 5.5-2 for       the purpose of being able to do SORTS, EDIT/TPU and work with large       work files from third party packages.	       Problem:  When we upgraded to OPEN AXP VMS Ver 6.1 the shared       SYS$SCRATCH area did not work any more.        Symptom:  When two users tried to EDIT/TPU login.com in their       personal separate directory, the second user will get a workfile and       journal file open error.  Looking at the shared SYS$SCRATCH area you       will see the first user's work files but not the second user's work       file.  Digital went to a C2 security compliance in OpenVMS 6.0.  The       C2 compliance restricts the creation of the same file name, (with       different extensions), by two different users.       Solution:  The following is the solution we came up with:	1.) Created a shared directory disk$disk15:[000000]sys$scratch2.dir	   $ dir/prot/owner/acl disk$disk15:[000000]sys$scratch2.dir	   Directory DISK$DISK15:[000000]		   SYS$SCRATCH2.DIR;1   [SYSTEM]              (RWE,RWE,RE,RWE)		   Note: No ACL on the directory	2.) Modified sys$manager:sylogin.com with the following:		   $ set noon	   $ set message/nosever/noid/nofac/notext	   $ UNAME :== 'F$GETJPI("","USERNAME")'	   $ create/dir/nolog/prot=(s:rwed,o:rwe,g,w) -		             disk$disk15:[sys$scratch2.'UNAME']           $!	   $ define SYS$SCRATCH disk$disk15:[sys$scratch2.'UNAME']	   $!--> sh log SYS$SCRATCH	   $ set message/sever/id/fac/text       Summary:  When a non-privileged user logs on to the system for the       first time, they create a personal directory in the SYS$SCRATCH area.        We then define SYS$SCRATCH to point to the new directory.  For now,       in a nightly maintenance job, we delete all files over two days       old.  We plan on leaving the directories out on the scratch disk for       now.  The second time the user logs on to the system the SYS$SCRATCH       is only defined.  This procedure has better protection of user files,       for all files are now in their personal secure directory.                                      By Joe Weber - SUNY Support Center  3.0  Class in Alpha Performance?       Ron Brown thought it would be a good idea to poll the SUNY Support       Center member sites to ask if you would like to see a class on       Alpha Performance.  Send SCACAD a note if you are interested and       that information will be passed on to the SUNY Training Center.  4.0  Oracle Version 7.1.3 for VAX and Alpha AXP OpenVMS has been delayed        Oracle Version 7.1.3 for VAX and Alpha AXP OpenVMS, originally       scheduled for July, has been delayed.  There have been a number of       significant bugs found in porting.  The porting group is committed       to fixing these bugs before releasing this product.  Based on our       current status, we are targeting a late September/early October       release for this product.  Please also note that these dates are       SUBJECT TO CHANGE.          5.0  Welcome Mike Notarius, CSSC Administrative Support Specialist       Welcome Mike Notarius to the Common SUNY Support Center staff!  Mike       comes to the Support Center from Sigma Systems Technology in       Williamsville, NY where he was a Database Administrator for Oracle       7.0.13.  Mike and his wife, Nancy, have two small children, Jessica,       5, and Nick, 4.  Mike will be working with Rob Smith as the       Administrative Support staff for the Support Center.  Mike's       starting date will be September 12, 1994.       We are still in the interviewing process for the Support Center's       Systems and Communications Specialist.  6.0  Internet email workshop ... Roadmap       WHAT IS ROADMAP?       Roadmap is an interactive Internet training workshop designed to       teach both new and old "Net travelers" how to travel around the       rapidly expanding (and often times confusing) Information       Superhighway without getting lost.       Using the latest information available coupled with guest lectures       from some of today's most respected Internet leaders, Roadmap       promises to be one of the most talked-about Internet training       seminars in history!       ... and, best of all, it's absolutely FREE!!!!!       WHAT SORT OF INTERNET ACCESS DO I NEED TO PARTICIPATE IN ROADMAP?       All you need is e-mail (although it would be nice if you also had       telnet access). Since a substantial number of Roadmap participants       only have e-mail access, the Roadmap workshop sessions will teach       you how to use the tools of the Internet directly and also how to       use these same tools using nothing but e-mail.       WHEN DOES ROADMAP START?       October, 1994! If you have subscribed to this list early,       FANTASTIC!! Stick around and over the next couple of months we'll       keep you updated as the start-up date draws closer!       HOW LONG WILL ROADMAP LAST?       The Roadmap for the Information Superhighway workshop will last       about a month. One Roadmap lesson a day will be e-mailed to you       starting in October, and a normal daily lesson will take no more       than five to ten minutes to complete.       WHAT ELSE DO I NEED TO DO?       Nothing! In October, the ROADMAP Listserv will automatically e-mail       you a copy of each day's Roadmap seminar lesson.       =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-       To subscribe to ROADMAP, send an email letter to       listserv@ua1vm.ua.edu which says "SUB ROADMAP" and to unsubscribe       send email letter which says "UNSUB ROADMAP".  7.0  Campus Watch       CAMPUS WATCH.  An electronic newsletter published by CAUSE to share       news concerning effective management and use of higher education       information resources--services, technology, information.       The last newsletter's topics were       - Major reorganization at California Lutheran University       - Statewide virtual library project in Virginia       - Stanford offers clipping service to Usenet readers       - Kansas State reduces print in favor of electronic news       - U of Illinois/Chicago library offers Internet course       - Dartmouth merges instructional and computing services       - Drake begins upgrade of computer network       - U of Washington pilots electronic-focused curriculum       - Cincinnati puts major law database on Internet       To subscribe, send to mailserv@cause.colorado and type        "subscribe campuswatch" in the text of your mail message.  8.0  Calls received/answered by SCACAD, SCADM and SCSYS for July 1994                                                                               Vendor supplied answers                         SCACAD     10            1 - DSN                         SCADM      32        (count not available)                           SCSYS      42            11                                                                                      Editor:  Betty Spencer                                                                                                  SCACAD@SNYBSCVA

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