C S S C    N E W S L E T T E R                                                                                                                                                                                          Vol 2  No 9                                                     July 29, 1994   TABLE OF CONTENTS  1.0  Temporary price offer from Group-1 Software  2.0  CSSC Director position  3.0  Status on Target->Hotline for Support Center questions  4.0  Calls received/answered by SCACAD, SCADM and SCSYS for June 1994  1.0  Temporary price offer from Group-1 Software       Eric Wilson at Oneonta managed to get a deal with Group-1 Software       that can save campuses money by reducing their mailing costs.  Each       campus would sign its own agreement locally, which should be okay       since the price is less than $5k.  The software is described       directly below with the cost savings explained at the end.       CODE-1 is a comprehensive on-line and batch address matching system       that improves the deliverability of your mail and allows you to take       advantage of automation-based postal discounts.  With CODE-1 you can       insert or append ZIP+4 Codes and Carrier Route Codes as well as       clean and standardize your mailing lists.       MailStream Plus Presorting and Reporting System will analyze and       sort your mail to optimize savings and increase efficiency within       your mailing operations.  It also provides complete postal       reporting.       POSTNET Barcode Option allows you to qualify for additional postal       discounts as well as speed the deliverability of your mail by       preparing it for automated mail processing.       Group 1 Software is offering incentive pricing of $4,800.00 for       CODE-1, MailStream Plus, and POSTNET Barcode to all SUNY locations       through September 30, 1994.  After September 30, 1994, license fees       will return to $10,000.00. For information contact:                Kathy O'Brien                Group 1 Software                4200 Parliament Place                Lanham, MD 20706-1844                (800) 368-5806 x317       So that all SUNY campuses, not only those who are members of the       CSSC, can be aware of this offer, this notice is also being sent to       the COAACAD and COADLIST lists.  2.0  CSSC Director position       The CSSC Executive board met last Tuesday (7/19/94) to discuss       the anticipated Director position of the CSSC and are now drafting a       job description.  An affirmative action search procedure will be       initiated in the next few months.  If anybody has questions       concerning this position, please contact Bob Wilbert at SUNY College       at Farmingdale (bob@snyfarva).  3.0  Status on Target->Hotline for Support Center questions       Time is drawing closer when we will be ready to use Target->Hotline       for Support Center questions.  Our concern is being able to instruct       105 people (3 people per member site (35)) on its correct use.       Plans are to present a video and/or use SUNYSAT.  Stay tuned.       Hopefully things will be ironed out shortly.       IN THE MEANTIME, only two campuses have responded as to which       personnel will be responsible for the Target->Hotline accounts       (HDxxxA, HDxxxB, and HDxxxC).  See previous newsletters discussing       this issue.  Consider giving them to three people who are each       responsible for one of the following areas:  academic,       administrative and systems areas thereby making sure each area is       covered.       In sending SCACAD this information, please send the person's name,       title, email address and phone number.  4.0  Calls received/answered by SCACAD, SCADM and SCSYS for June 1994                         SCACAD     15                         SCADM      80                         SCSYS      37                                                                                      Editor:  Betty Spencer                                                                                                  SCACAD@SNYBSCVA

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