C S S C    N E W S L E T T E R                                                                                                                                                                                        Vol 2  No 7                                                    May 31, 1994    TABLE OF CONTENTS  1.0  DRAFT CSSC Executive Committee/Advisory Committee meeting agendas  2.0  Tip!:  Sort/Collating_sequence=multinational  3.0  Oracle amendment  4.0  Target->Hotline demonstration at COA  5.0  Source of new listservs  6.0  Calls received/answered by SCACAD, SCADM and SCSYS for April 1994  1.0  DRAFT CSSC Executive Committee/Advisory Committee meeting agendas       Following you will find DRAFT agendas for our scheduled CSSC       Executive Board meeting on 6/5/94 from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. and for the       CSSC Advisory Committee meeting scheduled for 11:30 a.m. to 12:30       p.m. on 6/8/94.  Any suggestions/revisions/additions can be       sent to Bob Wilbert at Farmingdale (BOB@SNYFARVA).                         CSSC EXECUTIVE BOARD AGENDA                            June 5, 1994, 7-9 p.m.                             Sheraton, Liverpool    I. Review Minutes from previous CSSC Executive Board Meeting 4/13/94   II. Administrative issues       A.   By-laws amendment for election of CSSC Advisory Committee Chair            and Chair of the CSSC Executive Board       B.   Membership update including identification of Campus Advisory            Committee representatives       C.   Standing Committee issues relating to:            1.  Support and Service Ad Hoc Committee recommendation            2.  5-year plan (see minutes of 2/1/94 Executive Board meeting)            3.  Email from Ron Brown/Michael Sher regarding CSSC Director and                future services.       D.   Executive Board members and terms of office       E.   93-94 CSSC Annual Report - 8/15/94  III. CSSC Budget and Staffing       A.   FY93-94       B.   FY94-95       C.   Status of staff additions to CSSC   IV. Training Center       A.   The physical move       B.   Any dollar changes?       C.   Beyond FY94-95    V. CSSC Report       A.   Hardware issues       B.   Software issues       C.   Staffing issues, if any       D.   Communication issues       E.   NYSERNet POP   VI. Contract Update       A.   DEC #CM00224       B.   Claris       C.   Executive Software       D.   Other  VII. OET/OIT Update       A.   Discuss Director of the CSSC position - current status and do we            recommend an Executive Board stand on this issue       B.   Contract-related issues, if any       C.   SUNYNet status, any changes VIII. Review Advisory Committee Meeting Agenda       A.   Any major item/s missing       B.   Any member issues which need Executive Board attention and perhaps            also Advisory Committee participation   EX. Additional items                       CSSC ADVISORY COMMITTEE AGENDA                        June 8, 1994, 11:30-12:30 p.m.                             Sheraton, Liverpool  I. Executive Board issues:                      Presenter: R. Wilbert                                                  allocated time - 10 minutes     A.    Election of Chair by Advisory Committee             By-Laws - nominations - ballots     B.    Updated membership list     C.    Campus Advisory Committee member     D.    Need for increased participation by member campuses II. Budget and staff                             Presenter: R. Brown                                                  allocated time - 10 minutes     A.    Income/expenditures FY93-94     B.    Projected income/expenses FY94-95     C.    Current staff and status of adding two staffIII. OET/OIT Updates                              Presenter: C. Blunt                                                  allocated time - 10 minutes     A.    Organizational changes     B.    CSSC Director proposal and University-wide support     C.    Contract items     D.    SUNYNet IV. CSSC Update                                  Presenter: R. Brown                                                  allocated time - 10 minutes     A.    Hardware - Alpha, CD-ROM     B.    Software - PAKS, Oracle versions + media, DEC OSF/1     C.    Contract Items     D.    LISTSERV and Gopher  V. CSSC Support and Services                    Presenter: R. Wilbert                                                  allocated time - 10 minutes     A.    Ad Hoc Committee report     B.    Standing Committee recommendation VI. Training Center Update                       Presenter: S. Gallagher                                                  allocated time - 5 minutes     A.    New location     B.    FY95-96 and beyond - statusVII. Closing Items                                Presenter: R. Wilbert                                                  allocated time - 5 minutes     A.    Executive Board Chair for 7/1/94-6/30/95     B.    Budget approval FY94-95    ********************************************************************  2.0  Tip!:  Sort/Collating_sequence=multinational       Did you ever try using the VMS DCL sort utility and find out that       the Uppercase and Lowercase characters are placed in different       areas?       Try the following:        $ SORT/COLLATING_SEQUENCE=MULTINATIONAL source destination       The above should place the Lowercase and Uppercase characters       together.        Example: MULTINATIONAL             Default                 =============           ===========                     fRank                  Frank                     FRANK                  John                     john                   William                     John                   fRank                     marry                  john                     William                marry       Researched by: Cheryl Carnevale / Barb Macaluso,                      SUNY College at Buffalo, Computing Services  3.0  Oracle Amendment       Oracle Amendment has still not come through for upgrade of our       product under the Alpha program.  We are still in the process of       trying to obtain it.  4.0  Target->Hotline demonstration at COA       The use of Target->Hotline for sending CSSC questions/answers will       be demonstrated at COA.  Look for the demonstration at the       CSSC/Training Center booth.       Three user codes for each campus have been created which will have       sole access to Target.  When we start implementing this system, only       those three accounts will be able to send questions.  We will not       accept questions from other means or accounts.  The user accounts       all start with HD, then your three letter campus code, and ending in       A, B or C.  For instance, SUNY at Albany would have the following       three accounts:  HDALBA, HDALBB, and HDALBC.  We want one separate       person responsible for each account.  Therefore, we will allow only       three people per campus to send in questions to the CSSC.  You need       to decide which three people will be designated as Target->Hotline       users and email SCACAD with that information or give the names to       Betty Spencer at the CSSC booth at COA.       Training on the use of Target needs to be worked out.  It       may happen at a Wizard seminar, through thorough documentation or       perhaps videotape.  Stay tuned for that type of information in       future newsletters.  5.0  Source of new listservs       In the UK, there is a separate system for managing mailing lists       called MAILBASE.  There are several hundred mailing lists within       that system.  The general directions and the "lists" listing are       located in the CSSC-NEWS conference on the SBSCVA machine under       Notes 4.2 and 4.3  6.0  Calls received/answered by SCACAD, SCADM and SCSYS for April 1994                                        Vendor                                    supplied answers                   SCACAD    14          3 DSN                   SCADM     72         15 Oracle                   SCSYS     42          5                                                                                Editor:  Betty Spencer                                                                                            SCACAD@SNYBSCVA

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