C S S C    N E W S L E T T E R                                                                                                  Vol 2  No 6                                               May 6, 1994       TABLE OF CONTENTS  1.0  Migrating programs from VAX to Alpha  2.0  CSSC Executive and Advisory board meetings at COA  3.0  Target->Hotline for CSSC  4.0  Importing to V6 from ORACLE7  5.0  Executive Software offer: I/O Express, Diskeeper, Filemaster  6.0  Status on SUNY-wide prices for TGV  7.0  Calls received/answered by SCACAD, SCADM and SCSYS for April 1994  1.0  Migrating programs from VAX to Alpha       For those of us replacing VAX machines with an Alpha, we will       have no choice but to recompile programs.  For the other schools who       will still maintain a VAX machine, you may well want to migrate the       code over to the Alpha anyway.  The relative ease of migration and       increased performance users will experience on the Alpha will make       up for any loss of specific operations only available on the VAX.       Most users will be able to recompile, link and run their code on the       Alpha without much difficulty.  "Three primary reasons programs will       be unable to run on the Alpha:  1) third party software required to       run the program is not available on the Alpha, 2) no source code is       available and the executable image was created on an operating       system prior to OpenVMS/VAX 4.0 or 3) the code depends directly upon       the VAX architecture itself. (In this case, rewriting code will be       necessary.)  If your code does not fall into one of these three       categories, you should be able to port your code to the Alpha and       experience performance increases."       Other points:       o "Executable and object files will increase in size when compiled and         linked on the Alpha AXP system.  It is expected that they will be         approximately two times larger than on the VAX."       o Command procedures (.com) are not affected and should work on both         the VAX and the Alpha machines.       o C source programs have a problem because the VAX C and Alpha DEC C         compilers are different.  To overcome this, you will need to use an         option on the Alpha DEC C compiler, /standard=vaxc, which allows         it to compile VAX C code without changes.  And Include statements         of the form #Include name now should be either #Include "name" or         #include .       o "If you don't have the source code...you have three options:  You          can 1) continue to work on the VAX, if you still have it; 2) use          the migration software (VEST) available on the Alpha which can          translate many VAX executables to an AXP executable; or 3) find a          replacement."       o If you run a program on the Alpha and you get the following         error message:          %DCL-W-ACTIMAGE, error activating image           -CLI-E-IMGNAME, image file           -IMGACT-F-NOTNATIVE, image is not an OpenVMS Alpha AXP image        this means you are using an executable that was not converted to run        on OpenVMS AXP.  If this happens, enter the command:                $ show symbol/global         If the symbol starts with a '$' or 'run', then the file name that        follows is an image which was not converted.  If the symbol starts        with an @ then the call to the image is hidden in the command        procedure file.        There are three Digital documents on migrating issues:        1. Migrating to an OpenVMS AXP System: Planning for Migration           Part number: AA-PV62A-TE           List Price: $60.00        2. OpenVMS Compatability Between VAX and AXP           Part Number: AA-PYQ4A-TE           List Price: $10.00        3. Migrating to an OpenVMS System: Recompiling and Relinking           Applications           Part Number: AA-PV63A-TE           List Price: $60.00       * excerpts taken from "Interface", Computing Services newsletter,         January/February 1994, November 1993, University at Buffalo.  2.0  CSSC Executive and Advisory board meetings at COA       A reminder...the CSSC Executive board will meet on Sunday, June 5th,       at 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. and the CSSC Advisory board will meet on       Wednesday, June 8th, at 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. at COA.       Bob Wilbert will be taking over as chair of the CSSC Executive       board while Paul Voninski is in China.  Agenda items for the       Executive board meeting will be forwarded to you next week.  3.0  Target->Hotline for CSSC       The Support Staff is currently investigating the use of       Target->Hotline, the Customer Service/Help Desk/Problem Tracking       System, to help aid the logging and reporting of questions to the       Support Center.  We will report on our progress at either the coming       COA or Wizard.  4.0  Importing to V6 from ORACLE7       Although you can import a V6 .dmp file into a V7 database, the       converse is not true.  That is, you cannot directly import a V7 .dmp       file into a V6 database.       Although not usually required, there is a straightforward way to       perform this function as follows:       1. Create a SQL*Net connection between the V6 and V7 instances.       2. Run ora_rdbms:catexp6.sql as user SYS on the V7 database.       3. Run the V6 export connected to V7:          e.g. exp scott/tiger@t::""          This works interactively from the command line.  However, does          not seem to execute from a parfile.          This produces a V6 export file of V7 data.  The V6 import can          now read this file.       4. After export, rerun ora_rdbms:catexp.sql as user SYS on the          V7 database.  5.0  Executive Software offer: I/O Express, Diskeeper, Filemaster       We want to restate the Executive software offer.  Only three       campuses have asked for further information.  So here it is again...       Executive Software has given the Common SUNY Support Center the       following offer good until July 31, 1994.  The list prices cover       many different VAX models and so is rather extensive to list here.       Email SCACAD and the list prices and further software descriptions       can be FAXed to you.       1.  There will be a 120 day trial agreement, active now and ending           July 31, 1994, with special large 40% discounts on software           licenses.       2.  If purchases total $40,000 by July 31, 1994, the agreement and the           40% discounts will continue indefinitely.       3.  If purchases are less than $40,000 by July 31, 1994, the discount           will drop from 40% to 25% for future license purchases.       4.  Support will be at normal rates (15% of the list price of the           software) due within 90 days of license purchase.       License Discounts for products are as follows:       1.  Diskeeper licenses will be 40% off the list license price.       2.  I/O Express licenses will be 40% off the list license price.       3.  Fragmentation controller will be 75% off list price for           Diskeeper if Diskeeper is purchased for or already running           on the machine Fragmentation Controller is being purchased for.       4.  Filemaster licenses will be 40% off the list license price.           (Filemaster prices are the same as Diskeeper list prices.)       5.  Future products can be added as agreed later, and would be           as above unless other contractual stipulations prevent it.       All purchase orders should be addressed as follows:                           Executive Software                           701 North Brand Blvd, 6th Floor                           Glendale, CA 91203-1242                           Attn:  Barry Watson       FAX is 818/545-8808.  Telephone is 818/547-2050.       See the previous CSSC Newsletter (Vol 2 No 5, April 6, 1994) for       descriptions of software.       At this time, only DISKEEPER/PLUS is available on the OpenVMS AXP       machine.  6.0  Status on SUNY-wide prices for TGV.       Just to let you know that we are working with TGV to come up with       a SUNY-wide price offer.  As soon as negotiations are finalized, you       will be informed.  7.0  Calls received/answered by SCACAD, SCADM and SCSYS for April 1994                                        Vendor                                    supplied answers                   SCACAD    14          3 DSN                   SCADM     to be reported later                   SCSYS     42          5                                                  Editor:  Betty Spencer                                                           SCACAD@SNYBSCVA

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