C S S C    N E W S L E T T E R                                                Vol 2  No 12                                                October 21, 1994   TABLE OF CONTENTS  1.0  LAST CHANCE...Upgrade License PAKS for Pathworks Client  2.0  Oracle update  3.0  COA Fall meeting  4.0  Calls received/answered by SCACAD, SCADM and SCSYS for September 1994  1.0  Last chance to send information for       Upgrade License PAKS for Pathworks Client       Thank you to the following campuses who have sent their Pathworks       license counts for their PCs, Macs, etc.              Alfred              Herkimer CC              Broome CC           Jamestown CC              Central             Morrisville              Cobleskill          Oneonta              Corning CC          Oswego              Delhi               Plattsburgh              Empire              Stony Brook              Fashion Institute   Training Center                               This information will be sent to Digital next Tuesday (10/25).        Those campuses who still have not sent me their counts by then will       not be given the special discount price we receive for buying them       in bulk.       Again, as I said in the last newsletter..."We need from each member       site the count of Pathworks licenses by product (i.e., DOS, MAC,       OS/2, etc)".       When this information is compiled and delivered to Digital,       Pathworks Client upgrade License PAKs will be provided to all member       sites.   2.0  Oracle update         o We have been receiving a few messages from people unable to         bring up their new Oracle 7 instance.  This is usually due to the         fact that the Oracle account UIC GROUP number isn't above the         MAXSYSGROUP (which defaults to octal 10).  If the UIC GROUP number         does not exceed the system parameter MAXSYSGROUP, the Oracle 7         account cannot issue the STARTUP, CREATE DATABASE / TABLESPACE, or         ALTER DATABASE / TABLESPACE commands.       o Sometimes we hear about problems users are having getting Oracle         to fit into memory.  Joe Weber (from DEC) was kind enough to         provide a little com script which details information about Global         Pages.  This can be run to determine whether there are enough         contiguous free pages for Oracle to be loaded into memory.  The         script is listed below:$!$! file show_global.com$!$ write sys$output "================================================="$ write sys$output "                  Show GBLPAGES"                    $ write sys$output "                  "$ tt = f$getsyi("gblpages")$ show symbol tt$!$ write sys$output "================================================="$ write sys$output "                  Show Free GBLPAGES"                    $ write sys$output "                  "$ tt = f$getsyi("free_gblpages")$ show symbol tt$!$ write sys$output "================================================="$ write sys$output "                  Show Contiguous GBLPAGES"       $ write sys$output "                  "$ tt = f$getsyi("Contig_gblpages")$ show symbol tt$!$ write sys$output "================================================="$ write sys$output "                  Show Free GBLSECTIONS"                    $ write sys$output "                  "$ tt = f$getsyi("free_gblsects")$ show symbol tt$!  3.0  COA Fall meeting       Hopefully you all have been receiving the COA/TOA registration forms       for the fall meeting which will take place November 14-15, 1994 at       the Quality Inn North in Syracuse.  As of right now, we are not sure       when the CSSC Advisory Committee meeting will take place, but will       be informing you as soon as we know.       The CSSC Annual Report is finished and all member campuses at COA       will be receiving theirs.  Members not at COA will be mailed their       Annual Report.  4.0  Calls received/answered by SCACAD, SCADM and SCSYS for September 1994                                                                               Vendor supplied answers                         SCACAD    19         3                         SCADM     77        19                         SCSYS   (count not available)                                                                                            Editor:  Betty Spencer                                                                                                        SCACAD@SNYBSCVA

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