C S S C    N E W S L E T T E R                                                                                                 Vol 3  No 4                                             April 7, 1995     TABLE OF CONTENTS  Information on accessing the CSSC's Web home page should be available in   our next newsletter.  Currently it is under development.  1.0  Getsoftware New Features  2.0  Articles of Interest  3.0  Past newsletter articles  4.0  Calls received/answered by SCACAD, SCADM and SCSYS         1.0  Getsoftware New Features       Getsoftware is a collection of license paks and vendor supplied       software. The Getsoftware command procedure written in VMS DCL       allows the authorized user to select from a menu what software       products the participating member wants.  A new feature with the       menu selection just added in April is a five (5) node destination       area.  The five nodes for copying layered products to can be used to       better utilize and reduce network traffic.  If you want to register        more than one node to copy selected products to, please contact Joel       Swisher (swishejp@snybscva.cs.snybuf.edu).        Also new for Getsoftware is the Ultrix, RISC, and OSF layered        products selection menu.  Only the 'current' CD offerings are/will be        available.  Once 'new' CDs come in, any 'old' offerings are no       longer available.  The new feature for selecting more than one node       to copy products to could be used for copying products directly to       your Ultrix node.                                            Joe Weber - SUNY Support Center  2.0  Articles of Interest       "Satan's Curse", INFORMATIONWEEK, April 3, 1995, pg. 14       "A new software package may improve security.  Yet, in the wrong       hands it may also be used to break into corporate systems.  A       first-hand look at how to protect against the program called...       Satan."                                                                     "Build a Firewall", BYTE, April 1995, pg. 91       "Is your Internet connection putting your networks at risk?        Establish a firewall and sleep easier."       If you cannot locate these articles, please email scacad@snybscva to       request a copy.  3.0  Past newsletter articles       Important past CSSC newsletter articles will be repeated now and       then so that you don't forget about their importance.       From October 20, 1993:       2.0  License Manager information ... keeping it current       In order to keep the License Manager information current       (responsible person, address, telephone numbers, network address,       etc.), we need the LMs to verify their own information, as currently       listed on the LM profile file.  Recently, we noticed that we had       conflicting telephone numbers.  You can easily see what we have by       having the SCxxxLM person get into their SCxxxLM account on the       SBSCVA machine and use the following two options to verify the data.                2 Verify Tape mailing address                3 Verify Network copy mailing information       It would be of great benefit to the Support Center to have current       information.  Thanks.       From December 2, 1994:       1.0  Digital's new SUNY.INFO service               *************************************************                          Announcing SUNY.INFO:	              Making it easier for SUNY to work with Digital!             *************************************************       Digital has created a new service that lets you get product and        pricing information quickly and reliably through electronic mail.         Using a dedicated e-mail account called SUNY.INFO, we will give you       the answers you need, within one business day!  Our goal is to make       it easier for you to work with Digital.       SUNY.INFO is online, and ready for you to use!  This document will       give you the details.       NO MORE PHONE TAG       We know that it is frustrating when your phone call to us turns       into a game of phone tag, as we spend days leaving messages for       each other.  SUNY.INFO puts an end to this!  Your message will be       acknowledged automatically, so you know its been delivered, and       will be answered promptly by our SUNY support team.       A SINGLE POINT OF CONTACT       You have told us that trying to decide who to contact at Digital       can be too confusing.  You want a single point of contact for all       of your questions.  SUNY.INFO is one place you can always turn for       help.  Our SUNY support team will research your questions, and       follow-up with you directly, to make sure you get the information       you need.          SPEED AND SIMPLICITY       Digital has made gigabytes of information available to you        directly, through Internet resources.  But many of you have told us       that you don't have the time or the resources to find this       information.  SUNY.INFO is accessible through e-mail.  Tell us what       you want, and we'll send it to you.  Product  information, price       quotations, software descriptions, contract issues, or whatever --       just send us a mail message and we'll respond within a day!       RELIABILITY       Anytime you send a message to SUNY.INFO, an acknowledgment will be       automatically sent to you, so you know we have received your       message.  We are committed to responding to your message, and       providing the information you request, within one business day.  If       you need information faster, you can still reach us by phone or       fax, as you do today.       HOW TO USE SUNY.INFO       To use SUNY.INFO, simply send electronic mail to this address:                        suny.info@bfo.mts.dec.com       Tell us what you need, and tell us the best way to reach you:  by       phone, fax or e-mail.       WHEN TO USE SUNY.INFO       Use SUNY.INFO to request product information, price quotes,        configuration details, new product specifications, contract        questions, and so on.  You can use SUNY.INFO to offer your        suggestions for other ways we can make it easier to work with        Digital.  We expect there will be many uses we never thought of,       but we don't mind surprises!       OUTWARD BOUND       We will also use SUNY.INFO to reach you.  We will send out regular       updates, with information about new products, special SUNY programs,       and special events.  But we will only send these updates to you if       you ask to be added to our list.  Just send a note to SUNY.INFO, and       ask to be added to our distribution list.       REACH OUT       You can also reach us by phone, e-mail or fax using the following       information:       Don Wynes - Sales Representative - SUNY North            Phone: (716)655-5245 or (800)307-4710 (w/in NY State)              Fax: (716)691-2457           E-mail: donald.wynes@bfo.mts.dec.com          US Mail: 58 Elmwood Avenue, East Aurora, NY 14052      Tony Smith - Sales Representative - SUNY South            Phone:  (607)729-2538              Fax:  (607)729-5142           E-mail:  tony.smith@bmo.mts.dec.com          US Mail:  700 Harry L Drive, Johnson City, NY 13790     Cathy Kraft - Customer Support Consultant            Phone:  (716)691-2451              Fax:  (716)691-2457           E-mail:  cathy.kraft@bfo.mts.dec.com          US Mail:  495 Commerce Drive, Amherst, NY 14228    Steve Vespia - NYS Global Account Manager            Phone:  (518)452-7235              Fax:  (716)452-7291           E-mail: steve.vespia@pvo.mts.dec.com          US Mail:  Corporate Plaza East, Washington Avenue Ext., 	            Albany, NY 12203  4.0  Calls received/answered by SCACAD, SCADM and SCSYS       Counts for March 1995 will be in the next CSSC newsletter.                                             Editor:  Betty Spencer                                                      SCACAD@SNYBSCVA