C S S C    N E W S L E T T E R                                                                                                  Vol 3  No 5                                             April 28, 1995     TABLE OF CONTENTS  1.0  Survey on computer abuse  2.0  Digital Days event on May 9 in Rochester, NY  3.0  New 4.3 GB disk drives for StorageWorks  4.0  Calls received/answered by SCACAD, SCADM and SCSYS for March 1995     1.0  Survey on computer abuse       The Support Center would like to take a survey of how you are       handling computer abuse on your campus whether it be obscene       and/or threatening email being sent or students "hogging"       computers playing games or student's getting into sleazy areas       of the Internet.  What have you been doing to rectify this       concern?         Please write SCACAD@SNYBSCVA with how you are handling computer       abuse on your campus.  I'm sure all the campuses would like to know       what seems to work for you.  A compilation of all responses will be       published in an upcoming newsletter.  Thanks.  2.0  Digital Days event on May 9 in Rochester, NY                        Rochester Digital Days Event                               May 9, 1995                             Marriott Airport      >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>    A    G    E   N   D   A    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<                                 Rev 3.5       8:00 am        Registration       8:30           Welcome & Opening Remarks       8:45           Keynote Address 1, Alpha Technology, BOB SUPNIK       9:45           Break       10:00          Keynote Address 2, Windows NT, ED MUTH       11:00          Break; Demo room opens       11:30          Breakout Session 1                -- Technology: World-Wide Web & the Internet                -- Manufacturing: Cycle Time Reduction for Discrete                                  Manufacturing       12:30          Lunch       1:30           Breakout Session 2                -- Technology: Alpha Product Family Overview                -- Manufacturing: Legacy Application Integration using FBE       2:30           Breakout Session 3                -- Technology1: Object-Oriented Technologies                -- Technology2: Remote/Mobile Network Access Technologies                -- Manufacturing: Improving Plant Floor Productivity      DEMOS:  -- * AlphaServers running Windows NT, UNIX & OpenVMS              -- * Competitive Demos: Alpha vs. Sun & HP workstations              -- * Multi-client multimedia demo (Multia & printers)              -- * Networking: FDDI Gigaswitch, DEChub, RoamAbout wireless LAN              -- * Object-Oriented Technology utilizing LinkWorks              -- * Multivendor Database Integration using AccessWorks              -- * Windows NT Design to MFG demo              -- * Internet/World-Wide Web access demo              -- # Mechanical Engineering: EDS/Unigraphics              -- # BASESTAR on Alpha/Windows NT              -- # ECAD: Mentor Graphics              -- # Discrete Manufacturing: BAAN              -- # Technical CASE: Cadre              -- @ Oracle on Alpha demo              -- @ PC Products: Prioris HX 590DP, Hinote Ultra, Celebris              -- @ Microsoft: SMS/AssetWorks under Windows NT              * = Standard packaged Digital Days Demo              # = Optional packaged Digital Days Demo              @ = Custom demos to be setup by Rochester field personnel       Please note that a Digital Multia & Notebook PC will be raffled at       the conclusion of this event.       To register, call 1-800-713-4430.  3.0  New 4.3 GB disk drives for StorageWorks.       Apparently there was some bad info in the trade journals regarding       the 4.3 GB disk drives and the excessive heat they were generating.        Yes, they do generate more heat than an RZ28, because they are       spinning twice as fast, therefore they have a bigger motor. Digital       is offering some upgrade kits to handle the heat dissipation       necessary to insert these drives in existing StorageWorks cabinets.       For the BA350, the deskside tower, they have a $99 fan upgrade kit,       and for cabinets like the SW800, they have a $275 Fan Shelf that is       installed in the lower, rear slot.  With these fan upgrades there is       NO problem.					     Craig Brown                                             SUNY College at Morrisville					     brownca@snymorva  4.0  Calls received/answered by SCACAD, SCADM and SCSYS for March 1995                            Vendor supported            SCACAD     17         2            SCSYS      63            SCADM      83        11 Oracle technical                                  2 Oracle informational                                  2 Oracle products                                                                                       Editor:  Betty Spencer                                                      SCACAD@SNYBSCVA