I T E C   N E W S L E T T E R                                                                           Vol 3  No 9                                     August 8, 1995     TABLE OF CONTENTS  1.0  ITEC hiring for Lead Programmer/Analyst position  2.0  ITEC's web page  1.0  ITEC hiring for Lead Programmer/Analyst position       The following ad was recently posted in SUNY bulletins and the       Buffalo News.  If you know of anyone who might be interested in the       position, will you please pass this information along.  Thanks.       PROGRAMMER/ANALYST       SUNY Information and Technology Exchange Center (ITEC)       Systems and Communications Specialist       Search re-opened       "The State University of New York (SUNY) has established a center at       Buffalo State College for the support of DEC computing systems at 35       SUNY institutions.  DEC software and various third-party software       are supported under OpenVMS (VAX and Alpha) and UNIX.  This is a       Lead Programmer/Analyst position that requires good verbal and       written communication skills.  (Depending upon funding, additional       positions may be filled.)       Desirable qualifications include:  a four-year degree in Computer       Science, Computing Information  Systems or a related field and two       to three years experience, including systems programming and data       communications (DEC architecture), Local Area and Wide Area       Networks, TCP/IP, UNIX, C, systems utilities, control languages such       as DCL and JCL, as well as experience in a University environment,       DIGITAL, VAX AND Alpha systems, microcomputers (DOS and Macintosh)       and networking.       We offer an excellent professional environment and fringe benefits.        Starting salary is negotiable.  Deadline for receipt of applications       is August 18, 1995.  Send resume to:                            Betty Spencer                       Computing Services, TR208                         BUFFALO STATE COLLEGE                          1300 Elmwood Avenue                           Buffalo, NY 14222                                EOE/AA"                              2.0  ITEC's web page       If you are wondering if ITEC is ever going to produce a web page,        yes we have one!  We are currently waiting for a Class C license       which will change our name but if you want to get on it now, our web       address is snybscsb.cs.snybuf.edu.  I will let you know via this       newsletter when our web name changes.       So please try it and if there are any suggestions, write to SCACAD       and tell them to Betty Spencer.  We have a lot of great plans for       this web page.  Again, when important information gets added I will       let you know via this newsletter.       Currently, our Table of Contents consist of...       Introduction       Procedures       By-Laws       Advisory Committee       Executive Committee       Annual Reports: 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994       Newsletters: 1993, 1994, 1995       CWIS:  BSINFO, DOC, SOFTWAREA, NOTES (Sign on as CWIS       Documentation: VMS, THIRD PARTY, INTERNET, TIPS       SUNY Personnel:  (under construction)       SUNY and ITEC software contacts       SUNY Architectures and SUNY-wide Programs       Internet sources:            Educational Organizations          Internet information          Just plain interesting web sites          Libraries          Magazines          Platforms          SUNY Educational Organizations          SUNY Institutions          SUNY/ITEC Contracted Computer Vendors          Vendors          Vendor User Organizations                                    Editor:  Betty Spencer                                             scacad@snybscva.cs.snybuf.edu