C S S C    N E W S L E T T E R                                                                                                  Vol 3  No 1                                           January 20, 1995   TABLE OF CONTENTS  1.0  New Version/Product Announcement:  Cohort  2.0  Procedures for Oracle orders  3.0  SCADM NEWS  4.0  Calls received/answered by SCACAD, SCADM and SCSYS for November and December 1994  1.0  New Version/Product Announcement:  Cohort       Cohort is a suite of products from Saiga Systems.  Those of you who       have been using HITMAN are familiar with Saiga and one of the       Cohort products.       Cohort now encompasses several products.  Cohort refers to the       collection of products - not any one individual product.         What's included in Cohort ?	Current		Product	Version		Name		Description	7.0		Hitman	-	Idle process killer.	3.1		Ferret	-	Security Manager - Helps insure no					unauthorized modifications are made					to your SYSUAF.	5.1		RA	-	Resource Accounting and Chargeback.	5.0		VDM	-	VMS Disk Manager - Reports Usage and %                                        change, Highlighting large changes.	4.1		Watch	-	Performance Monitor.  Puts volatile        					system resources on one screen for        					monitoring.	2.1		Swap	-	Text Search and Replace Utility.       Of course, you use what you want to use - and ignore the rest.        None of these products is dependent on any other.       What does Cohort cost you?  Well, it's STILL free to FULL members       of the CSSC.  If you are NOT a Full Member, Why not ?!       If you have additional questions,  please feel free to contact       SCSYS@SNYBSCVA.  We will provide whatever information we have.  2.0  Procedures for Oracle orders       All Oracle orders must go through SUNY Central Administration per       terms and conditions of our original contract.  Please direct your       questions AND orders to Mary Ann Corsetti, Director of Contract       Development, corsetma@ca.sunycentral.edu, phone 518-443-5550, fax       518-443-5799.  If you need help, the Support Center (SCADM) would be       here to help you but Central needs to be the focal point of orders.         3.0  SCADM NEWS       We are in the process of getting one of our AXP boxes ready with the       right operating system (currently OSF/1 is being installed) AXP       ALPHA/OPENVMS 6.1.  When this happens, we will be able to test out       the installation of SQR 2.5.7 for DEC/ALPHA OpenVMS.       ATTENTION INIT.ORA modifiers.  There is a bug in Oracle that       prevents any information past the first 8K being recognized.  So if       you are setting parameters and you want them to be seen, make sure       they fit within the first 8K of the file!  4.0  Calls received/answered by SCACAD, SCADM and SCSYS for       November and December 1994                        November           December           SCACAD       21  (3 - DSN)      13           SCSYS        83  (8)            51  (4)                                  SCADM        35  (12 - Oracle)  52  (11 - Oracle)                                                     () vendor supplied answer                                             Editor:  Betty Spencer                                                      SCACAD@SNYBSCVA