I T E C    N E W S L E T T E R                                                                                               Vol 3  No 8                                             July 20, 1995     TABLE OF CONTENTS  1.0  Web software...please read...response requested  2.0  Tourbus Internet email class  3.0  Calls received/answered by SCACAD, SCADM and SCSYS for May/June 1995  1.0  Web software...please read...response requested       A.  Butler SQL           We are looking into acquiring Butler SQL for members of ITEC and           we need to know your interest.           There is a very good cgi tool called ButlerLink/Web (available           only on the Mac) which allows you to automatically create the           html pages that utilize Butler SQL as the backend database           server.  ButlerLink/Web is free but Butler SQL is not.  Butler           SQL's current prices quoted us for an educational institution           are :  2-user, $249; 5-user, $995; and unlimited users $1,995.            This is supposedly 20% off.  A deal with ITEC can get us 30%           off.           What is Butler SQL?  It is a client-server database management           system meant to run on a Macintosh server that takes the burden           of processing off the client and the network by completing           searching functions and data collection itself.  Call it           self-searching.  You send a command and Butler SQL returns the           results.  Further information can be obtained from http://           www.everyware.com           Examples of web sites who have used ButlerLink/Web and Butler SQL:           amcgate.cent.net (Apple Market Center)           www.plattsburgh.edu           www.olelo.hawaii.edu           If you are interested in getting Butler SQL through ITEC, please           respond to SCACAD@snybscva.cs.snybuf.edu as soon as possible.       B.  We are interested to know how you have accessed queries into           databases from your web pages.  What software have you been           using or tell us of your experience with scripts.  How easy           have you found it to be.  If we can pick each others brains,           think how much time we can save.       C.  What other web software are you using that you might want to           tell us about.           CGI's (Common Gateway Interface - a connection between your web           and an outside application) are basically free.  But there are           lots of them.  What web software are you using (doesn't just           have to be a cgi) that you might want other members to know           about.           WebStar seems to be the server software for the Mac...what           server software have you found that is good for Windows?  Do           you recommend free server software or is there an edge in paying           for it.       Please get back to us with your experiences and we will publish them       in an upcoming newsletter.  2.0  Tourbus Internet email class       TOURBUS on majordomo@colossus.net -  A Virtual Tour of Internet Hot       Spots       TOURBUS is a *FREE* moderated list brought to you by the team of       Patrick Douglas Crispen, creator of the popular ROADMAP series, and       "Doctor Bob" Rankin, columnist for Boardwatch Magazine and author of       "Accessing The Internet By E-Mail."       A ride on the TOURBUS promises to be a good time, with stops at       dozens of "must see" Internet sites.  If you're new to the 'Net, you       should consider the TOURBUS required riding.  And even "old-timers"       will find this a valuable refresher course in what's hot, what's       cool, and what's plain fun in cyberspace!       TOURBUS will be a text-based tour of some of the coolest sites on       the Internet.  Patrick and Bob will serve as your tour guides, not       only giving you the sites' addresses but also giving you an inside       look at what actually makes each TOURBUS stop "cool".       The TOURBUS will be stopping at lots of FTP, Gopher and WWW sites,       but your guides have made sure that everything along the way is       reachable by e-mail as well.       So grab your camera, hat, and flowered shirt... the TOURBUS will be       leaving soon.  But don't wait too long -- we expect a crowd of       50,000 or more to come along for the ride which starts on June 20,       1995.       To subscribe to TOURBUS, send an e-mail letter to       MAJORDOMO@COLOSSUS.NET       which says        SUBSCRIBE TOURBUS       in the body of your e-mail letter. (*NOTE: simply replying to the       letter you are reading now will *not* subscribe you; you *MUST* send       a *NEW* e-mail letter to MAJORDOMO@COLOSSUS.NET with the command       SUBSCRIBE TOURBUS in the body of your e-mail letter*)       Owners:  Patrick Crispen                 Bob Rankin         ---------------------------------------------------------------------   DISCLAIMER: NEW-LIST announcements are edited from information   provided by the original submitter.  We do NOT verify the technical   accuracy nor any claims made in the announcements nor do we   necessarily agree with them.  We do not warranty or guarantee any   services which might be announced - use at your own risk.  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