C S S C    N E W S L E T T E R                                                                                                  Vol 3  No 3                                             March 10, 1995   TABLE OF CONTENTS  1.0  Retrieving rollout and compatibility charts from DSN  2.0  Compression/decompression  3.0  Calls received/answered by SCACAD, SCADM and SCSYS for February 1995  1.0  Retrieving rollout and compatibility charts from DSN       We routinely receive requests from sites that are interested in       hearing when a given software product will be available.  Similarly,        many sites need to know if a particular version of a layered product       will run under the version of the OS that they are running.       Well, you can get this information directly!       You can get the same charts that we use.  To do so, follow these       simple and easy steps :       1) Have your DSN user manager sign onto the snybscva DSN account.           (See below for those schools who have DSN user manager accounts.)       2) Log into the DSN Interactive Text Search facility.       3) Open the OpenVMS database.       4) Search using the keyword ULTRIX.  (I know it sounds stupid to          search the VMS database for the word ULTRIX,  but that's the          shortest way to get the article).          The first or second item on the resulting list will be :          1.  [OpenVMS, ULTRIX] Layered Product Compatibility          This is the compatibility chart.       5) Select the item to be read by entering the item number.       6) Reading the article (either article) on-line is NOT recommended          because of the length.  You should download this article to your          SBSCVA account, and then read it.  Actually, editing the file will          allow you to perform searches.          To get a Rollout Schedule, only step four changes.         4) Search using the keyword ROLLOUT.  There will be many more          "hits" on this keyword,  but the Rollout schedule will still be           one of the first items :          1. [OpenVMS] OpenVMS VAX Software Rollout Schedule as of 30-Jan-1995       If your site doesn't have a DSN account and you want one, contact       SCACAD@snybscva.   The current DSN account managers are:       Albany              Brian Cuttler                                           HSC Brooklyn        Robert Losonsky                                           Cayuga              Gregory Szczepanski          Central             Shannon Savage                                            Cobleskill          Dan Sidebottom                                            Corning CC          Bill Manuel                                              Farmingdale         Robert Wilbert                                            Finger Lakes CC     John Taylor                                                 FIT                 Dr. Howard Verschell                                       Geneseo             William Davis                                             Herkimer CC         Dennis Olds                                               LAIP                Carey Hatch                                                Mohawk CC           Francine Zammiello                                        Morrisville         Craig Brown                                               Old Westbury        Joe Goral                                                  Oneonta             Jim Greenberg                                             Rockland CC         Carolyn Sanders                                           Stonybrook          Sanjay Kapur                                              UB                  Lenny Miceli  2.0  Compression/decompression       If anyone needs any help decompressing .arj, .zip, .Z, .tar, .uue       and/or .zoo files on the OpenVMS VAX and AXP, I would be glad to       assist.  I have the appropriate utilities and documentation that I       could send/file to you.         I've also had some experience uuencoding files.  For those of you       who don't know, you can uuencode a binary file and stick it in an       email message to send.  So for those of you who need to send a       binary file to an Internet address this may be the way for you to do       it.  BUT the receiving user would need to know how to uudecode the       file.       While I have experience with these compression/decompression       utilities, I was recently asked to decode a MIME section of an email       message that dealt with BASE64.  I downloaded the BASE64 utility for       a VMS machine from an ftp site but just couldn't get it to work.  I       couldn't find any documentation on how to set up the command line.       If you've had experience with this, would you email me and we can       correspond.  Thanks.                                       Betty Spencer, scacad@snybscva  3.0  Calls received/answered by SCACAD, SCADM and SCSYS for February 1995                                  Vendor supplied answers           SCACAD    11    DSN          1                SCSYS     52                 7           SCADM     42    technical   11                           info         7                           orders       4                                             Editor:  Betty Spencer                                                      SCACAD@SNYBSCVA