C S S C    N E W S L E T T E R                                                                                                  Vol 3  No 6                                                May 18, 1995       TABLE OF CONTENTS  1.0  Another Digital Days  2.0  Sending email to a Bitnet address  3.0  Need to unsubscribe from lists if you subscribed with Bitnet address  4.0  EcoSim: A Comprehensive Economic Simulation...any campus interested?  5.0  Calls received/answered by SCACAD, SCADM and SCSYS for April 1995  1.0 Another Digital Days                     PUTTING TECHNOLOGY TO WORK                  A TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS ROAD SHOW      SYRACUSE, NY                              Wednesday, May 31st      Syracuse Marriott      6302 Carrier Parkway      East Syracuse, NY 13057                                                DIGITAL DAYS AGENDA      SYRACUSE, NY      May 31, 1995      8:00              Registration and Continental Breakfast      8:30              Welcome and Opening Remarks                9:00              Client Server     10:00              Enterprise Wide Information Systems     11:00 - 3:30       Presentations and Demonstrations                    Break Out Session 1                    - Improving Plant Floor Productivity                    - World Wide Web & the Internet                    - Windows NT Strategy and Direction                    Break Out Session 2                    - Cycle Time Reduction for Discrete Manufacturing                    - High Performance Computing Solutions                    - Storage Technologies Critical Role in                      Heterogenious Client/Server Environments                    Break Out Session 3                    - Network Access and Wireless LAN Technology                    - Oracle V7,  VLM                     - Gaining Flexible, High-Performance Access to                      Corporate Data in a Three Tier Client/Server Environment                      (Accessworks & Objectbroker)       Demo Room Closes at 3:30 pm.       To make reservations, call 1-800-713-4430.  2.0  Sending email to a Bitnet address       Eventually Bitnet will be going away at State University campuses.        Users should be *STRONGLY* encouraged to find out and use the       Internet address for the BITNET node they're sending to if it exists       since more than 70% of all BITNET nodes are also on the Internet.        To get a listing of Internet addresses send the following command to       listserv@bitnic.cren.net                    get internet listing netinfo f=mail       and to have LISTSERV send you the updates every month send the       command:                    fui add internet listing netinfo f=mail       If you must send email to a Bitnet address, this is how to do it:       You must convert the address and send it through a gateway.       If the address is as follows:             user@node.bitnet       drop the .bitnet so the address becomes:  user@node       change the @ to an %:                     user%node       then add a gateway address to the end:    user%node@ubvms.cc.buffalo.edu                                      Thanks to Jim Gerland from SUNY at                                      Buffalo for help with these instructions.  3.0  Need to unsubscribe from lists if you subscribed with Bitnet address       Before Bitnet goes away probably this year, people need to be       advised to unsubscribe from LISTSERV lists when they subscribed with       a BITNET address and re-subscribe under their Internet address.        Some or many of your users will have difficulty unsubscribing from       some lists -- lists which (for good reason) will insist that the       unsubscribe request originate from user@xxx.BITNET.        To unsubscribe      Unsubscribe at the $ (send listserv@xxx unsub                            listname) OR in an email message prefix the                            address with JNET%.       To Unsub from       send to any listserv address the following       all lists           command:  SIGNOFF * (NETWIDE       If the users do not know how they are subscribed they can send a       message to "listserv@node" with the text of REVIEW "LIST" (i.e.,       review win3-l).  The Jnet command is  $ send listserv@ubvm review       "list".  They will either be sent a list of current subscribers or       at least the owner of the list who can be emailed to remove the       subscriber from the list if the user is not able to do this.                                  Thanks to Jim Greenberg from SUNY College                                   at Oneonta for help with these instructions  4.0  EcoSim: A Comprehensive Economic Simulation...any campus interested?       Please let us know if any campus is interested in this software.  If       there is interest, we will get the software and make it available in       GETSOFTWARE.                 EcoSim: A Comprehensive Economic Simulation       EcoSim software is available to interested colleges and universities       at no charge for a limited time.       EcoSim is an economic simulation in which students play the roles of       companies, groups of people, the government and the central bank.        The computer software does not create the economy, but only acts as       a game referee.  The players create the economic forces of demand       and supply as they interact with each other.       Students can do almost everything within the simulation that can be       done in the real world.  Companies purchase materials from other       companies and labor from populations to produce a product which they       sell to populations or other companies.  Companies can issue bonds       and stock to raise money which they can invest in capital       accumulation or research and development.  All prices, interest       rates, production and consumption levels, etc. are determined by the       players themselves as they attempt to maximize profits and       utilities. Many opportunities for entrepreneurship exist.       The government/central bank can impose sales and income taxes, sales       quotas, issue transfer payments, alter the money supply, pass laws       regulating commerce, manufacture public goods.  Students playing       companies and populations are graded based on the amount of profit       and utility they obtain over the course of the game.  Students       playing the government are graded based on the number of votes they       receive from the other players over the course of the game.       A typical game runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, over the course       of an entire semester.  Students generally play the game on their       own time outside of class.       EcoSim is designed for use in the following courses (the same game       can be used in all courses simultaneously): Principles of       Microeconomics, Principles of Macroeconomics, Intermediate       Microeconomics, Mathematical Economics, Money & Banking, Public       Sector Economics.  Government and Political Science students can be       teamed up with the government players, and Public Relations and       Finance students can be teamed up with the company players.       Hardware requirements: VAX minicomputer (a windows based PC network       version is currently under development).  5.0  Calls received/answered by SCACAD, SCADM and SCSYS for April 1995                              SCACAD   9                              SCADM   66                              SCSYS   48                                                        Editor:  Betty Spencer                                               SCACAD@SNYBSCVA.CS.SNYBUF.EDU