I T E C    N E W L E T T E R                                                                          Vol 3  No 13                                      November 10, 1995       TABLE OF CONTENTS  1.0  Version 3.3 of TCP/IP Services for VMS (UCX): time synchronization  2.0  Phone numbers for contacting ITEC  3.0  Volume Label error  4.0  Upgrading PMDF  5.0  ITEC Annual Report  6.0  High speed LAN article    1.0  Version 3.3 of TCP/IP Services for VMS (UCX): time synchronization       Version 3.3 of TCP/IP Services for VMS (UCX) now has a time       synchronization feature. There is now a radio receiver on SUNYnet       that will receive the time signal from National Bureau of Standards       at Fort Collins, CO to support this time synchronization. To       implement the synchronization do the following:       1. Install or upgrade TCP/IP Services for VMS (UCX) version 3.3.       2. Obtain and install the Engineering change for UCX          (UCXECO1-033-VAX) or the Alpha version from ITEC.       3. To configure NTP:          a. TYPE "@SYS$MANAGER:UCX$CONFIG"          b. From the Main menu select SERVER          c. From the Server menu select NTP (option 11) to enable it          d. Exit       4.TYPE "COPY SYS$SPECIFIC:[UCX$NTP]:UCX$NTP.TEMPLATE                         SYS$SPECIFIC:[UCX$NTP]UCX$NTP.CONF"       5. Edit SYS$SPECIFIC:[UCX$NTP]UCX$NTP.CONF" with the following:          a. comment out the "peer" statements that are there using ";"             as the "!" does not work          b. add the following statement:                SERVER             This statement makes your VAX or ALPHA a client to the above              server.  No other entries are necessary. Local peers will be              picked up by the UCX software.          c. save the file       6. If you have already started UCX, run the NTP startup procedure:                    @SYS$MANAGER:UCX$NTPD_STARTUP.COM       NOTE: Do not set the UCX$NTP_TZ logical as the time offset from GMT              is done at Also be aware that the switch to              and from Daylight Savings Time is automatic (any logicals that              you might have are NOT set).  2.0  Phone numbers for contacting ITEC       It is important to us that YOU know how to contact us.  Please write       these phone numbers down or cut them out of a printed page and paste       them where you can see them:       General Office            716/878-4611       Director's Office         716/878-4206       Operations                716/878-5122       After hours               716/878-6642       FAX                       716/878-4235       ITEC web page             http://snybscsb.cs.snybuf.edu  3.0  Volume Label error       The volume label is incorrect for the 6.1 CDROM.  It says the label       is AXPVMS1H1061 but it is actually AXPVMS0611H1.  Jim Amodeo is       passing this on in the hopes that it might save time for somebody       else.  4.0  Upgrading PMDF       When upgrading PMDF, please note that the new license PAK is       included in the saveset and IS REQUIRED for the installation to be       successful.  The PAK MUST have a release date later than the       software's.  5.0  ITEC Annual Report             The 1994-95 ITEC Annual Report is now available.  Advisory Committee       and Executive board members will receive their copy during the       upcoming COA meetings.  Those members not in attendance will be       mailed their copy.  All others who wish to read the Annual Report       can access it on the ITEC home page under the ITEC section.  6.0  High speed LAN article       There is a good article in the November 1, 1995 issue of "Network       Computing" which deals with high speed LANs.  It is their cover       story which analyzes 26 NICs "that will meet your need for speed."       Email SCACAD if you wish to receive a faxed copy of the article.       Also, please remember that if you run across articles that you think       might be of interest to other ITEC members, email SCACAD with that       information and it can be put into the next newsletter.  Thanks!                                  Editor:  Betty Spencer                                           scacad@snybscva.cs.snybuf.edu                                           http://snybscsb.cs.snybuf.edu