I T E C    N E W S L E T T E R   Vol 3  No 12                                       October 11, 1995      TABLE OF CONTENTS  1.0  Change in Ron Brown's phone number  2.0  Availability of Compatibility chart and Rollout schedules  3.0  SCSYS and Digital's remarks on Terminal Server software  1.0  Change in Ron Brown's phone number       To reach Ron Brown at his ITEC office, please use phone number       878-4206.       Computing Services at Buffalo State College is still 878-4611.  2.0  Availability of Compatibility chart and Rollout schedules        DSN Link has had a couple interesting files available - that       are updated periodically.  These files list software       compatibility (what versions of DEC software are tested on       which versions of the different operating systems that Digital       makes available) and the scheduled release dates of VAX and       Alpha software (Rollout schedules).       Instead of each site having to search for these, and download       them to the support center machine (SBSCVA) - and THEN having       to copy them to their own machine(s) - we have started posting       them in GETSOFTWARE.       The names of these files will change from version-to-version as       we are incorporating the date of release in the file name.  The       "fixed" part of the name will provide a means to search for the       files.  When in GETSOFTWARE, choose the "Search" option and       provide one of the following search strings:                               COMPAT  (Listed only under VAX software)                               ROLLOUT (Listed under VAX -and- ALPHA)       The COMPATibility chart is relevant to BOTH VAX and ALPHA,       whereas the ROLLOUT schedules are specific to the architecture.       We will periodically update these files (when we notice a new       version available on DSN).          This will allow you a little more flexibility in planning your       upgrades/updates.  It will also permit you to tell if a       software package that you want is available - or in-the-works.       Please feel free to comment on this feature in the (soon to be       available) feedback/comments section of the ITEC web page.         Thank you,       ITEC-SCSYS                                      3.0  SCSYS and Digital's remarks on Terminal Server software       Terminal server software has always been a bit of a tricky       issue.  This is especially true now, because of the addition of       the Alpha platform, with it's own OpenVMS.       While we have posted (and will maintain) the Software Compati-       bility Chart that Digital puts out, terminal server software       does not neatly fit into either the VAX or Alpha category.       Recently we received a question on the impact of terminal       servers on a site's migration plans when moving from a VAX to       an Alpha machine.  Since terminal server software is not       specifically listed in all cases for OpenVMS Alpha, it was       unclear whether it would be possible to maintain the terminal       servers when the transition was made.       Since the aforementioned compatibility chart does not deal       well with terminal server software, we sought a definitive       answer from Digital Tech. Support.         Their response was very direct and informative - and we thought       it might be helpful if this information was shared among the       members.         Please let us know if you are in the transition process and       require any clarification or have unresolved questions after       reading this article.       Reminder:  As with ANY software product, ALWAYS read the       release notes and pay special attention to any mention of       firmware and/or ECO change levels.                                              -SCSYS       From Digital Network Support:       The DECserver compatibility does not map directly to Operating       System versions in a lot of cases.  As you already know,       virtually every version of every DECserver code ever released       will "work" with any version of OpenVMS in the sense that LAT       behaves as expected.  When it comes to providing the boot image       to a server via MOP, any OpenVMS system configured to answer       MOP requests should be able to satisfy the request.  Simply       putting the binary file in the proper directory is sufficient.       The DCL utility DSVCONFIG works fine across architectures and       versions since all it basically does is maintain a text file       with the server information and perform the NCP commands to add       the server(s) to the NCP database.  Not sure about the actual       distribution kits which are only available on the VAX ConDist.        Since VMSINSTALL is a DCL procedure and works with other       OpenVMS utilities, it should be possible to install the       distribution kit on either a VAX or Alpha system.  Would have       to look at the KITINSTAL.COM procedure in saveset A of the       distribution to make sure there is no check for architecture.       For configuration, Terminal Server Manager (TSM), runs on both       Alpha and VAX platforms.  It is my understanding that the       DECserver 500 configuration program also runs on both.  Can       CONNECT to servers using NCP on any systems running DECnet       Phase IV.  A lot of the new servers support TCP/IP so TELNET       can be used to connect to the management console and TFTP can       be used to provide the software load.       Bottom line, the Layered Product Compatibility article is not       completely accurate as far as the DECserver compatibility.  You       should be able to install DECserver software on an Alpha system       using either the VAX ConDist or distribution on tape (TK50).        If you have an environment with both Alpha and VAX systems, you       can simply copy the server software files from one system to       the other.                                  Editor:  Betty Spencer                                           scacad@snybscva.cs.snybuf.edu                                           http://snybscsb.cs.snybuf.edu