I T E C    N E W S L E T T E R                                                                                               Vol 3  No 11                                     September 12, 1995     TABLE OF CONTENTS  1.0  AXP USERS - PLEASE NOTE  2.0  ITEC Documentation  3.0  Butler SQL status  4.0  Linking ORACLE on ALPHA OpenVMS 6.2  1.0  AXP USERS - PLEASE NOTE       A number of sites have reported having problems with the OpenVMS for       AXP v6.1 CD ROMs we have been sending out from GETSOFTWARE.       The problem is that SOME machines (but not all), can not be       upgraded from OpenVMS for AXP v1.5 to OpenVMS for AXP v6.1-1H2.        While the release notes also indicate that you can not upgrade       directly to 6.1-1H2, we were able to do so on the test machine        that was available here in Buffalo.  This appears NOT to be true       for ALL Alpha platforms.       Therefore, we have removed this offering from GETSOFTWEAR and we       are in the process of replacing these disks.        For the sites that have received the OpenVMS for AXP v6.1-1H2 CDs       though GETSOFTWARE, we will automatically ship replacements without       their having to re-request them from GETSOFTWARE.          We are working with Digital to obtain the necessary CDs. OpenVMS for       Alpha, v6.2 should be shipping soon.  You will, however, still       NEED to be at v6.1 or higher in order to upgrade to v6.2.       More news as it becomes available!       ====================================================================       Dan Sidebottom asks us to pass the following information onto the       membership:       Info: If you are installing the UCX V3.3 release, you should install       the UCXECO1-033 patch. System may crash without it.....       Location: FTP atlanta.service.digital.com                        /private/pw/axpcompress                        ucxeco1-033.a-dcx_axpexe                        "   "    " .release_notes       There is a README.FIRST file that Buffalo has added, to explain       what to do with these files.  2.0  ITEC Documentation       With the number of campuses increasingly putting their documentation       up on Web Servers, and the similarities in our environments, it       makes sense to try and share this important resource.  We can create       a good "focus" point to this good documentation by putting the       URL's for them into the ITEC Home Page area.  If your campus has       documentation that you have made available by a gopher or WWW       server, please send the URL to Jim Greenberg (greenbjb@oneonta.edu).        Jim will organize it, and put up the links on the ITEC home page so       we can all make use of it when and where appropriate.        This approach can make the documentation available to most SUNY       students, faculty and staff from their place of work, as well as       provide guides to campuses in writing their own.        Does it make sense that we all write a guide to using Netscape, or       How to use VMS?  3.0  Butler SQL status       Several newsletters ago (Vol 3 No 8) we asked if campuses were       interested in a Mac database, Butler SQL, which runs with an easy to       use ButlerLink/Web cgi on web home pages.  About four campuses       replied that they were.  We felt that an extra 10% off for members       was not good enough.  Soooo we are still in negotiations with       EveryWare Development Corp.  Sorry to be taking so long and hope we       have better news to deliver in the not too distant future.  4.0  Linking ORACLE on ALPHA OPEN VMS 6.2       Linking the current release of Oracle ( on an ALPHA running       Open VMS 6.2 will result in link errors.  Oracle is aware of this       problem and DEC has come up with a work around (NOTE That       will link fine on a VAX running Open VMS 6.2).       There is also a patch from Oracle that takes care of another problem       that resulted from DEC fixing a bug in their code.  Oracle use to       deal with it, but now that DEC has "fixed" it, a patch on the Oracle       side is required.  The problem will happen about 33% of the time on       8100's, and rarely on 2100's.  It has something to due with DEC's EV5       enhancements.       The patch from DEC is included below.  The patch from Oracle is       below that and can be located by searching for "PATCH FROM ORACLE".        The binary SL.OBJ required for the Oracle patch can be downloaded       from GETSOFTWARE, the save set is called ORA7132ONAXP62.       Please address any questions to SCADM@snybscva.cs.snybuf.edu.                                     - Betty Spencer, editor                                       ITEC:  http://snybscsb.cs.snybuf.edu=============================================================================        PATCH FROM DEC=============================================================================[DEC C]  %LINK-I-UDFSYM, SYS_ERRLIST %LINK-I-UDFSYM, SYS_NERRLast Technical Review: 27-JUL-1995                            Size: 183 lines     Any party granted access to the following copyrighted information     (protected under Federal Copyright Laws), pursuant to a duly executed     Digital Service Agreement may, under the terms of such agreement copy     all or selected portions of this information for internal use and     distribution only. No other copying or distribution for any other     purpose is authorized.Copyright (c) Digital Equipment Corporation 1995. All rights reserved.PRODUCT:    DEC C for OpenVMS AlphaOP/SYS:     OpenVMS Alpha Version(s) 6.2COMPONENT:  STARLETSOURCE:     Digital Equipment CorporationSYMPTOM:Re-linking some C objects after upgrading to OpenVMS Alpha V6.2, resultsin linker warnings similar to the following:   %LINK-W-NUDFSYMS, 2 undefined symbols:   %LINK-I-UDFSYM,         SYS_ERRLIST   %LINK-I-UDFSYM,         SYS_NERR   %LINK-W-USEUNDEF, undefined symbol SYS_NERR referenced           in psect $LINK$ offset %X000000A0           in SNLER FOO file device:[directory]filename.type;version   %LINK-W-USEUNDEF, undefined symbol SYS_ERRLIST referenced           in psect $LINK$ offset %X000000A8           in module SNLER file device:[directory]filename.type;versionDIGITAL RESPONSE:Engineering is aware of this issue.  An ECO is currently being prepared tocorrect the problem.  Until the ECO is completed, Digital is providingC and MACRO sources in this article that will resolve this problem.WORKAROUND:   Use one of the following workarounds:     o  Recompile the module using DEC C for OpenVMS ALPHA V4.1 or later,        if possible.     o  Modify your link to include SYS$LIBRARY:DECC$SYS_ERRLIST.OBJ.     o  Insert DECC$SYS_ERRLIST.OBJ into SYS$LIBRARY:STARLET.OLB.This article includes the source code in both C and MACRO to buildDECC$SYS_ERRLIST.OBJ.  Once this module is built it should be placedinto SYS$LIBRARY and may be inserted into SYS$LIBRARY:STARLET.OLB,if you wish.ANALYSIS:Prior to OpenVMS Alpha V6.2 the symbols SYS_NERR and SYS_ERRLIST wereavailable in SYS$LIBRARY:STARLET.OLB.  DEC C RTL entries in starletshould be prefixed by DECC$.  Since this was not the case for SYS_NERRand SYS_ERRLIST, they were causing "name pollution" in STARLET and wereremoved in OpenVMS ALPHA V6.2.Compiling with DEC C V4.1 or later on OpenVMS ALPHA V6.2 systems willgenerate references to DECC$GL_SYS_NERR and DECC$GA_SYS_ERRLIST whichwill be resolved via the DEC C RTL.  Compiling with a version of DEC Cprior to V4.1 on OpenVMS Alpha V6.2 systems will not generate theprefixed references.  This will cause the link to fail.If you cannot recompile your programs on OpenVMS ALPHA V6.2 with DEC CV4.1 or later, engineering has provided a workaround which consists of asource program (which can be written in either C or MACRO calledDECC$SYS_ERRLIST.C or DECC$SYS_ERRLIST.MAR respectively) and a commandfile (DECC$SYS_ERRLIST.COM).The source program (DECC$SYS_ERRLIST.C or DECC$SYS_ERRLIST.MAR) is usedto resolve references to SYS_NERR and SYS_ERRLIST.  The source needs tobe either compiled or assembled (depending on your choice of language)into DECC$SYS_ERRLIST.OBJ and then moved to SYS$LIBRARY.DECC$SYS_ERRLIST.COM is provided to insert DECC$SYS_ERRLIST.OBJ backinto STARLET if you chose to do this.  It will cause name pollution,which may not be an issue for your environment.  DECC$SYS_ERRLIST.COMshould be moved to SYS$LIBRARY.The sources for DECC$SYS_ERRLIST.C, DECC$SYS_ERRLIST.MAR,DECC$SYS_ERRLIST.COM are listed here along with the steps for usingthem.1.  Create either DECC$SYS_ERRLIST.C or DECC$SYS_ERRLIST.MAR.    Note:       It is not necessary to have the DEC C compiler installed       on your system to be able to link or run DEC C programs.       For sites that do not have the DEC C compiler, use the MACRO       code in step 1.B to resolve these undefined symbols.    1.A Creating DECC$SYS_ERRLIST.C        $ create DECC$SYS_ERRLIST.C# pragma extern_model save# pragma extern_model relaxed_refdef    char *sys_errlist[] = {"",0};    int sys_nerr = 0;# pragma extern_model restore       Compile DECC$SYS_ERRLIST.C.$ cc DECC$SYS_ERRLIST    1.B Creating DECC$SYS_ERRLIST.MAR        $ create DECC$SYS_ERRLIST.MAR     .PSECT  $LITERAL$, PIC, CON, REL, LCL, SHR, NOEXE, RD, NOWRTZERO:     .ASCII  <0>     .PSECT  SYS_ERRLIST, NOPIC, OVR, REL, GBL,NOSHR, NOEXE, RD, WRTSYS_ERRLIST::     .ADDRESS  ZERO     .long   0     .PSECT  SYS_NERR, NOPIC, OVR, REL, GBL,NOSHR, NOEXE, RD, WRTSYS_NERR::     .LONG   0     .end        Assemble the MACRO code.    $MACRO decc$sys_errlist2. Move DECC$SYS_ERRLIST.OBJ to SYS$LIBRARY3. Create DECC$SYS_ERRLIST.COM$!$!  Copyright 1995 by Digital Equipment Corporation.  All rights reserved.$!$!  DECC$SYS_ERRLIST.COM$!$! This command procedure inserts the module SYS$LIBRARY:DECC$SYS_ERRLIST.OBJ$! into the SYS$LIBRARY:STARLET.OLB object library.  This module defines two$! symbols named SYS_ERRLIST and SYS_NERR which may be needed to resolve$! undefined symbols in your LINK command.$!$! If a LINK command results in one or both of these symbols being undefined,$! then we recommend that you take one of the following corrective actions:$!$!  o  Recompile the module using DEC C for OpenVMS ALPHA V4.1 or later, or$!  o  Modify your link to include SYS$LIBRARY:DECC$SYS_ERRLIST.OBJ, or$!  o  Have the system manager invoke this command procedure$!$! Invoking this command procedure will make these two symbols automatically$! available to the LINKER via STARLET.$!$! These symbols were removed from STARLET beginning in OpenVMS Alpha V6.2.$! Only symbols prefixed with the facility specific prefix should be found$! in STARLET.  This avoids the possibility of two separate facilities$! defining the same symbol.$!$! The reason we are supplying this object file and command procedure is$! that versions of the DEC C compiler prior running on pre-OpenVMS ALPHA V6.2$! systems could generate references to these unprefixed symbols.  SYS_NERR$! and SYS_ERRLIST will be prefixed as of OpenVMS V6.2.$!$$   LIBRARY SYS$LIBRARY:STARLET.OLB SYS$LIBRARY:DECC$SYS_ERRLIST.OBJ$4. Move DECC$SYS_ERRLIST.COM to SYS$LIBRARY5. To resolve references to SYS_NERR or SYS_ERRLIST link with SYS$LIBRARY:DECC$SYS_ERRLIST.OBJ directly.  Or invoke SYS$LIBRARY:DECC$SYS_ERRLIST.COMto insert this object module into SYS$LIBRARY:STARLET.OLB==============================================================================================  PATCH FROM ORACLE FOR ON OPEN VMS 6.2  ===================================================================================================Follow the directions below to restore and apply the patch.  This directory contains a backport of the fix to bug 291850 for RDBMS 7.1.3.x *only* on Alpha VMS systems.  Please be sure that you are  applying the patch to the correct version of the RDBMS.  Contents of this directory:         sl.obj           - patched object for 7.1.3.x Alpha VMS systems  Installing the patch:  0.   Invoke the orauser_.com and ora_db_.com command      procedures for the database to be patched.  1.   Shut down your database in the usual manner.  2.   Set default to the ora_util: directory.  3.   Make a copy of klib.olb in case you need to undo the patch.  4.   Insert the patch into klib.olb.       Alpha VMS RDBMS 7.1.3.x      =======================         $ library/replace klib.olb sl.obj        ! For Alpha VMS systems  5.   Relink all of ORACLE using the oracleins.com command procedure.  6.   Restart your instance.