I T E C    N E W S L E T T E RVol. 4  No. 15December 13, 19961.0  FIRMWARE NOW AVAILABLE OFF THE WEB2.0  OPEN VMS ALPHA PERFORMANCE TIP3.0  DESIGNER 2000 1.3.2 ANNOUNCEMENT4.0  NEW AFTER HOUR SCSYS SUPPORT LINE NUMBER1.0     FIRMWARE NOW AVAILABLE OFF THE WEB        Elmer Gibbens from Jamestown Community College sent in the following        information:        If you need the latest firmware for your Alpha system it now can be        downloaded, check out the following URL:             http://ftp.digital.com/pub/Digital/Alpha/firmware/readme.html        Note: You may still need Digital Field Service to change the hardware        jumper.        Submitted by:  Joe Weber2.0     OPEN VMS ALPHA PERFORMANCE TIP        Logical Names Require More JTQUOTA on AXP Than VAX Systems        Last Technical Review: 14-SEP-1994        PRODUCTS:   OpenVMS VAX, All Versions                    OpenVMS AXP, All Versions        COMPONENT:  Memory Management        SOURCE:     Digital Equipment Corporation / DSNlink        PROBLEM:        Applications using Job Logical Names may have to increase the process        JTQUOTA parameter when migrating applications from OpenVMS VAX to        OpenVMS AXP.  If JTQUOTA is not large enough on the AXP system, the        following error results:               %SYSTEM-F-EXLNMQUOTA, logical name table is full        Current documentation does not point out this difference.        SOLUTION:        In order to fix the problem, increase the JTQUOTA value in AUTHORIZE        for accounts using Job Logical Names.  JTQUOTA does not affect other        process quotas (such as BYTLM) and is used to place a limit on how        many job logical names a process can create from the PAGEDYN pool        area.  (Process logicals are limited to the availability of room in        CTLPAGES region of process space).        To availability of JTQUOTA, use the DCL Command:             $ SHOW LOGICAL/JOB/FULL             (LNM$JOB_80A80A80)      [kernel]  [shareable]  [Quota=(48,1024)]                 [Protection=(RWCD,RWCD,,)]  [Owner=[X,Y]]        In this example, the user has only 48 bytes left out of an initial value        of 1024 bytes.        Copyright (c) Digital Equipment Corporation 1994.  All rights reserved.        Submitted by:  Joe Weber3.0     DESIGNER 2000 1.3.2 ANNOUNCEMENT        Dear Valued Oracle Customer:        Due to contradictory information in some recent publications, we are        proactively notifying you regarding the estimated release timeframes of        DESIGNER 2000 1.3.2.  The product line is estimating this release to be        available:                1-Windows 3.1:   early/mid January timeframe                2-Windows NT/95: late/end January timeframe        Please note: ** The above eta's are subject to change **        Sincerely,        Media Group        Client Relations        Oracle        Submitted by:  Michael Notarius4.0     NEW AFTER HOUR SCSYS SUPPORT LINE NUMBER        We have changed our after hour procedure for contacting the SCSYS group.        Please use the following Voice Mail / Pager number:  1-800-750-4006        Submitted by:  Joe Weber                              Editor:  Barbara Boquard                                       Boquarba@itec.suny.edu         ITEC's  General Office            716/878-4832                 Director's Office         716/878-4832                 Operations                716/878-5122                 After hours               716/878-6642                 FAX                       716/878-4235                 web page                  http://www.itec.suny.edu

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