I T E C    N E W S L E T T E R                                                                                                Vol 4  No 3                                        February 16, 1996     1.0  Potential HSJ software problem  2.0  ITEC Supervising Programmer/Analyst position  3.0  ITEC Support and Services Survey  4.0  Oracle product availability for PowerMAC / MAC  5.0  Oracle Negotiations continue  1.0  Potential HSJ software problem (from Digital documentation)        Problem Description:         A remote possibility exists for data loss in some "HS series" array       controllers and all "RAID Array 410" controllers when using the       current "Controller Swap Procedures" (C_SWAP) in dual controller       subsystems with write-back cache installed.  C_SWAP is utilized to       add or replace a controller, cache module or battery while the other       controller remains online to the host (controller warm-swap).       Products Affected:       The problem affects only the controllers listed below running HSOF       version 2.0, 2.2 or 2.5 software.       HS Series Array Controllers         RAID Array 410 Controllers       HSJ30-AA   HSJ40-AD   HSZ40-AA             SWXRA-YA       HSJ30-AD   HSJ40-AF   HSZ40-AD             SWXRA-YB       HSJ30-AF   HSJ42-AD   HSZ40-AF             SWXRA-YD                  HSJ42-AF   HSZ40-BA             SWXRA-YJ                  HSJ44-AD   HSZ40-BD             SWXRA-YN                  HSJ44-AF   HSZ40-BF             SWXRA-YX                             HSZ40-BX             SWXRA-YY                             HSZ40-TL             SWXRA-YZ                                                  SWXRC-04       * The write-back cache option must be installed in HSJ or HSZ         controllers for the potential problem to occur. Check your         configuration.       Note: This problem does not affect HSD series or HS1CP series             controllers.       Impacted Operations:       It is important to emphasize that potential for the problem only       exists when using C_SWAP to take one of the following actions with       the specific configuration described above.       A. A single controller configuration is upgraded to a dual redundant          controller configuration.       B. A failed controller is replaced in an existing dual redundant          controller configuration.       C. A cache module is changed or added.       D. A write-back cache module battery is changed.       Corrective Action:       1. Immediately implement the "Revised Controller Swap Procedure"          until upgrade to HSOF version 2.7 software is possible.  Insert a          copy of this procedure into your existing User's Guide and Service          Manual.       2. Upgrade to HSOF version 2.7 software as soon as it becomes          available in February. This upgrade eliminates the possibility of          this problem occurring and allows full use of the controller          warm-swap feature       *********************************************************************       The "Revised Controller Swap Procedure" document is quite lengthy.        For those who need this document, please email SCACAD with your       request and a copy can be faxed to you.  2.0  ITEC Supervising Programmer/Analyst position       ITEC is now advertising for a Supervising Programmer/Analyst.         For further information on this position, go to ITEC's web page        (http://www.itec.suny.edu).  3.0  ITEC Support and Services Survey       To all Advisory Committee members receiving this newsletter, please       check with the head of your Computing Services department to see if       they mailed to Dan Sidebottom the ITEC Support and Services Survey       which had a deadline of February 15.  I'm sure he would accept any       stragglers.  If you need a copy, you can retrieve one from the New       Items section on Itec's web page (http://www.itec.suny.edu).  4.0  Oracle product availability for PowerMAC / MAC       Here is the latest information from Oracle regarding software       available for the PowerMAC and MAC.       =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=       Developer/2000 on the Mac is planned:         PowerMac - late feb for release to Manufacturing         68k  - mid april for release to Manufacturing       Personal oracle 7.1.4 for power mac is now available and I have       logged tar# 9312645.6       They will not be releasing a version 7 database on the 68k mac       =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-       We are in the process of acquiring Personal Oracle7 for the       PowerMAC.  5.0  ORACLE Negotiations Continue       Contract negotiations with Oracle are continuing.  Hopefully terms       of the contract will be approved and we will once again be able to       order new products.  The negotiations have been very active in the       last month or so with the hopes of resolving the issues soon.       Below is a list of products on order that will be placed ASAP.       ==========================       OUTSTANDING ORACLE ORDERS:       Apple Macintosh                       (both PowerMAC and MAC 68k)                Discoverer 2000                Developer 2000  *(Only need to add REPORTS)*                Oracle Media Objects                Oracle Power Objects Client/Server                PC Compatible                            Windows                 Discoverer 2000                Oracle Objects for OLE                Oracle Power Objects Client/Server                Oracle SNS (Secure Network Services)                Personal Oracle 7 Enterprise Edition                Personal Oracle 7 - Win 95               SUN SPARCstation 20              Solaris 2                Oracle SNS (Secure Network Services)                Oracle WebServer Option         Please feel free to send any questions to SCADM@VA.ITEC.SUNY.EDU.                                       Editor:  Betty Spencer                                                scacad@itec.suny.edu                ITEC's General Office            716/878-4611                  Director's Office         716/878-4206                  Operations                716/878-5122                  After hours               716/878-6642                  FAX                       716/878-4235                  web page                  http://www.itec.suny.edu

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