I T E C   N E W S L E T T E RVol 4  No 2                                        January 26, 1996       TABLE OF CONTENTS  1.0  How To Enable a PATHWORKS V5 Server to Enforce Disk Quotas  2.0  Problem: System Disk Full  1.0  How To Enable a PATHWORKS V5 Server to Enforce Disk Quotas       PROBLEM:       ---------       You want to establish and enforce the use of diskquotas for the       LANMAN users on your system which are mapped to OpenVMS users.        However, a PATHWORKS V5 server does not enforce OpenVMS Disk Quotas       by default. (It uses the EXQUOTA privilege).       SOLUTION:       ---------       Use the following methods to enable the PATHWORKS V5 server to       enforce diskquotas.       WARNING: Enabling PATHWORKS to enforce Diskquotas requires that the                VMS account which starts PATHWORKS have sufficient quota to                create the necessary log and section files it needs. Failure                to do this may cause the server not to start. This account is                normally SYSTEM.       o  PATHWORKS V5.0A and higher versions:       ------------------------------------       (From the Release Notes...)       Include the following line in the [LMSRV] section of the file,       PWRK$ROOT:[000000]PWRK.INI (create the section, if necessary):       [LMSRV]       START_WITH_EXQUOTA=NO       Then restart PATHWORKS with @SYS$STARTUP:PWRK$STARTUP       ANALYSIS:       ---------       You may use disk quotas for all host mapped users. If you map all       users to PWRK$DEFAULT or PWRK$GUEST, these will be the only accounts       to which you may apply quotas (you may still use resource IDs and       grant these accounts those resources).       You may use resource IDs (default is to honor resource IDs). If the       parent directory is owned by a resource and the user is granted that       resource the file will be owned by that resource and disk quotas       will be charged to that resource. There will be an ACL added to the       file to grant the user access to the file.       SOURCE: Digital Equipment Corporation  2.0  Problem: System Disk Full       Please check the following Journal log file:		$ SHOW AUDIT/JOURNAL		$ DIR/SIZE SYS$MANAGER:SECURITY_AUDIT.AUDIT$JOURNAL	++++++++++++++ IF YOU WANT TO CREATE A NEW LOG ++++++++++++++++		$ SET AUDIT/SERVER=NEW_LOG	+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++	If you want to move the Journal log file to another disk:	$ SET AUDIT/JOURNAL=SECURITY -		/DEST=disk$newdisk:[newdir]SECURITY_AUDIT.AUDIT$JOURNAL                                        - Joe Weber, Digital Consultant                                  Editor:  Betty Spencer                                           scacad@va.itec.suny.edu                                           http://www.itec.suny.edu

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