I T E C    N E W S L E T T E R                      Vol 4  No 1                                         January 5, 1996                  ITEC's new Internet address:  VA.ITEC.SUNY.EDU             1.0  SPECIAL NOTICE:  Many licenses expiring  2.0  Using PathWorks Client V5.1 licenses on Windows 95 machines.  1.0  SPECIAL NOTICE:  Many licenses expiring       Many licenses (not all) will expire next month on February 28, 1996.       Please notice that we have new license PAKs available in       GETSOFTWARE.  The new PAKs expire 28-Feb-1997.  2.0  Using PathWorks Client V5.1 licenses on Windows 95 machines.       Those of you who have Pathworks Client Licenses V5.1 for DOS       machines and are getting error messages using them on Windows 95       machines saying that you do not have Pathworks License for Windows       95, this information may be of interest to you...       The right to use this initial release of PATHWORKS client software       for Windows 95 is included with one of the following software       licenses:  PATHWORKS V5.1 for DOS and Windows (LAN Manager) CCS,       PATHWORKS V5.1 for DOS and Windows (NetWare) CCS, and PATHWORKS       V5.1 for DOS and Windows CNS.       Users holding licenses for earlier versions of PATHWORKS for DOS and       Windows are required to purchase upgrade licenses to PATHWORKS V5.1       client software.  Refer to the PATHWORKS V5.1 for DOS and Windows       Software Product Description (SPD 55.07.15) for the list of       PATHWORKS client license part numbers.       For Windows 95, Pathworks V5 shipped some extensions on a CD called       the "Pathworks for DOS and Windows 95 Release", which were really       extensions to the Pathworks for DOS and Windows kit. Pathworks V6       (newly shipping) includes those extensions within the V6 kit. Bottom       line, there is only 1 Pathworks for DOS / Windows kit (with correct       extensions) for DOS, Windows, Windows for Workgroups, and Windows       95.  Window NT does have a totally separate kit.       You need none of above if you just want a Windows 95 client (or any       native Lan Manager) to access a Pathworks V5 server - you just need       a CSS license and the File and Print access kit, which gives you the       bits out of the Pathworks kit that address responding to a license       request.  You can download the kit with the URL of       ftp://ftp.service.digital.com/public/dos/pc/v5.0/pathworks_dos/5.0/       The file is called:  pwv5clt_fpa_eco12.zip       This has the license responders for WFW, Win 95 and NT in one kit.       There are also readmes, etc. in the kit - and at the same root level       directory.       In general all patches are at http://www.service.digital.com/       html/patch_service.html.  You can also get to this from our main home       page www.digital.com by following the service and support thread.       With the latest licensing code for Windows 95, you can ask for and       be given a Pathworks for DOS / Windows CCS license, to use in place       of a FPA license.  The basic steps to do this are:        a) Install the licensing code on their native clients        b) Go to the "Control Panel" on the W95 client        c) Select "Networks"        d) Select "PATHWORKS Licensing Agent (LAN Manager)" from the           "Configuration" folder        e) Select "Properties"        f) Select "License Type" (the default showing will probably be "FPA")        g) *CHANGE* the "License Type" to CCS        h) Click on "OK" a number of times to work your way back out        i) You'll be asked if you want to restart your system to make this           change...say yes...and it should work       Because of this new code, you may not need to exchange CCS licenses       for FPA versions if converting with W95 "native" clients.       Unfortunately, NT's license requester does not have such an option,       so when going to NT "Native" clients that still desire access to       Pathworks V5 Servers, you do need to exchange the license from the       DOS / Windows CCS to FPA.  My understanding is we are doing this on       an as needed basis for no charge.                                       Thanks to Tom Knight of Digital                                       for this information                                                Editor:  Betty Spencer                                                scacad@va.itec.suny.edu                ITEC's General Office            716/878-4611                  Director's Office         716/878-4206                  Operations                716/878-5122                  After hours               716/878-6642                  FAX                       716/878-4235                  web page             http://www.itec.suny.edu

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