I T E C    N E W S L E T T E R                                                                                                 Vol 4  No 9                                          July 24, 1996       1.0  Expiration of VMS License PAKs   2.0  Correct addresses to use when ordering Oracle documentation  3.0  ITEC.SUNY.EDU down on 8/17  4.0  Next planned SQR release  1.0  Expiration of VMS License PAKs 	        ***************************************		*** Please check before they Expire ***	        ***************************************       It may be that time again for your VMS License PAK's to expire.	Example: Look at the License information.	$ LICENSE LIST /FULL	<<>>    PAK Termination Date:        31-AUG-1996                          ....                          ....		          Status:                      Active	Press  to look at the next one. Z to get out.	Also if the Status is Disabled press  to look at the next one.	LICPAKS30AUG97 which expire on August 30, 1997 is the latest we	have in Getsoftware.                                           Joe Weber, SCSYS  2.0  Ordering Oracle documentation       Recently a campus had a difficult time ordering some manuals from       Oracle.  They were finally able to contact someone at Oracle who gave       them the following directions:       Vendor address should be "Oracle Corporation: Documentation Sales".                                 500 Oracle Parkway                                 Redwood City, Ca 94065-1600       And when we fill out a purchase requisition, we should specify to       our Purchasing Dept:        "Please fax to vendor:  (415)633-3251  [not the fax number on the                                                price list of 4/29/96]       To get a faxback list of available documentation, you can call (800)       252-0303. Remember that we get a 40% discount off from list with       contract CM00211.       I would like to thank Mary Nitsche (from Geneseo) for the additional       information.       As always if there are any questions / problems, please send e-mail       to SCADM@itec.suny.edu.                                           Michael Notarius, Oracle Support  3.0  ITEC.SUNY.EDU down on 8/17       ITEC.SUNY.EDU will be down on Saturday, August 17, from 7 a.m. to 5       p.m., due to a power shutdown.  4.0  Next planned SQR release       I recently sent mail to MITI about the next version of SQR and they       replied with the following:       =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-       The next planned SQR release on these platforms will be for SQR v4        in early 1997.            J.J. Freitag       Assoc Product Manager       MITI       jfreitag@miti.com       =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-                                           Michael Notarius, Oracle Support                                                                              Editor:  Betty Spencer                                                scacad@itec.suny.edu                ITEC's General Office            716/878-4611                  Director's Office         716/878-4206                  Operations                716/878-5122                  After hours               716/878-6642                  FAX                       716/878-4235                  web page                  http://www.itec.suny.edu                                        

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