I T E C    N E W S L E T T E R                                                                                                 Vol 4  No 6                                             May 14, 1996    TABLE OF CONTENTS  1.0 REMEMBER!       ITEC.SUNY.EDU down from Wednesday, 5/22 a.m. to Friday, 5/24 p.m.  2.0  Polycenter Software installation  3.0  Status on release of Developer/2000 R1.0 and Oracle 7.3  1.0  REMEMBER!        ITEC.SUNY.EDU down from Wednesday, 5/22 a.m. to Friday, 5/24 p.m.       NOTE the correct email address of Ron Brown for these downtime days.       Buffalo State College from Wednesday, 5/22 a.m. to Friday, 5/24 p.m.       will be experiencing a LAN upgrade.  ITEC.SUNY.EDU will not be       accessible during that time.  Any questions that you normally send       to ITEC (scacad, scadm or scsys), please send to        brownrn@microagewny.com during this shutdown time stating which        group you wish to be notified or call the appropriate number at the       bottom of this newsletter.  2.0  Polycenter Software installation.       SCSYS just installed ALPHA_FORT063 on a Open AXP VMS Ver 6.2 system.       Install procedure:           $ dir disk$soft:[ALPHA_FORT063.kit]                DEC-AXPVMS-FORTRAN-V0603-711-1.PCSI;1           $ PRODUCT INSTALL FORTRAN /SOURCE=disk$soft:[ALPHA_FORT063.kit]       Note: To install layered products that require the POLYCENTER       Software Installation utility (indicated in the directories by file       names with file types of .PCSI or .PCSI$DECRIPTION), use the PRODUCT       INSTALL command or the Motif interface to the POLYCENTER Software       Installation utility.                                   Joe Weber - ITEC Support Center  3.0  Status on release of Developer/2000 R1.0 and Oracle 7.3       As promised at the last WIZARD seminar, I contacted the Senior       Product Line Manager for DEC.  He was away for a while and I just       received his e-mail this morning (which is included below).  In his       e-mail, it is mentioned that D2000 Release 1.0 became orderable on       Alpha March 11, 1996 and for VAX April 18, 1996.  I have had a tar       open from the beginning of the year with Oracle for both of these       products.  I apologize for the delay and will see to it that we get       them and make them available ASAP!       His e-mail message also talks about the future release of Oracle 7.3       for Alpha and VAX.       A note worth mentioning, Rob Smith is installing Oracle on a Solaris       machine and has discovered that SQL*Forms 3.x and SQL*Net V1.x       aren't on the CD for Oracle on Solaris!  It looks like they       have taken both of the products off of the distribution CD.       According to the TAR's (Technical Assistance Request) that I have       open for Oracle, it looks like they have shipped Oracle for       the following platforms:	Solaris (we have in house)	Digital Unix (they shipped, we don't have it yet)	AIX (they shipped, we don't have it yet)	HP (they shipped, we don't have it yet)	SunOS (they shipped, we don't have it yet)       THANK YOU!        Mike Notarius :-)       ****************************************************************       From the Senior Product Line Manager for DEC        Apologies for the late reply as I have been traveling extensively.        And yes, I do remember you!  :-)         Developer/2000 Release 1.0 became orderable on Alpha OpenVMS on       11-MAR-96.  It became orderable on VAX OpenVMS on 18-APR-96.  I've       included some  of the details below:  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------       The D2000 R1.0 release includes the following products:            o  Oracle Forms V4.           o  Oracle Reports V2.           o  Oracle Procedure Builder V1.        Please note that this release does not include Oracle Browser or       Oracle Graphics.  Developer/2000 Release 1.0 is built upon a new       version of the Oracle Toolkit; therefore, if you wish to continue       to use Oracle Browser and Oracle Graphics, you need to remain on       CDE1 Production 2.         Developer/2000 Release 1.0 requires Oracle7 Release 7.1.5 and       Motif V1.2-3 (minimum).  In addition, the following Digital Motif       patch must be applied:            Patch Name               Platform           ---------------          -------------           AXPMOTF05_U3012          Alpha OpenVMS           VAXMOTF05_U3012          VAX OpenVMS ----------------------------------------------------------------------------  Here's the latest information regarding Oracle7 Release 7.3.2:     * Oracle7 Release 7.3 for VAX and Alpha OpenVMS       :: Background Information          After releasing 7.1.5 on both VAX and Alpha, much of our product         planning was been focused on determining the next version of the         Oracle7 Server to port:  7.1.6, 7.2 or 7.3.  After significant         analysis and research, we have decided to port directly to Oracle7         Release 7.3 for both VAX and Alpha.  This decision was reached         after evaluating a number of important business factors -- some         of which are highlighted below:          o STABILITY.  With many OpenVMS customers undertaking migrations           from ORACLE V6 to Oracle7, the need for a stable 7.1 release is           critically high.  The 7.1.5 release, which includes a number of           fixes that were shipped on UNIX product lines with 7.1.6, we           believe provides a solid foundation upon which OpenVMS customers           can stabilize on 7.1.  7.1.5 also includes a significant amount           of OpenVMS-specific maintenance.  As such, 7.1.5 is the final           release of 7.1 on both VAX and Alpha OpenVMS.          o ADVANCED REPLICATION OPTION.  The demand for symmetric           replication on OpenVMS has increased significantly over the last           few months.  Per the OpenVMS Statement of Direction, our top           priority is to deliver high-quality, stable products to our           customers.  The replication option was introduced in Release           7.1.6.   According to our UNIX counterparts, the quality and           stability of this option at the 7.1.6 release level is not           adequate.  Our UNIX colleagues highly recommended that we target           7.3 where the replication option is very stable.          o BASE DEVELOPMENT PLANNING.  Oracle introduced Release 7.2 as an           intermediate step to 7.3.  Many of the performance enhancements           introduced in 7.2 are not fully implemented until 7.3.  Upon the           release of 7.3, base development has said that they will           aggressively move customers off of 7.2.  Our UNIX colleagues           also suggest that 7.3 is far more stable than 7.2.          o CORPORATE MARKETING.  All of Oracle's Server marketing effort           is being placed on 7.3 as this release contains a large number           of performance enhancements enabling Oracle to extend its market           leadership.  7.3 is a critical component of the Oracle Universal           Server campaign.  No emphasis is being placed on Release 7.2.          o COMMON DEVELOPMENT MODEL.  7.3 marks the first release where the           source code is managed by Oracle's new Common Development Model.           For the first time, base development and the product lines will           use the same system/model for managing source code and directory           structures.  This new, more automated model is expected to           simultaneously improve porting times while reducing process           errors.       :: Availability          Oracle7 Release 7.3.2 on Alpha OpenVMS is targeted for the First         Customer Ship (FCS) phase of the OpenVMS Phased Release Cycle in         June.  The FCS phase will include a small number of customers         with whom we will work very closely to evaluate release stability         and overall impact on existing applications.  The production         release of 7.3.2 on Alpha OpenVMS is scheduled for this Summer.         Release 7.3 on VAX OpenVMS is targeted for the Fall.       :: OS Requirements and Bundle Contents          Oracle7 Release 7.3.2 for Alpha OpenVMS is currently under         development.  This section provides important information about         operating system requirements and contents of the release for         customer planning purposes.          o MINIMUM OS REQUIREMENT.  Oracle7 Release 7.3.2 on Alpha OpenVMS           will require OpenVMS 7.0 (minimum).  This decision was based           upon the significant technical differences between OpenVMS 6.2           and 7.0, as well as the announced 64-bit Option which will           require a foundation of Oracle7 Release 7.3 and OpenVMS 7.x.          o DECC COMPILER.  Oracle7 Release 7.3.2 on Alpha OpenVMS is           being built using DECC 5.2.          o INSTALLATION/CONFIGURATION.  With the upcoming desupport of           SQL*Net V1 (June '96), Oracle7 Release 7.3.2 will only support           two-task configurations.          o BUNDLE CONTENTS.  Some components of the Oracle7 Server will           not be included in the initial release of 7.3 (7.3.2) on           Alpha OpenVMS.  These include:                Spatial Data Option               WebServer Option               64-Bit Option               SQL*Module Ada             + Pro*PL/I             + Pro*Pascal             + Oracle Server Manager (Motif support)             + Oracle Intelligent Agent (SNMP support)             + Oracle Trace               Oracle MultiProtocol Interchange               Oracle SPX/IPX Protocol Adapter               Oracle DCE Protocol Adapter               Oracle LU6.2 Protocol Adapter               NIS Naming Adapter               NDS Naming Adapter               DCE Naming Adapter            + These components are targeted for the 2nd release of 7.3 on             Alpha OpenVMS. ============================================================================                                        Editor:  Betty Spencer                                                scacad@itec.suny.edu                ITEC's General Office            716/878-4611                  Director's Office         716/878-4206                  Operations                716/878-5122                  After hours               716/878-6642                  FAX                       716/878-4235                  web page                  http://www.itec.suny.edu                                        

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