I T E C    N E W S L E T T E R                                                                                                Vol 4  No 7                                             May 31, 1996      Be sure to stop at the ITEC booth during the SUNY Technology Conference.   We'll have key chains and candy to give out and, oh yes, the prototype of  our new Helpdesk system to demo.  Wear your SUNY smile so we can capture  it with our digital camera.  Also, be sure to review your ITEC Campus  Information Form to see that your names and email addresses are correct.   1.0  ITEC Advisory Committee agenda at SUNY Technology Conference  2.0  Kermit for Windows 95  1.0  ITEC Advisory Committee agenda at SUNY Technology Conference                        ITEC Advisory Board                                AGENDA                             June 5, 1996                        10:15AM Cleveland Room       Introduction                    - R. Lienhard       Director's Report               - R. Brown        Membership        Budget        Staffing and Workload        New Services and Fees       Mission Statement               - C. Blunt       Subcommittee Reports       Contracts                       - P. Voninski       Support and Services            - D. Sidebottom                                         W. Davis       Discussion and Review of Sub Committee Recommendations       Elections                       - E. Wilson       New Business  2.0  Kermit for Windows 95       The new Kermit for Windows 95 was made available on a special       license agreement.   Please contact Mary Ann Corsetti - " Director       of Contract Development" at in%"corsetma@sysadm.suny.edu"       Thanks,        Joe Weber       Systems and Networking Support Group                                       Editor:  Betty Spencer                                                scacad@itec.suny.edu                ITEC's General Office            716/878-4611                  Director's Office         716/878-4206                  Operations                716/878-5122                  After hours               716/878-6642                  FAX                       716/878-4235                  web page                  http://www.itec.suny.edu

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