I T E C    N E W S L E T T E RVol. 5  No. 1January 15, 19971.  NEW ORACLE SOFTWARE AVAILABLE IN GETSOFTWARE2.  ANNOUNCEMENT FROM ORACLE3.  ONLINE SYSTEM DISK BACKUP4.  KERMIT FOR WINDOWS951)  NEW ORACLE SOFTWARE AVAILABLE IN GETSOFTWARE:    All the new additions can be found under the PC/MACINTOSH category of    GETSOFTWARE.       Personal Oracle for Windows:        25  PO732W95 167517  12/96   Personal Oracle for Win95            Directory $1$DRA3:[NOTARIMB.GETSOFTWARE.PO732W95]            MIGRATE.TXT;1             47            PO732W95.ZIP;1        148465            README.DOC;1              53            README.TXT;1               5            WINZIP95.EXE;1          1229            Total of 5 files, 149799 blocks.       Oracle for NT:        19  ORNT7322 368802  12/96   Personal Oracle for NT            Directory $1$DRA3:[NOTARIMB.GETSOFTWARE.ORNT7322]            ORA7322.ZIP;1         328488            README.TXT;1               7            READMEDOC.TXT;1          159            WINZIP95.EXE;1          1229            Total of 4 files, 329883 blocks.       Developer 2000  1.3.2 for Windows 3.x:        18  ORAWNDV2K13  1.3   234927  12/96   DEV 2000 1.3 WIN 3.11            Directory $1$DRA3:[NOTARIMB.GETSOFTWARE.WNDV2K13]            README.TXT;1               4            RELNOTES.TXT;1            31            WINZIP31.EXE;1          1125            WNDV2K13.ZIP;1        208980            Total of 4 files, 210140 blocks.    Submitted by Michael Notarius               2)  ANNOUNCEMENT FROM ORACLE    Oracle's Server Technologies Division formally announces plans for the end    of Customer Care Support for 7.1 and 7.2 of the Oracle7 RDBMS, effective    October 31, 1997.    Announcement Details:    Customer Care Support for 7.1 & 7.2 of the Oracle7 RDBMS will expire on    October 31, 1997.  The terminal releases for 7.1 and 7.2 of Oracle7 are    7.1.6 (7.1.5 for VAX and Alpha VMS) and 7.2.3 respectively.  Customers    must be on these terminal releases to continue to receive error    corrections support through October 31, 1997.  Oracle supported customers    are entitled to release 7.3, the Oracle Universal Server, at no cost.    ITEC will continue to support for 7.1.5 after October 31, 1997, but may    be limited as a result of Oracle's decision.    As always, if there are any questions / problems, please contact:    Michael Notarius, Oracle Support ITEC (Information Technology Exchange    Center)    Submitted by Mike Notarius3)  ONLINE SYSTEM DISK BACKUP    With today's 24 hour by 7 day computer operation, there is little or no    time to do the maintenance required to up keep the systems.  One solution    which requires a minimum of three disks would be as follows:    DSAxx Shadow System DISK Set      DUAxx Member Number One  --> Main System Disk      DUAxx Member Number Two  --> Shadow Copy System Disk      DUAxx Number One Backup  --> Add to the Shadow Set once a week      DUAxx Number Two Backup  --> Use every other week    Note:  All disks must be the same size and type.    The procedure would be to mount the "Number One Backup" disk every    Saturday at noon. When the backup disk is a member of the shadow set    and the shadow copy is done, dismount the backup disk.  Now you have a    disk that is a bootable image of the system disk.  If you loose    the main and shadow disk for any reason you can go to the offline    backup disk.  We have a dcl command procedure that can run in batch if    your interested.    Submitted by Joe Weber4)  KERMIT FOR WINDOWS 95    For those of you that have payed the special subscription fee for    Kermit for Windows 95, the latest version is 1.1.8.  Version    1.1.8 is available in Getsoftware.  Information on Kermit can be obtained    at:  http://www.columbia.edu/kermit/k95.html       Kermit 95 1.1.9, announced on December 18, turns out to have       a defect affecting Windows 95 only (not Windows NT), resulting       from our attempts to improve the way we work around the Windows 95       bug with "odd-sized" console windows.  It happens when you try       to set up a session with a "long" terminal screen (42/43 or 49/50       rows, rather than 24/25) and the TERMINAL VIDEO-CHANGE setting is       DISABLED (the new default); the result is a terminal session       whose lower portion is invisible.  The workaround is to       add:             SET TERMINAL VIDEO-CHANGE ENABLED       to your K95CUSTOM.INI file, or by restricting your sessions to       24x80 (or 25x80 when there is no status line).  The problem is       explained more fully in the short text file:             ftp://kermit.columbia.edu/kermit/k95/newbugs.doc       A small patch will be issued shortly.  My apologies for the       inconvenience.                                Frank da Cruz                                The Kermit Project    For campuses interested in participation in Kermit for    Windows 95/Windows NT please contact:             Mary Ann Corsetti at corsetma@sysadm.suny.edu    Note:  A Maintenance/License Fee of $250 per year will be charged           Full ITEC members.    Submitted by Joe Weber5)  PROCEDURE TO VIEW THE IP ADDRESS AND ETHERNET ADDRESS OF A PC        On Windows NT system:        ====================                > c:\winnt35\system32\ipconfig /all        On Windows 95 system:        ====================                > c:\windows\WINIPCFG    Submitted by Joe Weber                                Editor:  Barbara Boquard                                Boquarba@itec.suny.edu         ITEC's General Office            716/878-4832                Director's Office         716/878-4832                Operations                716/878-5122                After hours               716/878-6642                FAX                       716/878-4235                Web Page                  http://www.itec.suny.edu

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