I T E C    N E W S L E T T E RVol. 5  No. 2January 21, 1997Special Notice1.      VMS License Expiration        Please verify on your VAX and ALPHA VMS systems the expiration of your        License PAKS.                $ LICENSE LIST /FULL                 to scroll down through the list        Look for:        --------   PAK Termination Date:   30-January-1997                   Status:                 Active        Note: Your License PAKS may expire on January 30th 1997. The latest        License PAKS in Getsoftware are:                January 30, 1998                ----------------        Submitted by:  - Joe Weber, SCSYS                       Editor:  Barbara Boquard                                Boquarba@itec.suny.edu         ITEC's General Office            716/878-4832                Director's Office         716/878-4832                Operations                716/878-5122                After hours               716/878-6642                FAX                       716/878-4235                Web Page                  http://www.itec.suny.edu

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