I T E C    N E W S L E T T E R                                                                                          Vol. 5  No. 7                                   July 2, 1997Table of Contents1.0      Web Getsoftware Decnet and FTP Software Distribution2.0  	 JNET Links Going. . .3.0      SQLFORMS30_SCRATCH 1.0      Web Getsoftware Decnet and FTP Software Distribution          New to the Web Getsoftware application is the addition of FTP file copies.          Have your site license manager request FTP nodes to copy         software to.  The FTP node must be an FTP server and allow remote         sites to FTP files into.  Also a license manager account must be set up         on your FTP server to accept the Web Getsoftware software products.         The license manager username, for your local system, would be the          same username as your Web Getsoftware account.         Please send your FTP node requests to SCSYS@itec.suny.edu         Submitted by Joe Weber2.0      JNET Links Going. . .         As of July 1, 1997, SNYBUFAA (Buffalo State College) and UBVM (University         of Buffalo) will NOT be maintaining thru connections for anyone.          If you are using JNET, your JNET mail may not be routed to your campus.         Please remove SNYBUFAA from your JNET tables. SNYBUFAA will not be running         JNET in the future.  Your campus may receive breakin OPCOM messages from          SYSTEM on remote JNET campuses.  Contact the remote Campus and have them          take your local campus out of their JNET tables.          Submitted by Joe Weber3.0      SQLFORMS30_SCRATCH         We recently had a campus run into a problem with writing data to the sql*forms         temporary scratch file (FRM-40900).  There was plenty of disk space, and enough         quota.   Permissions were also set correctly.  I opened a TAR (Technical Assistance         Request) with Oracle and they came back with the following:         SQLFORMS30USER.COM file that was created by Oracle defined an incorrect logical         ORA_FORMS30_SCRATCH.  The correct logical name is ORA_SQLFORMS30_SCRATCH.         ACTION: add SQL to the logical name         Client had logical ora_oraforms30_scratch.         Problem was solved after the logical was changed.         Submitted by Mike Notarius                           Editor:  Barbara Boquard                                    Boquarba@itec.suny.edu         ITEC's General Office            716/878-4832                Director's Office         716/878-4832                Operations                716/878-5122                After hours               716/878-6642                FAX                       716/878-4235                Web page                  http://www.itec.suny.edu

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