title>March 18, 1997 ITEC newsletter
           I T E C    N E W S L E T T E R                                                                                         Vol. 5  No. 4                                     March 18, 19971.  10,000 Day Patch / Feature2.  New Software Available in GETSOFTWARE3.  Renaming Datafiles4.  New Oracle Bulletins Available Off Our Home Page1.   10,000 Day Patch / Feature      There's  a limitation in some of Dec's delta time calculation routines.      They can only properly handle delta calcs up to 9999 days from their      base date. Day 10,000 is May 19, 1997. It only affects a few system      service routines, which affect only a few sets of system services.      Unfortunately one of those sets is the DecThreads threading package,      which Oracle uses.     Dec apparently sent out letters to all VMS customers notifying them of     the problem and what to do about it. (There are patches available to fix     it.) The Patches are dated March 04, 1997.     In Getsoftware under:	     6  Network copy OPEN VMS AXP        ==>  ALPLIBR0507	        (File Name: ALPLIBR0507_all.bck)       	     1  Network copy OPEN VMS VAX        ==>  VAXLIBR05070	        (File Name: VAXLIBR0507_all.bck)      Submitted by Joe Weber                                     2.    New Software Available in GETSOFTWARE       Developer 2000 1.0 for the VAX is now available in GETSOFTWARE.      You will find it under "THIRD PARTY / OTHER"      It is currently listed as:         38  ORAVAXDEV2K10  1.0    337869   3/97            Dev 2000 1.0 for VAX      Here is a listing of the files in the saveset (the directory names may be      different):         Directory DISK$ITEC5:[NOTARIMB.VAXDEV2000R1]         AAA_CD_ROM.CONTENTS;1                   1         DEV2000.DIR;1                           1         DOC20.DIR;1                             1         ORACLE_PATCH_MOTIF124.BCK;1           272         Total of 4 files, 275 blocks.         Directory DISK$ITEC5:[NOTARIMB.VAXDEV2000R1.DEV2000]         BOOT.BCK;1                      945         FORMS45.BCK;1                 47376         GUICORE21.BCK;1               42714         PROCBUILDER.BCK;1             14868         REPORTS25.BCK;1               95067         Total of 5 files, 200970 blocks.         Directory DISK$ITEC5:[NOTARIMB.VAXDEV2000R1.DOC20]         DOC20.BCK;1               75726         Total of 1 file, 75726 blocks.         Grand total of 3 directories, 10 files, 276971 blocks.      Developer 2000 1.3.2 for Windows 95 / NT (3.51 or 4.0) is now available in      GETSOFTWARE.      You will find it under "PC / MACINTOSH"      It is currently listed as:        12  ORANTDV2K132   1.3.2  367605   3/97      Dev. 2K 1.3.2 W95/NT4.0 cer      Here is a listing of the files in the saveset (the directory names may be      different):        Directory NTV2K132        NTV2K132 ZIP   167,717,517  02-10-97 12:27p ntv2k132.zip        README   TXT         1,847  02-20-97  3:05p readme.txt        WINZIP95 EXE       628,991  12-13-96  2:44p winzip95.exe        READTHIS TXT         1,429  02-21-97 11:41a readthis.txt        RELNOTES TXT         6,546  02-20-97  9:46a relnotes.txt          5 file(s)    168,356,330 bytes          2 dir(s)     264,470,528 bytes free      As always, if there are any questions / problems please let me know.      Submitted by Michael Notarius  3.    Renaming Datafiles       We recently had a campus rename a datafile containing rollback segments.      The tablespace was taken offline and the datafile renamed.  The database       would not shutdown normal and had to be shutdown with the abort option.      They were then unable to bring the database up again (because all of the      rollback segments were in the tablespace that was renamed).  We were able      to bring the database up by commenting out the rollback segments that       were in that tablespace and making a different rollback segment active.       However, we were still unsuccessful when we tried to bring the renamed       tablespace back online.  We contacted Oracle Support and after a few       different attempts we were able to get the tablespace back online, but       had to tell the database to ignore the rollback segments that were       active (thus making the database inconsistent).  Being a developmental       database, the DBA had no problems living with this.      The correct way (found out by trial and error) would have been to take       all the rollback segments in the tablespace offline before taking the       actual tablespace offline.  This was discovered by talking to the       Technical Analyst at Oracle, after casually perusing the manuals, I       didn't see this mentioned and thought it would make a nice article for       the newsletter.      Submitted by Michael Notarius 4.    New Oracle Bulletins Available Off Our Home Page      I am trying to make some of the more important bulletins available on our      web page.  The foundation has been set, and I'm trying to put up 2-3       bulletins a day.  If you have any topics you would like to see up there,      please let me know!      Please take a look at the following URL:        http://www.itec.suny.edu/itec/oracle/rdbmsbulletins/rdbms_bulletins.html      A very useful link, which has just recently moved, is the link for       Oracle's white papers.  You can find this at:            http://tiburon.us.oracle.com/odp/archive/library/white.htm      Submitted by:  Michael Notarius                       Editor:  Barbara Boquard                               Boquarba@itec.suny.edu         ITEC's General Office            716/878-4832                Director's Office         716/878-4832                Operations                716/878-5122                After hours               716/878-6642                FAX                       716/878-4235                web page                  http://www.itec.suny.edu

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