Vol. 5, No. 9
October 28, 1997

Table of Contents

1. Microsoft SupportProgram
2. NT Server 4.0
3. Disabling Mail Relay with PMDF
4. DSN Accounts on ITEC.SUNY.EDU
5. Participating Institutions Screen
6. ITEC Executive Board Agenda
7. ITEC Advisory Board Agenda

1. Microsoft SupportProgram

During the past year we have been developing a Microsoft support program to complementexisting support offerings.  This offering is based on a survey of member needsconducted two years ago.  In describing this support offering, we should first lookat the various components of software acquisition.

Software acquisition is usually in the following parts:

(1) The Software License:
The first time a software product is purchased a software license is usuallyissued.  If no license is issued, the purchase order, or other such form, shows theacquisition.  Software license is usually issued for the life of the originalpurchaser (perpetual license).

(2) Software Upgrades-New Versions:
When a new version of software is made available, the user is usually not entitled tothe new version unless a fee is paid for the upgrade / right to new version.   Thisis usually an annual (or some interval of years) amount paid.

(3) Software Support: Problem Fixes, Patches, etc.:
This is the "hot line" assistance received when there is a problem orquestion on "how to."  An annual (or some interval of years) is paid forthis service.  Access to the assistance is usually done via e-mail, WEB, or phone.

(4) Software Media:
This is the media type the software is distributed or process for distribution.  It is usually diskette, CD or the Internet.  If updates are purchased, they areusually distributed in one of the ways described above.

(5) Software Documentation:
The actual documentation that is needed to install, run, and up date thesoftware.  There are usually other than vendor texts (bound organization of knowledge[BOOK]) for the end user learning the application.

Some vendors combine some of the above.  E.g., Software Updates and SoftwareSupport are some times combined into Software Maintenance.  

With Microsoft, the licenses (#1) and upgrades (#2) can be purchased through a Statecontract number PT00066.  Software media and documentation (#5) from Microsoft can bepurchased from this same contract.  Mary Ann Corsetti recently sent a letter to thecampuses' computing directors and purchasing agents.  If you need more informationMary Ann may be contacted at 

In addition to the formal training offered through the SUNY Training Center as part ofthe ITEC training program, the SUNY Training Center is reviewing options for Self-PacedLearning.  To supplement the formal training, there are SPLs available for theMicrosoft products.

The harder problem is where to get problems resolved, bug fixes, questions answered,configuration assistance, and in general support.  Microsoft can be contacteddirectly for bug fixes and problem resolution, but you need to get a contract or use acredit card to get answers.  Similar for other vendors that support the Microsoftproduct set. 

ITEC is offering a support program (#3), access to the Microsoft Technet CD, andgeneral assistance for Microsoft products.  We have just reached an agreement withDigital as our backup vendor for getting problems resolved.  We believe with theSUNY-Digital agreement (CM00224) it was the best choice.  They support Intelplatforms and Alpha platforms for Microsoft products.

Based on the membership survey, the ITEC-developed support program for Microsoftproducts will focus on:

NT Server
NT Workstation
Windows 95
Office (95, 97 - Word, Excel, etc.)
Major languages (C, C++, Visual Basic, etc.)

We will try and answer questions on other products.  If we cannot, we can contactDigital for assistance and, if necessary, Microsoft.  The cost for this service toexisting ITEC members is $4,000 per year.  For campuses that are not affiliated withITEC, please contact Ron Brown (

Recall that this service was based on the need indicated in a survey from membercampuses.  In planning for this service, we have sent staff to classes, purchasedsome hardware, signed up for TechNET subscription, etc. 

We now need to hear from those sites that would like this service.  Depending onactual signup, the Executive Board is going to be making some decisions about staffing.  It is important to be able to meet your expectations at the same time keep thebudget close to projections.

Please contact me if you wish to sign up and provide us with an effective date for thisservice.  Similar, we would like to hear from you if you do not wish this service andthe reasons why.  Is there a better alternative we should be telling campuses?

Submitted by Ron Brown
716-878-ITEC (4832)

2. NT Server 4.0

There is an on-line course for NT Server 4.0 athttp//  It is free and covers networkingcomponents, NT services, account management and more.  It also has labs and tests. 

Submitted by Kathy Pohl

3. Disabling MailRelay with PMDF

After a recent "SPAM" attack on our mail system by  unauthorized users,we've been forced to block 
Internet mail relay through This has been accomplished in PMDF by examiningall incoming SMTP mail and determining whether the mail is destined for our site or isrelaying through our site.  Any SMTP mail not destined for our site is rejected witha message, "Relaying not permitted."  In addition to blocking Internet mailrelay, chapter  29 in the PMDF 5.1 System Manager's Guide describes various otherfirewall techniques.  Most helpful is Innosoft's (PMDF) WEB page on blocking Internetmail relay.  The PMDF SEND ACCESS mappings provide the ability to filter incomingSMTP mail and let incoming relay mail pass through from designated domains.

For more information point you browser to: 

Submitted by Dave Massaro

4.    DSNAccounts on ITEC.SUNY.EDU

A reminder to all ITEC Full and Digital members about your DSN account (SCxxxDSN) onthe ITEC.SUNY.EDU machine.  You can use this account to query Digital informationdatabases interactively.  These databases contain information about known softwareproblems, workarounds, sample programs, etc.

Each ITEC Full and Digital member site should have one person responsible for thisaccount.  If you do not know who that would be, access the "participatinginstitutions" link on the home page.  If the person in chargeof this account has changed, notify SCACAD with that information.

Submitted by Betty Spencer

5.     Participating Institutions Screen

Please review the participating institutions screen on ITEC's home page(  If there are any changes please notifySCACAD or e-mail me at 

Submitted by Barbara Boquard

6.    ITECExecutive Board Agenda

7 p.m., November 6, 1997
Van Buren Room, Four Points Hotel, Syracuse


Approval of the Minutes of the 9/16/97 Meeting

Director's Report
Services - Microsoft
Membership Fee for 98-99
    Fixed Increase Per Member
    Increase Based on FTE
    Increse Based on FTE and Fixed
Subcommittee Reports

7.     ITECAdvisory Board Agenda

1:50 p.m., November 7, 1997
Van Buren Room, Four Points Hotel, Syracuse

Welcome and Introductions

Approval of the Minutes of the 6/3/97, Meeting

Budget FY 98-99
Membership Fee Increase for 98-99

ITEC Relationships and Organizational Structure

Standing Sub-Committee Reports
Support and Services

Discussion and Review of Sub-Committee Recommendations

SUNY Training Center Update

New Business

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