Vol. 6, No. 3
April 29, 1998

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1. IOUG-A CorporateMembership


1. IOUG-ACorporateMembership

FYI, ITEC has purchased a corporate membership to IOUG-A (InternationalOracle
User Group of Americas). The difference between this membership and an
individual membership is that you won't receive the SELECT magazine theyput
out 4 times a year.

The benefit to all of SUNY is that you are able to use the membership IDand
password (see further below) to access information at their website
( The following is alist of thebenefits passed on to you
at no charge!!

* Discounts off Oracle Education's computer-based training anddocumentation
* Vendor Discounts off Oracle-related products and services
* Discounts of up to 25% on books and merchandise from the IOUG-A Store
* Discount off IOUG-A Live! registration
* Discount off the IOUG-A's spring technical conference
* Access to local, regional, and special interest groups
* Lively Discussion Forums covering issues important to Oracle customers
* Discounts from The Oracle Store
* A vote in the Enhancements Process so you can influence Oracle's product
* The ability to submit strategic issues to Oracle and their responses in
quarterly issues of the IOUG Special Report
* The IOUG-A Utilities Disk and other special software offers
* Volunteer opportunities
* Networking opportunities

I believe I have the benefits correct!

The Membership name should be under State University of New York.

For member ID and password contact Barbara Boquard by
e-mail at

As always please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

Submitted by Mike Notarius, SCADM

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