Vol. 6., No. 9
August 24, 1998

Table of Contents
1.   Tips for Configuring OracleEnterpriseManager
2.   Fall '98 Wizard Announcement

1. Tips forConfiguring OracleEnterprise Manager

OEM requires the use of a "repository" in which it stores allit's
information. This repository is a group of database tables. Oracle
suggests that you keep this repository on a machine other than the machinethat
your production database(s) reside on. That way if either of the databases
crash you will still have access to database structure information byeither
re-creating the OEM repository if it crashed or looking up the
information in the repository if the production database crashes.

After installing the OEM software, and before you start it up for the
first time, create a new tablespace (ex OEMSPACE) to store the repository
in. Next create a new database user (ex OEMUSER). Make sure to assign the
OEMUSER a default tablespace of OEMSPACE and grant the OEMUSER the DBA

Next, start up the OEM console and give the OEMUSER/password. You
will then see a dialog box that asks if you want to create the repository.
Hit the CREATE button and OEM will install the repository tables in the
OEMUSERs schema.

The first thing you want to do once the repository is created is to
discover the Oracle services on other nodes. If the other nodes are running
version 7.3.3 or higher of the Oracle Intelligent agent, you can discover
these services automatically by selecting the following options from the
tool bar:

Navigator/Service Discovery/Discover New Services

If you are not running the intelligent agent you can manually discover
services by using the following option from the tool bar:

Navigator/Service Discovery/Manually Define Services

This will bring up a wiward that will let you supply node name (ip
address) and databases to discover. The database portion is misleading, itis
not the name of the database, but the actual SQL*Net connect string that
you would use to connect to the database. This connect string must exist
in the TNSNAMES.ORA file on the same machine that the OEM console isrunning
on.  For this reason you must configure each SQL*Net connection before
attempting to discover the services in OEM.

Once your services are discovered you will be able to manage any of
these databases from the OEM console.

Submitted by Joe Lofft, SCADM

2.   Fall '98WizardAnnouncement

The fall Wizard '98 seminar is soon approaching.  We are looking forwardto an
exciting event.  A preliminary agenda has been sent out with such topicsas
firewalls, OpenVMS, Digital Unix, and deploying forms on the web to be covered.
We have changed the layout of the conference to allow for more breakout
sessions for round-table discussions.

The seminar will be held at the former Four Points Hotel (currently aHoliday
Inn), Syracuse, NY, located directly across from Exit 37 of the NYS Thruwayon
Electronics Parkway in Liverpool.

For Hotel reservations, please call (315) 457-1122.  A block of rooms isbeing
held for Wizard participants so mention this when making reservations.  Besure
to bring your tax-exempt form.

The cost will be $15 for one day and $25 for both days, which is to be paid
upon arrival at the Wizard registration desk.  Checks should be made outto the
SUNY Training Center.

We look forward to seeing everyone there to further strengthen and buildthe
SUNY community.  If you have any questions, or would like to see anagenda,
please call the SUNY Training Center at (315) 464-4078.

Submitted by Leslie Mayville, SUNY Training Center

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