Vol. 6, No. 1
January 26, 1998

Table of Contents

1. Joe Lofft, LeadProgrammer/Analyst, SCADM
2. PlatformSpecific Information Available from Oracle
3. Wordperfect 7.0

1. Joe Lofft, Lead Programmer/Analyst, SCADM

Please welcome Joe Lofft,!!

Joe has joined the Information Technology Exchange Center (ITEC) for Oracle
Technical Support.  Joe has three years of experience with various Oracleproducts.
The products include Oracle RDBMS, SQL, SQL*Plus, SQL*Net, PRO*Cobol,Report
Writer, Forms 4.5, Reports and Browser.  His last two years were spentat
Buffalo State College working for Administrative Support where he developedand
maintained various programs/reports.  He is familiar with all MicrosoftWindows
platforms, Open VMS and is currently learning Unix.

Joe has a wife Colleen and enjoys fishing, watching hockey and musicrecording
and production.

We are very pleased to have Joe on the ITEC Oracle Support Team!

Submitted by Michael Notarius, SCADM

2. PlatformSpecific Information Available from Oracle

Oracle's web site features the latest information about using Oracleproducts
with specific hardware and operating systems.  Some of the platforms thatare
currently supported via this web site include NT, Sun, IBM, Digital,
Hewlett-Packard and Novell.  Oracle states that new platforms will beadded

Specific information may vary by platform, but a general overview of topics
includes the following:

- Product details (white papers, data sheets, FAQ's)
- Product availability matrices
- Marketing (press releases, events, seminars, newsletters, archives,promotions)
- Product demos

This information is available at the following URL:

Special thanks to Ira Melamed from SUNY at Farmingdale for bringing our
attention to this web site.

Submitted by:  Joseph Lofft, SCADM

3. Wordperfect7.0

ITEC has additional Wordperfect 7.0 for VMS license keys for any campus
interested in purchasing them.  Please contact me if you are interestedin
obtaining them.

Submitted by Barbara Boquard,

Editor: Barbara A. Boquard,

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