Vol. 6., No. 5
June 17, 1998

Table of Contents
1. Alpha 2100 System - Major SCSIControllerProblem
2. ORA_DFLT_HOSTSTR - Unable to ConnectInternal

1. Alpha 2100 System -Major SCSIController Problem

If you have a 2100 system with 1 gig of memory or more and scsi disks you
cannot upgrade to OpenVMS Alpha Ver 7.1

From Digital:

>> The Adaptec 1740/1742 SCSI controller (PB2HA-SA) is not
>> supported on AlphaServer 2100 systems having more than
>> 1 gigabyte (GB) of memory. If the controller is connected
>> to such a system, the following message appears on the
>> operator's console:
>> %PKJDRVR-E- PKX0, Port is going OFFLINE.


None at this time????

Submitted by - Joe Weber /

2.   ORA_DFLT_HOSTSTR -Unable to Connect Internal

I would like to make all of you aware of a problem ITEC recentlyencountered.

This is with regards to running Developer 2000 1.3.2 in a different OracleCode
tree than the database on an Alpha OpenVMS system.  This is actuallyrequired
with version and of Oracle on Digital Alpha OpenVMS. Oracle
says that version 1.6 of Developer 2000 will be able to co-exist in thesame
code tree as or  Developer 2000 1.6 was suppose to bereleased
in June, however, it is now scheduled for Q3 of 1998.

ORA_DFLT_HOSTSTR?  After installing both Developer 2000 1.3.2 and theRDBMS
(either or in separate code trees, you have to define a
logical called ORA_DFLT_HOSTSTR to the value of a SQL*Net V2 service forthe or database.  This allows you to run the Developer 2000tools
from a different Oracle code tree against the database on the same (orremote)

Now the problem!!  When you have the ORA_DFLT_HOSTSTR logical defined andtry
to connect internal, you are prompted for a password whether or not there isa
password for the Oracle user internal.  This prevents you from being ableto
startup / shutdown the database.

Solution:  Be sure not to have the ORA_DFLT_HOSTSTR logical defined whenyou
will be doing any kind of database administration that would require you tolog
in to Oracle as internal.

For end users, this won't be a problem as they just will be using Formsetc. 
However if you have the logical defined for the Oracle account, then thiswould
be an issue. 

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concernsregarding

Be Well!

Submitted by Mike Notarius,

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