Vol. 6., No. 6
June 25, 1998

Table of Contents
1. Alpha 2100 System - Major SCSI ControllerProblem /Solution

1. Alpha 2100 System -Major SCSIController Problem / Solution

If you have a 2100 system with 1 gig of memory or more and scsi disks, you
should not upgrade to OpenVMS Alpha Ver 7.1

The Adaptec 1740/1742 SCSI controller (PB2HA-SA) is not supported on
AlphaServer 2100 systems having more than 1 gigabyte (GB) of memory.  Ifthe
controller is connected to such a system, the following message appears on the
operator's console:

%PKJDRVR-E- PKX0, Port is going OFFLINE.

Solution: A new PCI SCSI controller had to be installed. The PCI SCSIreplaced
the SCSI EISA controller.

Special thanks to SUNY Cobleskill and Dan Sidebottom's group for supplyingthe
above information.

Submitted by - Joe Weber /

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