Vol. 6, No. 2

March 3, 1998

Table of Contents

1. Unix Software
2. Salary Survey
3. Wizard 98

1. Unix Software

All Unix software stored on our VMS GETSOFTWARE machine is now in tar
format. Unfortunately, the names must contain _ALL.BCK for the VMS
system to recognize them.  Currently that includes three files,

When you receive these files they will be named ULOSPAK98_TAR_ALL.BCK,
savesets - you must rename them to ULOSPAK98.tar, PAKS_OCT98.tar
and PMDF510.tar to use them on the Unix machine.

Steps for loading Unix software

1. Download the Unix software tar-format file from GETSOFTWARE
into the root directory.

2. Change the name of the file from <software>_all.bck to
<software>.tar (ie. PMDF):

# mv /pmdf510_tar_all.bck /pmdf510.tar

3. Create a new directory for the software and cd to that

# mkdir software
# cd software

4. Un-tar the <software>.tar file into the software directory (ie.PAKs):

# tar -xvf /paks_oct98.tar

5. You should see output similar to the following:

# tar -xvf /paks_oct98.tar
blocksize = 256
x /paks
x /paks/, 5361 bytes, 11 tape blocks
x /paks/cslgmenu.ksh, 3376 bytes, 7 tape blocks
x /paks/cslg_faq.txt, 1949 bytes, 4 tape blocks
x /paks/licgrant.txt, 9915 bytes, 20 tape blocks
x /paks/mainmenu.txt, 535 bytes, 2 tape blocks
x /paks/prtfolio.txt, 106112 bytes, 208 tape blocks
x /paks/readme.txt, 5599 bytes, 11 tape blocks
x /paks/, 215878 bytes, 422 tape blocks
x /paks/reg_paks.csh, 200063 bytes, 391 tape blocks

6. You can now use setld to load the software (ie. PMDF):

# setld -l /software/osf1-alpha/pmdf510

Or, with the Digital Unix PAKs, you have a choice of  installationoptions. You
can install individual PAKs from the installation menu, run thereg_paks.csh
script to install all of the PAKs or use the lmf utility to install the
individual PAKS.

The menu option:

# /software/cslgmenu.ksh (you must specify the entire path)

To install all of the paks use the reg_paks.csh script:

# /software/reg_paks.csh

Or if you are so inclined, you can use the info in reg_paks.csh and use thelmf
utility to install individual paks:

# lmf
lmf> register

Submitted by Dave Massaro, SCSYS

2. Salary Survey

I'm asking your assistance in participating in a salary survey.  We aretrying
to prepare budgets and strategies for computing and technologies in the future.
Information shall be kept confidential.  In fact you do not have toindicate
where it came from.

Please complete the survey on our website:

Based on number of responses the following statistics will be published:

Number of people in a group and their average salary.

If the returns are of appropriate size, we will try and do a breakdown by
demographic data and type of organization.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.

Submitted by Ron Brown

4. Wizard '98

Wizard will be held April 1 and 2, 1998, at the Sheraton Four Points Hotelin
Syracuse.  The cost is $15 for one day/$25 for two days.  Checks maybe made
payable to "Conferences and Institutes" and paid at the registrationdesk.  To
register contact me at  Contact the Four Points Hotel
at 315-457-1122 for room reservations.  A block of rooms are being heldfor
Wizard participants.

Submitted by Barbara Boquard

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