ITEC 2000 Newsletters

January 12,2000Vol. 8, No. 1

    Table of Contents
    1.    Remedy

February7, 2000 Vol 8, No. 2

    Table of Contents
    2. Remedy Helpdesk

March 9,2000 Vol 8, No. 3

    Table of Contents
    1.Remedy News for March 2000
    2.Free Unzip Software

March 14,2000 Vol 8, No. 4

    Table of Contents
    1.Power Shutdown at Buffalo State College

June 12,2000 Vol 8, No. 5

    Table of Contents
    1.CBTWeb (SmartForce) Servers

June 16,2000 Vol 8, No. 6

    Table of Contents

July 21,2000 Vol 8, No. 7

    Table of Contents
    1.Remedy Upgrade Coming Soon
    2.OpenVMS and Oracle Multi-Threaded Server
    3.Sending E-Mail from Oracle

August 23,2000 Vol 8, No. 8

    Table of Contents
    1.Name Changes for Oracle Products
    2.Reopening Remedy Tickets

September28, 2000 Vol 8, No. 9

    Table of Contents
    1.Brio Links on the Web
    2.Fall Fall COA / Wizard

November 3,2000 Vol 8, No. 10

    Table of Contents
    1.LAN Installation of Oracle Developer
    2.SVRMGRL Functions in SQL*Plus
    3.Security Alerts
    4.SmartForce Campus is Here!
    5.TopClass 4.2.1 - Enterprise and Authoring Suite
    6.Remedy Upgrade is Here!

December11,2000 Vol 8, No. 11

    Table of Contents
    1.Holiday Schedule
    2.Power Shutdown

December20,2000 Vol 8, No. 12

    Table of Contents
    1.Oracle Developer v1.6.1 Desupported on Alpha OpenVMS
    2.Holiday Schedule Reminder
    3.Power Shutdown Reminder