Vol. 9, No. 7
August 17, 2001

Table of Contents

1.     Oracle UniversalInstaller (OUI) for RDBMS 8.1.x Hangs on Machines with Pentium 4 Processors


1.     Oracle UniversalInstaller (OUI) for RDBMS 8.1.x  Hangs on Machines with Pentium 4Processors

Versions Affected

Oracle Universal Installer for RDBMS8.1.x

Platforms Affected

Any platform that uses the Intel Pentium 4processor, with the Sun JRE and Symmantec JIT will encounter this problem.Windows NT, Windows 2000 and NetWare platforms are confirmed to beaffected.


When installing Oracle 8.1.x Server Products withthe Oracle Universal Installer on machines that use the Sun JRE and SymmantecJIT, the installer hangs.

Specifically for the Windows platform, versions ofOUI lower than will encounter this problem.

Likelihood of Occurrence
Any platform that uses the Intel Pentium 4processor, with the Sun JRE and Symmantec JIT, OUI version andearlier,  will encounter this problem.

Windows NT, Windows 2000 and NetWare platforms areconfirmed to be affected.

Possible Symptoms

The failure typically is that the affectedapplication simply terminates.


Solution 1.
1. Obtain patch number 1507768 from ITECat:
where USER and PASS are equal to your licensemanager's username and password.

2. Unzip the patch
3. Unjar the contents
4. Go to the directory


       rename symcjit.dll tosymcjit.dll.ori

5. Invoke OUI and install OUI to disk
6. Use the installed OUI to install theRDBMS
7. Invoke OUI from the start menu, and installRDBMS software.

Solution 2.
1. Create a temporary directory on yourserver.
2. Copy the contents of the Oracle RDBMS Server CDto the temporary
directory created in step 1.

3. Search the directory structure created in step1for the existence of
the filename symcjit.dll.

4. Rename each copy of the symcjit.dll tosymcjit.old.
5. Run the setup.exe from the \install\win32directory and install
Oracle 8.1.x.



Currently there is not a patched installeravailable to deal with
this problem, one of the two workarounds listed above must be used.

Submitted by Todd Randall (<>)


Editor:  Barbara A. Boquard

ITEC's General Office

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