Vol. 9, No. 8
August 30, 2001

Table of Contents

1.    An Important Message from Brio Customer Support
2.    ITEC's DBSnap Website
3.    New Windows (Build 853) and MAC (Ver 6.0) Releasefrom Netopia's Timbuktu
4.    ESRI Software (Geographic Information SystemSoftware)
5.    ESRI - Virtual Campus Training Subscription


1.      An Important Message from Brio Customer Support

In an unexpected turn of events, Microsoft hasprematurely ceased support for plug-ins that conform to Netscape specificationswith the release of Service Pack 2 (SP2) for Internet Explorer 5.5. Thoughthis move from Microsoft was expected in the near future in the officialreleaseof  Internet Explorer 6.0, the sudden release of SP2 has created a waveof concern over all software manufacturers who produce browser plug-ins that usethe Netscape code.

Many software companies have standardized ontheNetscape code for their plug-ins, which previously could also be utilized intheMicrosoft browser.  This made good business sense because softwarecompanies would not have to spend additional money and resources on supportingtwo lines of code, one for Microsoft's Internet Explorer and one for theNetscape browser.  But with Microsoft's recent move, it looks likesoftwarecompanies will have no choice but to support both browsers.

Brio's plug-ins, including Insight, will nolonger work as soon as Microsoft's SP2 is installed.  As a result, we areurging all our customers to delay any planned implementation of the new SP2 ifyou are interested in maintaining the functionality of your plug-ins.  DONOT INSTALL INTERNET EXPLORER 5.5 SERVICE PACK 2.  In the meantime, if youhave already installed the new SP2, you will have to uninstall the browsercompletely and reinstall IE5.5 with Service Pack 1 from your originalCD.  Currently, this is the only way to revive the plug-in functionality in InternetExplorer 5.5.

 Please check the FAQ document "IE5.5SP2 not compatible with Brio plug-ins
(Ref. #010815-0000)" at <>.
We apologize for the inconvenience.  Brioconsiders this a high priority and we are currently working on resolving theissue. 

 Ifyouhave any questions or need additional information, please contact the CustomerSupport Hotline at (800) 337-6324.

Submitted by Joe Lofft (

2.     ITEC's DBSnap Website
DBSnap is an Oracle database (real-time)monitoringtool that uses select statement to query one or more databases and display theresults to your browser screen.  We encourage DBAs to go to the above urland browse around the website. Please use the feedback link on the website toprovide any feedback.  You can use our existing demo databases we have setup or you can use DBSnap to go against any test or production database you'rerunning.  This is a test website on a test machine, we will send out anotification once the website goes into production.

Submitted by Leon Collins (<>)


3.      NewWindows (Build 853) and Mac (Ver 6.0) Release from Netopia'sTimbuktu
To download the latest release, go to
Remember, you will need your license manageraccount and password (Domain=ITEC) to download it.

Version 6.0 for Mac:
The long-awaited day has arrived - the final release of Timbuktu Pro for Mac OS(Version 6.0) is available for download at ITEC's FTP site.

This version is only for Mac OS X (10.0.4), soif you haven't migrated to "the world's most advanced operating system " yet, you'll have to wait a few more weeks. Version 6.0 will beavailable for OS 8.6+ soon!

You'll need administrator privileges to installTimbuktu Pro on your OS X machine, and you should know that, although it isbackwards compatible to Version 4.8, it does not support AppleTalk. More goodthings to know:

Build 853 for Windows:
A new maintenance update is also available forWindows. Build 853 contains the following improvements:

Also, check out Netopia's Quarterly Newsletter-August 2001 Vol. 2, No. 3:

Submitted by Kathy Pohl (

 4.     ESRISoftware (Geographic Information System Software)

To:  Participating ESRIcampuses:
NOTE: If your campus is not participating and you are interested in information aboutthis program, contact Mary Ann Corsetti at 518-443-5737 or

This message is to update you on the currentstatusof the SUNY ESRI software and its distribution to the member campuses who havesigned up for this service.

We will have a web page in place in the nearfuturefor you to order the software from ITEC.  In the meantime, if you have aRemedy account with ITEC, please open a ticket using 'ITEC- Academic' as theCategory, 'ESRI' as the Type and 'Software Request' as the item and list thesoftware you will need in the Description, as well as the information listedbelow (OS, platform, model number, host name, software version and number oflicenses).  If you do not have a Remedy account with ITEC, please sende-mail to<>and list the software you will need along with the additional informationrequested below (OS, platform, model number, host name, software version andnumber of licenses).  We will assign you a Remedy username and passwordforfuture use as well as assemble your order and get it out toyou. 

If you already have the sentinel keys forsoftware you are currently using, please let us know.  Licenses can beissued for those keys as needed.

ITEC will be generating the keycodes andlicenses for you.  Information needed is as follows.  All items arerequired unless otherwise indicated. 

If you have any questions, please do nothesitate to contact us.
Submitted by Valerie Anastasi (<>)

5.      ESRI- Virtual Campus Training Subscription

Through our SUNY-Wide ESRI license,participating SUNY campuses have accessible to them the ESRI Virtual CampusTraining Subscription.  This subscription provides faculty, staff andstudents of the Site License Institutions with free, unlimited access to onlinecourses at ESRI Virtual Campus.

For more information about the courses and theVirtual Campus, visit <>
To see a listing of their latest courses, goto<>.

If your campus is not participating in thisSUNY-widelicense and are interested in participating or desire further information,please contact<>

Submitted by Betty Spencer (<>) and Valerie Anastasi (<>)


Editor:  Barbara A. Boquard

ITEC's General Office

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