Vol. 9, No. 9
December 14, 2001

Table of Contents

1. 9iAS and Banner
2. DBSnap / Metalink
3. Power Outage
4. Holiday Schedule

1. 9iAS and Banner

SCT has now certified most of the Banner products to run with Oracle's newweb application server, 9iAS. This product is commonly referred to as IAS,whichstands for Internet Application Server and replaces Oracle's older web serverproduct, OAS. Some campuses have already begun moving to or planning to move to9iAS with their banner implementations. ITEC has some recommendations forinstalling 9iAS. We also have SCT supplied generic documentation and also asite-specific record of installation and configuration steps used for onecampus. These documents may provide nice examples for some of you. All of thisinformation is logged in Remedy ticket 1705 in both the worklog and theattachment sections. If you need help searching for Remedy ticket 1705, pleaseemail<>.

Submitted by Todd Randall (<>)

2. DBSnap / Metalink

ITEC's DBSnap website has been moved to a new location. Then new URL is<>,please update your bookmarks. Please also notethatITEC's Metalink website has been recently updated and is now serving 22.3 gigsof files, including the latest pdf/html documentations from Oracle, you canalsoview your open TARs from this website.

Submitted by Leon Collins (

3. Power Outage

There will be a power outage on December 28, 2001, from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m.atBuffalo State College. There are outages scheduled everyday during the winterrecess but this is the only one affecting ITEC at the present time.We anticipate taking the servers down about6:00a.m., and they should be up between 9:00a.m. and 10:00 a.m.

4. Holiday Schedule

ITEC and Buffalo State's offices will be closed for the College's WinterPause beginning December 24, 2001, and will re-open on January 2, 2002. Professional staff will be available by REMEDY or email. Also, emergency cellphone numbers are recorded on our voice mail message at 716-878-ITEC(4832).

REMEDY is the preferred method for contacting ITEC.

REMEDY tickets can be created and viewed from our home page at<>.

Email messages should be sent to the group and not an individual. This wayifan individual is not available the email is still monitored. E-mail addressesare as follows: Systems and Communications Staff (includesAharanwa, Bardak, Bordeleau, Massaro, Pohl, Radomski, Reling, Weber) Administrative Staff (includes Brint, Collins,Lofft, Notarius, Randall) Academic Staff (includes Anastasi, Spencer) Israel Washington Ron Brown

Submitted by Barbara Boquard (<>)





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