Vol. 9., No. 1
January 23, 2001

Table of Contents

1.      MetaLinkWeb Site
2.      Oracle8.1.7 on Alpha OpenVMS
3.      Oraclede-Support of Compaq EV5 Alpha Processors
4.      SUNYLists

1.      MetaLinkWeb Site
A portion of the MetaLink web site is nowavailable at ITEC.
Leon Collins, Wesley Anastasi and DennisAharanwa have found a spider product called Teleport Pro (<>)that allows you to scoop a web site.  We have used FrontPage for this inthe past, but we were unable to have FrontPage grab the secure MetaLinksite.

We have a developmental site availableon the SCADM website (<>)which points to the more than 300,000 files using more than 8G of disk. Weplan on updating this information once a week or so.  Please look for theMetaLink url on the above page.

The password to access the site is thesame as for the previous bulletins (<>)web site (if you need username and password, please e-mail<>).

The site contains bulletins,documentation, white papers, product desupport information, certificationmatrices etc.
We will also being pulling down TARs fromOracle and putting on our site for your perusal.  These will be updatedevery 15 minutes or so, such that you will no longer have to wait for us toupdate you.

We are still working on a search enginefor the site, so please be patient.
Please also remember some other greatsites such as <>for documentation, <>for searching out database issues and <>for Oracle magazine articles and especially for their tips and code archivethatcan be found at <>(please also be sure to look at the past years on the very bottom of thepage). Oracle's Technology Network <>is another excellent site as well.

Please let us know how you like our newaddition and what else we might be able to do on your behalf.
Submitted by Mike Notarius(<>)


2.      Oracle8.1.7 on Alpha OpenVMS

ITEC SCADM received information at onepoint that Oracle 8i Release 3 (8.1.7) for Alpha OpenVMS would be orderable andavailable at the end of December 2000.  That has not happened; however, weare proactively monitoring the release of 8.1.7 for Alpha Open VMS.  Assoon as it becomes orderable, we will place the order and notify campuses oftheavailability.

Submitted by Todd Randall(<>)


3.      OracleDe-Support of Compaq EV5 Alpha Processors

The following message was forwarded toITEC by Kathy Paranya from the SICAS Center.
It contains important information aboutthe desupport of Oracle products on certain
Compaq Alpha processors.

----- Original Message -----
From: Belancik, Alan
To: Kathy Paranya
Sent: Wednesday, January 10, 2001 10:07AM
Subject: Running Oracle 8.1.7 ON EV5Technology

I am not sure whether I answered thisquestion for you previously,
but I wanted to make sure that youunderstood that latest status of this

First of all, thank you for yourcontinued support of the OpenVMS
platform at the SUNY system. I canremember presenting to one campus,
perhaps Stony Brook(?) in the 1990timeframe. We really appreciate your

The "de-support" of EV5 andolder generation Alpha chip technology
has to do with Oracle's implementation ofbyte/word support. Implementing
the support of byte/word instructionsdelivers a slight performance boost to
Alpha systems, but isn't supported onanything older than EV56.

For the Tru64 UNIX group, the decisionbetween Oracle and Compaq was
made that it would be implemented inOracle 8.1.7 for Tru64 (and NOT
OpenVMS). I have seen the de-supportadvisories that went out last Summer
(2000), but I am certain that not allcustomers received them, and that of
those who did receive the advisory, somethought it applied to OpenVMS as
well. So, you are not alone.

There was a point in time when wethought we were very close to a
decision to implement byte/word in Oracle8.2 for OpenVMS. This would make
the statement true: "Oracle 8.1.7 onOpenVMS is the last version that will
run on systems with Alpha technologyolderthan EV56". HOWEVER, the decision
to implement it in 8.2 (Q3-2001) wasneverconsummated.

Since Oracle 8.1.7 has already beenfinalized and sent to
Manufacturing & Distribution, it isclear that byte/word support was NOT
included in 8.1.7. Therefore systems withANY Alpha technology can run
8.1.7. What remains to be seen is whetherit is implemented in 8.2 or not.
If it is implemented, then 8.2 (alsocalled 9i) would require hardware that
is EV56 or newer.

Now, to your situation of educationalinstitutions having limited
budgets and resources. We are certainlycognizant of this. We plan to have
hardware upgrade programs in place thatease some of the financial impact.
We are working with Oracle to ensure thateducational institutions are given
favorable treatment. After all, as youandI well know, the students
graduating from universities provide thetalent pool of the future. It is in
our best interest to have these graduatesleave school with positive
exposure to OpenVMS.

We will work with you to minimize theimpact of a hardware upgrade,
should that be necessary. We are stilladdressing the decision to implement
byte/word support in 8.2. We will try toapprise you of any update. Could
you please do me the favor of remindingmein a month or two that I owe you
an update.

Thanks, Alan

Alan Belancik
Oracle Relationship Manager
OpenVMS System Software Group
Compaq Computer Corporation

Submitted by Joe Lofft (<>)

4.      SUNYLists

Recent SUNY lists (factreps-l, fact-l,factcom and sunytc-l) have been moved to the ITEC listserv server( The advantage of having SUNY lists on this server is if you wish to send amessage to multiple lists but wish subscribers to only receive onemessage. The SUNY Training Center needs to reach as many people as possible with theirannouncements but did not want multiple postings to be received by people onmore than one list.  Getting as many SUNY lists as possible on the ITEClistserv will help provide this service.

If you wish to move your list to theITEC listserv or start a SUNY list of your own, please contact SCACAD throughour Remedy helpdesk.

Submitted by Betty Spencer(


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