Vol. 9., No 2
March 1, 2001

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1.      Oracle 8.1.7on Alpha OpenVMS Installation Notes

1.      Oracle 8.1.7on Alpha OpenVMS Installation Notes

ITEC has received Oracle 8.1.7 for AlphaOpenVMS. I accidentally installed the Standard Edition instead of the EnterpriseEdition. I am going to try and install the EnterpriseEdition later this week.  There are a couple things to mention about theinstallation procedure.

1. You can use either the Oracle UniversalInstaller (OUI) that is common among allplatforms, or ORACLEINS that is specific to VMS.    Which ever oneyouchoose, you will need to use the same one in the future for allmaintenance.

An exception to this is creating adatabase.  There is no GUI Database Configuration Assistant on OpenVMS.  You willstill have to use ORACLEINS to create the database.  There is supposed tobe GUI version in future releases.  I am assuming that ORACLEINS will goaway, just as the text  based installer has gone away on all otherplatforms.

If you choose OUI, you will need to have Xterminal install on the host, or use an X term emulator on anothermachine. In order to display the
GUI apps you will need to tell the VMS system whatterminal to display the application on:

   $ setdisplay/create/transport=tcpip/

You can test the X windows configuration byrunning the Clock application.

   $ runsys$system:decw$clock

2. The database code is shipped on twoCD's. You will need to read the Release Notes and Installation Guide.  If youjust follow the Installation Guide you may receive an error saying that a .BCKfile cannot be found.  This depends on which products you choose toload.
SQLJ, OEMAGENT, and NLS are all contained on thesecond CD.  Follow the instructions on the bottom of page 5 of the ReleaseNotes for the steps necessary to load and build all desiredproducts.

3. During the install, I received the followingerror while the installer was building theApache Web Server:

   -RMS-F-DEV, error in device name orinappropriate device type for operation
   An error occurred while buildingAPACHE.
   Continue building rest of products?[N] y

All other products were builtsuccessfully. As it turns out we did not have the correct version of UCX installed. Fromthe Oracle 817 installation guide:

"If you wish to use the TCP/IP protocoladapter for SQL*Net, you should have Version 5.0A or higher of TCP/IP Servicesfor Alpha OpenVMS installed."

The file is failing on thestatement:

   $ hname =f$trnlnm("TCPIP$INET_HOST")

because it will try to build a directoryORA_ROOT:[APACHE.APACHE.SPECIFIC.nodename].
You can check this at the VMS prompt

   $ hname =f$trnlnm("TCPIP$INET_HOST")
   $ show sym hname
   HNAME = "tpisys"

once the correct version of UCX was installed,Iwas able to successfully rebuild the Apache module.  The Apacheperformanceis VERY slow on this machine, but this is only an 200 mHz Alpha with 128 Mb ofRAM.

4. MultiNet users note:

SQL*Net 8.1.7 on Alpha OpenVMS is developed andcertified using Compaq's TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS (UCX). If you wish to usethe TCP/IP protocol adapter for SQL*Net, you should have Version 5.0A or higherof TCP/IP Services  for Alpha OpenVMS installed. TCP/IP protocol stacksfrom other vendors may work with Oracle, but customers use these products attheir own risk. Any TCP/IP problems that cannot be reproduced using TCP/IPServices for Alpha OpenVMS will simply be referred to the TCP/IPvendor.

That's all for now.  If I encounter anyproblems with the install of the Enterprise Edition, I will let youknow.

Submitted by Joe Lofft,


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