Vol. 9, No 5
May 7, 2001

Table of Contents

1.      PowerShutdown
2.      RedHatLinux 7.1
3.      Timbuktu
4.      ITECSupport and Services Survey


1.      PowerShutdown

Buffalo State has scheduled the upgrade of thepower pack in the computer room for Saturday, May 26th.  Power will beshutoff at 7 a.m. and be brought up in the afternoon.  This will affect allnetwork connections as was the case a few weeks ago when we tried thisupgrade.

Submitted by Ron Brown,<>

2.      RedHatLinux 7.1

RedHat Linux 7.1 is out!  The ITEC Linuxmirror site has the iso's available for download at <>

For more information on the features andbenefits for RedHat 7.1, please see

If you would like to be added to the ITEC LinuxList please visit

Submitted by Mike Radomski, (<>)

3.      Timbuktu

Netopia's Timbuktu has a new Windows(build 844) and Mac (ver 5.2.4) release! To download the latest release, hopover to <, you will need your license manager account and password (Domain=ITEC)to
download it.

Also, check out Netopia's Quarterly Newsletter:

Submitted by Kathy Pohl (<>)

4.    ITEC Support and ServicesSurvey

Please help the ITEC Executive Board in mappingthe future of ITEC by completing the 2001 ITEC Support and Services Surveyavailable at:  Yourresponses will be analyzed and reviewed by the ITEC Executive Board. Multiple responses, or a collaboration of effort for each member campus, isencouraged. 

Thanks to Dan Sidebottom, Director ofAdministrative Computing Services at SUNY Cortland, for his assistance withthissurvey!

Submitted by Barbara Boquard(


Editor:  Barbara A. Boquard

ITEC's General Office

716/878-ITEC (4832)





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