ITEC Newsletter

Vol.10, No. 5

December 10, 2002



Table of Contents
                 Patch Notification MultiNet, TCPware, and PMDF
                 Contacting ITEC
                 Holiday Schedule


1.                  Patch Notification MultiNet, TCPware, and PMDF

A potential security vulnerability has been discovered in MultiNet, TCPware, and PMDF on OpenVMS software that could allow a malicious user to execute arbitrary DCL commands with elevated system privileges.


This vulnerability affects MultiNet 4.1 through 4.4, TCPware v5.4 through v5.6, and PMDF v6.0 through v6.2 on OpenVMS.  


Process Software is not aware of any cases in which this vulnerability has been exploited. However, we strongly recommend installing the appropriate ECO or patch kit to eliminate the vulnerability. 


Patches can be accessed at: under News (


Submitted by Dave Massaro (


2.                  Contacting ITEC

Reminder:  Procedures for contacting ITEC can be found on our home page at under General Information: Support Procedures (  Emergency cell phone numbers are recorded on our voice mail message at 716-878-ITEC (4832).


3.                   Holiday Schedule

ITEC and Buffalo State's offices will be closed for the College's Winter Pause beginning December 23, 2002, and will re-open on January 2, 2003. Professional staff will be available by REMEDY or email. Also, emergency cell phone numbers are recorded on our voice mail message at 716-878-ITEC (4832).

REMEDY is the preferred method for contacting ITEC.

REMEDY tickets can be created and viewed from our home page at

Email messages should be sent to the group and not an individual. This way if an individual is not available the email is still monitored. E-mail addresses are as follows: Systems and Communications Staff (includes Aharanwa, Bardak, Bordeleau, Massaro, Pohl, Radomski, Reling, Weber, Zymowski) Administrative Staff (includes Brint, Collins, Lofft, Notarius, Randall, Snyder) Academic Staff (includes Anastasi, Spencer) Israel Washington Ron Brown

Submitted by Barbara Boquard (



Editor:  Barbara A. Boquard

ITEC's General Office

716/878-ITEC (4832)





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