ITEC Newsletter
Vol.10, No. 1
March 19, 2002


Table of Contents
1. Compaq VMS / TRU64 License Paks
3. Power Shutdown at ITEC


1.    Compaq VMS / TRU 64 License Paks

Your Compaq VMS and TRU64 License Paks are about to expire at the end of April, 2002.  The new license Paks are now in ITEC's Web Getsoftware.  Please have your site license manager request the license Paks:

Third Party / Oracle Offerings - Only for the TRU64 License Paks
Digital Alpha Software Offerings - Alpha VMS
by Joe Weber ( <>)

2.      PMDF CDROMs

ITEC is now distributing the latest PMDF CDROMs version 6.1.  Please have your site license manager request the software:  


Submitted by Dave Massaro ( <>)

3.      Power Shutdown at ITEC

There will be an eight-hour power shutdown at ITEC sometime during the period May 17 - May 23.  We'll keep you posted as to the exact time.

Submitted by Barbara Boquard (

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